The Luck of the Armadillo

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It was a torrential downpour and it was blinding. Cameron knew he would have to pull over on the side of the road to wait out what would hopefully be a short storm.

This was just his luck! He knew he should have left earlier and maybe he would have avoided this sudden storm. Looking at his watch revealed to him what he already knew. He would be late to his friend’s rehearsal dinner. He pounded the steering wheel in frustration.

He was honored when Grayson had asked him to be a groomsman. Grayson and Sarah had been together for awhile now and they were finally ready to tie the knot.

Sarah was wonderful for Grayson, she brought out the best in him and Cameron couldn’t be happier. He hadn’t found anyone special yet but bachleorhood suited him pretty well. He wasn’t in a hurry to be tied down. When he came home after a busy day it was peaceful and quiet. Noone chattering away at high speed. He would never understand how some women could talk so fast!

Yes! The rain was slowing down, he looked at his watch again. He would be pushing it, but he may just be a few minutes late.

Starting his engine again he pulled out onto the road. He was making good time, almost there and he would only be 5 minutes late.

Whoa! Cameron slammed on his brakes! Now that was something he never had to brake for before. A pink armadillo crossing the road! He had seen armadillos before, but never a pink one. Cute wasn’t a word that typically came to his mind when thinking of armadillos but this one was kind of cute. Maybe since it was rare that made it a good luck sign for him.

Oh No! The armadillo had stopped and was looking at his car. Cmon buddy, thought Cameron, can you move a little faster please?

After staring for another minute and right before Cameron laid on the horn the armadillo scurried on across the road.

Ten minutes later Cameron finally made it to the diner. The diner had been closed for the rehearsal dinner that Cara had arranged to be catered. She had made the desserts, her speciality of course, being her shoo-fly pie.

It had been a fun evening being with Grayson and everyone again. They all had a big laugh at poor Mason. The waiter was carrying a big bowl of watermelon and he slipped, dumping all the watermelon on top of Mason’s head.

The rest of the evening had gone smoothly, but Mason may have “watermelon head” as a nickname for awhile. He could tell that Cara wouldn’t forget it and Amanda was laughing quite a bit too.

The sun was shining the next day for the 10am wedding. Grayson felt a little nervous but Mason knew a sure fire way of calming him down. He engaged him in sharing puns back and forth.

Tippner joined in some too and Cameron wondered how they could think of them as quickly as they did. Some talent that they had, which the ladies didn’t seem to appreciate as much as the men did. What was wrong with them?

The ceremony was short and sweet, just the way Cameron liked it. Standing up in one spot too long in a tux and tie was not his idea of fun.

The reception was more his style. He could undo his tie and dance. He smiled at Mason and Amanda dancing. Amanda was attractive and appeared to be real sweet. If Mason didn’t go for her, Cameron may need to rethink about how he viewed bachleorhood.

When it was time for the bouqet to be tossed Cameron watched and wondered. Amanda caught it and her cheeks were flushed as Cara whispered something in her ear. Hmmm … the girl owned a castle as well, maybe he needed to talk to Mason and tell him he better not dawdle!

The music started again and Cameron walked up to Amanda.

“May I have this dance?” he asked.

Amanda’s face was still flushed as she followed him out to the dance floor. While dancing Cameron thought maybe that pink armadillo really had been a good luck sign for him.

From across the room Mason was watching Amanda swaying to the music in Cameron’s arms and he was lost in thought.

43 thoughts on “The Luck of the Armadillo

  1. I think Mason was lost in pun thought. For instance, I’m sure the thought, “While watching Cameron dance, I should have my camera on.” Or, when watching Amanda dance, he could be thinking, “When falling in love with a woman, a-man-da-sn’t know what trouble he’s getting into.” Or maybe he’s just thinking, “What’re melons, anyways?”

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