Magical Pizza?

This is Part 2 to last night’s post, Disorder in the Court

Sid was sitting on a park bench back in Rosewood Park, shaking his head! He had grabbed some mushroom pizza and was enjoying it in the park.

That was the most wild ride he had ever experienced! He looked at the cowbell in his hand. How did it have such magical powers?

He so didn’t understand, but he was truly thankful that he was out of the police station! Talk about being scared witless!

That Veronica woman had looked like she was about to deck him when she saw him in her apartment. He didn’t blame her. Its just too bad that he wasn’t thinking straight enough to shake the cowbell before the police got there!

He thought he wouldn’t see the cowbell again but somehow it ended up back in his cell on his tray of porridge. Had one of the guards taken pity on him and returned it or was it a mistake? He wasn’t goimg to debate the answer, he shook it 3x and left in a cloud of pink and purple dust.

Now he was back in the park wondering what to do with the bell. He was scared to see where it might take him next but his curiosity might get the best of him!

What was that? He squinted and looked again. Yes, he wasn’t seeing things. There really was a large, brown cow standing at the edge of the field, across from the park.

Hmmm…he hadn’t ever remembered seeing a cow before when he was at the park. Looking at the cowbell again, a thought dawned on him. Nooo! That was crazy, but…he looked again and he got the distinct impression that the cow was watching him.

Could it really be? Could the magical cowbell belong to the cow? Oh, he was going loco, perhaps he shouldn’t have got the mushroom pizza from the Food Truck across the street.

This was beginning to feel like deja vue. Wasn’t it mushroom pizza that he had just finished eating the other day, before he landed in Veronica’s house? OH NO! He looked at the last piece in his hand. It flew out of his hand as a great cloud of pink and purple smoke circled around him.

60 thoughts on “Magical Pizza?

  1. I think it’s magical that anyone could enjoy eating a mushroom pizza. I also suspect Sid has been captured by Dog the Bounty Hunter, who uses magical pizzas to counter magical cowbells. Sid is now back in jail, and the trial can continue. He’ll probably get 40 years in the hoosegow.

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