Feeling Blue!

Cara was sitting down by the lake. The weather was perfect for sitting under a tree and reading. She looked up from her book at the sound of geese on the lake.

Oh, would she ever be able to hear geese again without thinking of the bizarre, embarrassing time she had a week ago! She felt great relief that finally she had stopped “honking!” The magic spell had worn off.

Her face flushed every time that Miss. HennyPenny came into the coffee shop. She remembered running into her when she was a goose! Thank Goodness that Miss.HennyPenny didn’t know that the goose was Cara.

Most of the time Cara was able to try and cover up the “honks” that would slip out, but she hadn’t always been successful! She hadn’t been able to hide it from Sarah and had to explain to her about Jenny the donkey who had turned her into a goose.

Cara thought that Sarah would never stop laughing. The tears of laughter had rolled down Sarah’s cheeks, as Cara patiently waited for her to stop.

At least she knew that Sarah would keep it a secret between the two of them. Cara made her promise not to let it leak out to Grayson at all. She could not risk Mason finding out! He would have way too much fun knowing that Cara had been a goose. She would never live it down!

Cara couldn’t rid herself of the nagging feeling though that he did know more than he let on about her bizarre experience! She wouldn’t put it past him to even have had a hand in it somehow. He had a mischievous streak. Hmmm….she thought for a moment and then went back to losing herself in her book.

Meanwhile Jenny and Betsy were walking to Mason’s house. Betsy was finally making good on her promise to Jenny to have her meet Mason.

They found him outside painting the siding of his house. His clothes were splattered and he was shocked to see Betsy and a donkey coming his way.

“Hi Mason! I wanted to introduce my friend Jenny to you. She has been anxiously waiting to meet you.

Jenny couldn’t speak she was so enraptured to be in his presence.

Betsy rolled her eyes at the starstruck look on Jenny’s face. Poor Mason wasn’t quite sure what was going on. A donkey wanted to meet him? He smiled,it must be his hair!

“Ummm nice to meet you Jenny.” He put his hand out and then quickly withdrew it, feeling foolish. Betsy smirked shaking her head.

Finally Jenny spoke. “I. .I…love your blue hair.”

Blue hair?? Then Mason remembered his earlier incident with the paint can falling off the ladder and landing on his head. Apparently he didn’t get all the paint out of his hair in the quick shower that he had taken.

“Thank you” he said, trying to hide his embarrassment. They talked for a little more and then they bid him goodbye.

Mason had been busy painting again when he started climbing down the ladder to get himself a drink.

Oooh!! His foot sank into the paint can which still contained blue paint. Blue hair, and a blue foot, he was all ferhoodled now. He headed back into the house deciding that he was finished painting for the day.

Ding Dong! Mason wondered who was at the door. He opened the door and was met by a camera man, and reporter.

Oh No! He had totally forgotten! He was being interviewed today about the coffee shop!

The reporter tried to contain her laughter. “I see that perhaps you forgot about our appointment?”

The reporter looked in her notebook and dialed a number. She stepped out of earshot as Mason was left staring at the photographer, feeling awkward.

Soon the reporter was back. “Good news! I called Cara Mellow, and she was more than happy to grant an interview. She said to tell you not to worry one bit. So we will head over to her house and then be back, okay?

Inwardly Mason groaned, imagining Cara’s reaction to the reporters call. He apologized once more and said that sounded fine.

Watching them leave, he closed the door and smacked his head against it. Tomorrow had to be a better day!

25 thoughts on “Feeling Blue!

  1. Looks like Mason really blue it, forgetting about that interview. And his chest must have felt like he was running a marathon, with all that nonstop painting. But to be brushed off by the reporters, who interviewed Cara instead, went beyond the pail.

    Liked by 1 person

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