A scoop of Magic with Icecream

This is Part 2 to Thursday’s post, The Big Question!

Dustin walked back into his study to answer the phone, and Marianne found herself staring at a closed door again.

Walking back into the kitchen she cut herself another piece of the chocolate cherry truffle. She hoped Dustin would come out of his study soon, or she was going to get Ben and Jerry’s icecream out next.

Hearing footsteps Marianne looked up from taking her last bite. Dustin entered the kitchen and joined her at the table.

“Is there more coffee left? I want it strong please.”

Marianne poured him a cup and sat down across from him. Silence filled the room while Dustin drank his coffee. Finally Marianne couldn’t take it any longer. “What did your boss want?”

“He wants me to go ….” he paused and looked at Marianne. “You aren’t going to believe this.”

“All kinds of things have been going through my head. You know how my imagination is, I am ready for anything.”

She leaned forward and took his hand. “What is it? Where does he want you to go, Hawaii? Can I go along?” Marianne said with a wink.

Taking a deep breath, Dustin looked at his wife and said, “He told me that he thinks very highly of me and that is why he asked me to go on this special mission!”

Marianne raised her eyebrows, “Special mission? That sounds exciting, tell me! I can’t handle the suspense any longer!”

“He wants me to go to a magical woods and bring him back a unicorn!

Dustin watched the incredulous expression cross Marianne’s face. For a moment it looked like she was going to burst out laughing, but then she gained control and spoke.

“Ummm….excuse me! A unicorn? Okay, that possibility I was not ready for.”

Dustin was shocked at how calm she appeared just sitting at the table and looking at him and speaking softly.

“Soo how exactly do you catch a unicorn for him? You just go to the magical woods and find one and bring it back?”

She laughed and said, “I would love to have one too. Can you get two for the price of one? Oh, can you imagine Sophia’s face if she found out that we have a unicorn! She wouldn’t be acting all snobby around me anymore. I am beginning to like this idea. Tell me more!”

Dustin shifted uncomfortably in his chair. He fiddled with the tablecloth for a few minutes and then spoke.

“Well thats where it gets a little complicated. There is a wicked fairy that I need to try to avoid while I find Fairlight the good fairy. She can tell me about the unicorns. I need to be very careful though for apparently the wicked fairy can cast spells.” He heard Marianne gasp.

“She has been known to turn people into ducks.” He said, preparing himself for his wife’s outburst, but none came.

He watched her get up and go to the freezer. She took out a pint of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough and grabbed a spoon.

Sat back down at the table and took off the lid, digging her spoon into the icecream. Dustin silently watched her, he knew when it was smart to stay quiet.

Getting up from the table he walked over the drawer and grabbed a spoon. Sat hack down at the table, and their eyes met. Then he scooped out a heaping spoonfull of chocolate chip cookie dough icecream.

(To be continued)

64 thoughts on “A scoop of Magic with Icecream

  1. He’d better put the ice cream away, or he’ll become too fat to chase unicorns. But what an honor Dustin has received, to be chosen to catch a unicorn. I just hope he follows my blog, so that he’s aware of how to go about it. Unicorns can be very tricky, you know.

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  2. Sorry, I got distracted when the Ben and Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough made an appearance. 🀣
    Dustin can go out and look for unicorns. I’m coming over to have ice cream with Marianne.

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  3. I think Dustin completely misunderstood his boss’s request. The Magical Woods is a well know musical insrument store (they specialize in woodwinds), and Dustin’s boss wants him to go there and find a unique horn that he can add to his collection…

    Liked by 2 people

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