Disorder in the Court

“Order in the court!” The judge banged his gavel and the courtroom grew silent.

“Now you may continue with your witness.”

Toby cleared his throat and began.

“Veronica can you please describe the events that unfolded on the night of Monday, April 5rh?”

Nervously biting her lip Veronica spoke.

“I returned home from work and when I walked into my house I screamed at the sight of a man sitting on my couch.”

“Is that man in the courtroom today?” Toby asked.

“Yes, right over there.” Veronica pointed to the defendant. A man of average height with black hair, who was looking very pale at the moment.

“Did you speak to the man after you finished screaming?”

“I asked him what he was doing in my house and he said he didn’t know!”

Murmurs were heard in the courtroom.

“Did he try to harm you in any way?”

“No, all he did was keep saying that he wasn’t goimg to hurt me and apologizing for being in my house. He obviously is psycho!”


“Sustained” said the judge, “No name calling!”

“Yes, your honor, but he ….” the judge raised her eyebrows at Veronica whose face grew flushed.

“He kept mumbling something about a magical cowbell and about pink and purple smoke! Like I said, he is clearly … “

Stopping herself Veronica said “not right! He is clearly not right.”

“How did he expect me to believe that one moment he was in a park and the next he was in my house, the guy had to have been high on something!”


“I have no further questions your Honor.”

Toby almost felt sorry for the poor guy, he looked so frazzled!

When court ended for the day, the reporters gathered outside the courthouse. They all wanted to hear about his client. What did he mean about a magical cowbell and why was there smoke?

After a little while the crowd outside the courthouse dispersed and everyone left.

No one ever learned the truth about how poor Sid ended up in Veronica’s house. For the case was never finished! Sid had mysteriously disappeared! He never showed up for court the next day. Questions circulated around about what had happened to him.

It was one of the strangest cases the court had ever seen. One minute Sid was in police custody and the next minute POOF! He was gone in a cloud of pink and purple smoke!

It was the talk of the town for awhile. Then there was the small news story that had happemed around the same time but didn’t get much attention. There was some crazy cow that had been seen eating all the begonias outside tne courthouse.

No one saw the cow who was standing in the moonlight in front of the courthouse, and more importantly no one knew how Sid mysteriously disappeared!

18 thoughts on “Disorder in the Court

  1. I finally get it; Betsey is a reverse Animagus. According to Harry Potter, an Animagus is a witch and wizard who can change into a certain animal, one which they represent well. Maybe Betsey is a Humanigus…

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  2. There is now a no-bail warrant out for Sid, for failure to appear. And Betsy is deep in this also. She’s a wanted fugitive for aiding and abetting a fugitive. This sounds like a case for Dog the Bounty Hunter.

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