The Magical Mission!

This is Part 3, to A scoop of Magic with Icecream . I hope you enjoy the conclusion. 


The beauty of the magical woods took him by surprise. He had always enjoyed being in the woods, but this time it was different. There was a feeling in the air that he couldn’t deny. Goosebumps prickled his skin as he looked about and felt that he had walked into a magical realm. He had always been skeptical of magic, but here he stood, wondering what adventure awaited him. 

Dustin heard the roar of the waterfall in the distance, that is where he needed to head for. At the waterfall is where he was supposed to meet FairLight the fairy. She would have a unicorn for him, for him to take back to his boss. It sounded so simple. Yes, there was the evil fairy to be concerned about , but hopefully he would be in and out of the woods before the evil fairy even knew that he was there to take one of her unicorns. 

He kept telling himself that everything would work out as he walked. That there was nothing to be nervous about. Why should he be afraid of an evil fairy? Was there even such a thing? His boss was probably trying to scare him and they would laugh about it when he got back home. Yes, that was it, Dustin assured himself and walked on, feeling more confident. 

Stunning, magnificent! Dustin couldn’t find the words. His jaw dropped when he saw the unicorn on the hill. Its iridescent wings shimmered. The fairy standing beside the unicorn must be Fairlight, all was working according to plan. His smile was huge. He couldn’t wait to experience the thrill of flying through the sky, on the back of a unicorn. To think that he had never believed in them before, now he saw how wrong he was! 

Feeling bold and excited he walked up to Fairlight ,  “HI! I am Dustin, and you must be Fairlight.” 

She smiled demurely at him. 

“Sooo nice to meet you,” she said in a saccharine sweet voice. 

“The unicorn is magnificent, I have never seen such a beautiful animal before.” Dustin had admiration in his voice. He couldn’t stop looking at the glowing unicorn. 

Suddenly before his eyes, another unicorn came flying straight towards the fairy. Dustin grabbed the fairy out of the way, for he had always been a true gentleman. 

“Dustin NO!” the yell came from the fairy who was riding the other unicorn. 

He heard cackling from Fairlight, who he was still holding onto. What was happening to his hands, they felt funny.”Fairlight, what is going on? Was that the evil fairy?” 

The cackling got louder. “That was Fairlight, and she was trying to save you from me, you crazy fool! What were you thinking trying to steal my unicorn!” Her eyes gleamed with a fiery rage. 

“Why don’t we see how well you can hop, and I hope you like flies!” 

Dustin was terrified when in the next minute he found himself turned into a frog. Ribbet! Ribbet! 

“Now what do we do?” came a voice from behind the bush. 4 guys dressed in all black were behind the bush, wondering what the next step would be. 

“I guess we need to go frog catching, did anyone bring a net?” 

The one guy spoke up, “I got one. I was trying to catch some butterflies with it, but to no avail.” 

“Well let us hope that you are better at catching frogs!” 

“Why do I have to be the one?”

“Its your net, so why not. Is it unanimous guys, that TG should try to save Dustin?”  

“YES!” they all said. 

“I will be on the lookout for the evil fairy, while you try to catch him.” said the other guy. 

“We will go and try to find Fairlight so we can bring the unicorn back here.” the other 2 nameless guys  said. 

“We are such Wise Guys, aren’t we! A foolproof plan, if you ask me. Okay, everyone smile for the camera.” They all posed for a selfie. Then the 2 guys left and TG grabbed his net while the other guy brushed back his hair, preparing to stand guard. 

Poor Dustin was hopping frantically about, making it very hard for TG to swoop him up with the net. He tried to keep an eye on the evil fairy, who had temporarily seemed to have forgotten about Dustin, but he lost sight of her. 

“Got you!” 

Now Dustin was really jumping around with the net over him. 

“Its OK, I am a friend, who is trying to save you. We will break the evil fairy’s spell.” When Dustin heard those words, he calmed down and TG headed back to his friend who had been keeping guard. 

Hey, where did he go? wondered TG. He had been standing right on this rock. HIs camera was sitting on the rock. OH NO! He never would have left his camera behind, something must have happened! 

“You guys just keep coming back to cause trouble, don’t you! This time I will be sure that you don’t get away.” the evil fairy cackled. With a wave of her hand, she was ready to cast a spell on the poor photographer, when the flying unicorn knocked the evil fairy over, causing her to lose her grip. The photographer quickly jumped onto the unicorn’s back with TG and Dustin and away they flew. 

 “Wow! How do I thank you all?”” Dustin was standing in human form once again ready to soar into the sky with his unicorn. Fairlight and the 4 nameless guys were gathered around him. 

“Always glad to help! I would say we are becoming quite the experts with dealing with the evil fairy.” TG said. 

“Yes, quite wise indeed,” agreed the photographer, and the others looked doubtfully at him. 

JB spoke up, “According to my calculations, I would say that you are in the negative! You were a few seconds away from falling under a spell! She probably was going to turn you into a monkey, or perhaps a silly goose!”  They all laughed at the face their friend made. 

“Well, in my book, you all were great, so thanks again!” Dustin shook their hands and got up onto the unicorn and then turned around to say one more thing. He looked at the photographer,  “Could you please send me some pictures, for my wife is never going to believe all this!”  The photographer smiled , “Sure!” aiming his  camera at Dustin he snapped several pictures as the unicorn lifted him up, up and away.  





26 thoughts on “The Magical Mission!

  1. I’m thinking in a tale about magical woods, Fairies and Unicorns, I should be allowed to say Methinks.
    Methinks this fairy tale of Justin,
    Magic Unicorn and all.
    says this escape seems far too easy
    So Justin’s riding for a fall.

    I expect there’s more to come.

    Liked by 2 people

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