The Big Question!

Marianne grabbed the potkchops and some corn on the cob. She was hurrying down the aisle when she passed the bakery, the chocolate cherry truffle caught her eye and she grabbed it. It would be perfect for dessert since she didn’t have time to bake anything.

On the way home she thought about her husband’s boss coming for supper. She wished that her husband would have given her more notice, hopefully he likes porkchops.

Marianne could tell that Dustin was unnerved about everything when he had called to tell her. The boss had said he had things to discuss with him and had practically invited himself over for the evening.

Dustin had been taken by surprise and didn’t feel that he could say no. Marianne didn’t blame him, she only hoped that he wasn’t expecting a gourmet meal!

The timer went off, the porkchops were done and she had finished the gravy for the mash potatoes. All was ready. She breathed a sigh of relief as she looked at the clock. In 5 minutes her husband should be home , with his boss, Lucas.

Marianne was surprised how at ease she felt. Lucas was pleasant and charming. He seemed to enjoy the food and even Dustin had visibly relaxed during the meal. Whatever the boss had to tell him Marianne didn’t think it was bad. Lucas seemed to be in too much of a good mood to be a bearer of bad news.

After dessert, which Lucas raved about the guys excused themselves and went into Dustin’s study to talk.

Marianne busied herself with the dishes trying to not dwell too much on the suspense of what they were talking about.

She looked at the clock again, when would they be done. A hour had passed already.

Finally after 30 more minutes she heard voices in the hallway.

” I will plan on hearing your answer tomorrow. ” he said to Dustin and they shook hands.

Seeing Marianne, he put out his hand. “Thanks again for the delicious meal. It was lovely meeting you. ”

“You are welcome, and it was nice meeting you too.” Marianne shook his hand and handed him his jacket as he walked out the door.

She closed the door and looked down the hallway to see Dustin still standing in the hallway with a dazed expression.

“Is everything okay? What did he want to discuss with you?”

There was a few moments of silence with Dustin just staring at her. She was beginning to feel nervous. Had she been wrong, was it bad news?

“Dustin, please, what did he say?”

“He wants me to…” and the phone rang.

(To be continued…)

52 thoughts on “The Big Question!

  1. Not fair, that was such a sudden ending you caught me mid-breath. How do I start it again or do I hold my breath until you’re ready to carry on? Sometimes your posts should come with a health warning.
    Huge Hugs

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  2. “He wants me to inform everyone at work that they’re being laid off. He doesn’t have the heart to tell them, himself. He says if I do this dirty work for him, I’ll get an extra week’s pay before I’m laid off also. He’s also going to write a letter of recommendation for me, for whatever future job I apply for.”

    “Wow, what a generous boss,” Marianne replied, while stuffing a pork chop into her mouth. “You’re so lucky to work for him.”

    “Yes,” smiled Dustin, “But not for long I guess. So I must treasure these memories.”

    They both smiled at each other, as they passed the pork chop back and forth, taking bites. Then they went to bed and slept peacefully.

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  3. Leaving us hanging … by a thread … with breath held and hearts stopped … waiting … waiting! This is cruel! (But oh so effective … a cliffhanger ensures we’ll be waiting with bated breath for the next episode!)

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