Goose on the Loose

Thanks to Jason, we are going back to Bittersweet Creek and taking a peek at what is going on with the crazy characters there. I am sure you will enjoy his short story, in fact you may think that it really needs to be continued. Be sure to let him know. 🙂 

Betsy was excited. Today one of her best friends was coming for a visit – Jenny the donkey. Now, Jenny was no ordinary Donkey; Jenny could perform a few magic tricks when she concentrated really hard. At last Jenny arrived and Betsy was delighted to see her again. They decided to go for a nice walk in the meadow and enjoy the afternoon while catching up. Jenny noticed that there were several bees and butterflies about, but no flowers to speak of. Feeling sorry for the insects she paused in her walking, concentrated really hard, and said “Hee-haw” and presto, there were lots of beautiful wildflowers for the bees and butterflies to visit.

They continued their stroll and Betsy began to tell Jenny all about this quaint little town with quirky people that she sometimes visited. As Betsy told of her adventures there, Jenny finally said “I’d really love to visit this town. I’d especially like to meet this Mason that you speak of.”

“Wait just one second.” Betsy said. And she shook her neck, ringing her cowbell, and poof!. After the colorful smoke cleared, Betsy and Jenny found themselves in Bittersweet creek. As they began to stroll around, Cara Mellow came around a corner holding a very colorful coffee drink and ran into Betsy and Jenny, spilling her drink. Some of the drink landed on Jenny’s nose and she sneezed “Achoooo… hee-haw!” and ‘poof!’ Cara was now a goose.

“Oh, what have I done?” Jenny said. “I must have accidentally turned her into a goose when I sneezed, but I don’t quite remember how I did it. Let me concentrate and I will try to make her a person again.”

As Jenny was concentrating, Cara the goose became panicked by the strange event and ran away.

“Oh no, she’s getting away!” screamed Jenny. And Betsy and Jenny began to chase the loose goose. But Cara goose eluded them and they couldn’t figure out which way she went. Just then, from down the street, they heard a “honk” and then a scream.

“This way!” Betsy said and the pair ran down the street and saw Mrs. Hennyfeathers laying on the ground with all her shopping packages strewn around. At the end of the street they saw a goose running toward the creek. “Follow that goose” Betsy said.

Arriving at the creek they found five geese swimming around in the water. “Oh no, what do we do now? I can’t tell which goose is which.” Jenny said.

“I’ve an idea.” Betsy said “Stay here and keep an eye on the geese and I’ll be right back.”

Betsy rang her cowbell and was gone. A minute passed, then another, and then ‘woosh’ there was Betsy with a really fancy looking coffee drink.

“This is the sweetest coffee drink that Mason knows how to make and it is Cara’s favorite.” Betsy said. Betsy put the drink on the ground near the creek and they backed away.

Soon, one of the geese swam over to the shore, climbed up and headed right for the coffee drink.

“That must be her.” Betsy said “Now concentrate and make her a human again.”

Jenny tried real hard and shut out all distractions focusing on the silly goose drinking coffee. “Hee-haw” she said and presto, there was Cara Mellow, the person again, sitting on the ground drinking coffee. She looked up and said “Oh, hi Betsy. Nice to see you again. I’d love to stay and chat but I have to get to work.” And she hurried off to the coffee shop.

Jenny was very relieved. The pair returned to the meadow and continued their day.

Meanwhile, Cara and Mason were busily serving customers at the coffee shop. “I need two more slices of shoo-fly pie for table three.” Mason said.

“Coming right up, honk.” Cara said.

“Did you just honk?” Mason asked.

“No.” Cara said blushing “Must have been a passing car.”

45 thoughts on “Goose on the Loose

  1. Yo Jason!!! I have been buried under political detritus all day/afternoon/evening … just finished writing a major rant when my internet connection failed and I punched my laptop. And then … I came here and … about 1/3 of the way through this story I found myself actually … yes … laughing!!! Thank you!!! And Carolyn … thank YOU for letting Jason contribute, but most of all for being the wonderful friend that you are. Love ‘n hugs! ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hi Jill! You always make me smile. I figure that the guys are such good sports about all the situations I put them into in my stories ( though they do often deserve it. :)) that I can let Jason contribute his “smartass” creativity! LOL!
      Glad you enjoyed the story, sounds like you really needed a laugh! BUT if you make a “Honk” comment…. then beware! 😛
      Hugs back! And now I need another cup of caffeine! 5 and 1/2 hours to go!

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  2. One day, the Anti-Coffee League (ACL) was holding a protest rally outside the Bittersweet Creek coffee shop. They were led by Mr. Tippner, and they were all waving signs that read, “Coffee is poison! Honk if you agree!”

    When Cara saw this, she became very upset and nervous and as a result, began to honk uncontrollably. “Glad you finally see things our way!” Mr. Tippner smiled widely while slapping Cara on the back. The jostling slap only made her honk more frequently and more loudly.

    As people drove past and observed this, it encouraged them to honk their car horns, glad to know that they weren’t alone in their secret distaste for coffee. Soon the entire town was consumed in the cacophony of honking car horns. This only left Cara more upset, and honking more and more.

    Poor Mason had to close up his coffee shop after this, and Cara was out of a job. But soon Mason opened up a new shop that sold black jelly beans. He hired Cara, after her very generous unemployment benefits ran out, and they all lived happily ever after.

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