A Love Tree, Sweet Apples, Bambi and other Facts


Anyone want to book a flight to Germany? It could be a life changing flight.


Would someone please go to Tibet and get me an apple so I can try one? I will pay you $7 for the apple.


How thoughtful of his daughter! The Thin Mints are the best.


I don’t fear sharks, they don’t bother you in the shallow water at the ocean. Thats where I am, when not on the beach.


Its good that ny husband and I didn’t live back then in Weinsberg castle. He may not have made it out!


I always loved Bambi. Archbold sounds like a guy with a good heart!

48 thoughts on “A Love Tree, Sweet Apples, Bambi and other Facts

  1. I’m just packing for a flight to Germany, it could be a very long wait. Maybe Weinsberg Castle will be invaded again and I can find a woman to carry me out on her back?
    Well done Bruce Willis’s daughter and well done the man himself.
    How honest and kind of Mr. Archbold. It restores my faith in people.
    Huge Hugs

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  2. I can see how a tree can be useful for those who want to tie the knot.
    Such a generous offer, to pay $7 for the apple.
    I hope Willis got a commission off all those Girl Scout cookies.
    You dare to spend time on beaches? Have you never heard of a sand shark?
    I suppose Weinsberg castle is where the saying came from: “Get off my back!”
    Bambi is sweet, but an unrealistic, fictitious character. For some strange reason we seem to get such products from people born on December 5th.

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  3. Some cool trivia here, my friend! I want one of those apples and I, too, will pay the $7 to anyone willing to make the trek to Tibet! I imagine the invasion of Weinsberg Castle gave some women the excuse they’d been looking for to ditch their hubbies … “Sorry honey, you know I’ve got a bad back … it’s been nice.” Thanks for some fun stories!

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  4. Joy, great vignettes. Those husbands better be glad they treated their wives well or they may have been left behind. A wife may have grabbed a better looking single guy and carried him out. Keith


  5. what a great collection of fun facts. the bridegroom oak reminds me of The Giving Tree. And I love the story of teh Weinsburg castle, and the last story where the guy shared his wealth with a homeless man…


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