A Sign from the Sky?

Thanks to Jason from http://jasonfrels.com/2021/05/15/wildflower-bloom-at-the-refuge/ for the use of another one of his photos, for my story.

This is a continuation from Monday’s post, Flower Girl

Thomas had the windows down in his truck, enjoying the warm breeze. Plus he didn’t have much choice since his A/C had broken. It was okay, he would get it fixed, Susan and him weren’t going far, so he was sure she wouldn’t mind. Now if he and Kelly were still dating, it would have been a different story! He couldn’t be more relieved that he had ended things with Kelly. It was as he expected. She wasn’t upset, in fact she appeared relieved as well. They were just not right for each other.

He had no regrets in breaking up with Kelly, for the past month had been wonderful. Thomas couldn’t be happier that he had accidentally left his wallet at the flower stand. Leaving his wallet behind turned out to be the best mistake ever!

His Mom and sister were elated about Susan and him dating. They got along so well with her, and agreed that she was great for him. His heart was light, and he saw nothing but blue skies ahead.

Today they were going to have a picnic lunch in a meadow. Do some hiking and, maybe canoe down the river and perhaps stay late enough to lie on a blanket and watch the stars together. He brought his guitar along too, she loved it when he sang to her. He had played it a lot less when he was dating Kelly, for she said the noise bothered her ears. She would much rather hear him play music on a Baby Grand piano. The problem was, he wasn’t a piano player, no matter how much she tried to encourage him to become one.

He pulled up beside Susan’s flower stand and she was there waiting for him, looking all cute in shorts with a hot pink top and pink sneakers.

She climbed into his truck, “HI there handsome.” Susan said, while sliding across the seat to be next to him. Thomas put his arm around her, giving her a kiss, and with one hand on the wheel, he headed down the road.

They had parked the truck when they reached the meadow and then decided to hike a little before lunch. Choosing a path that was strewn with wildflowers growing beside it they started hiking. Talking when they wanted and enjoying the silence at times too, while holding each other’s hand’s.

The path led to a small grassy hill. They hiked up the little hill and stood on top gazing into each other’s eyes. Something landed on Susan’s nose, tickling it. It was a purple feather.

“I wonder where this came from.” Susan said looking up into the sky. To her surprise another purple feather fell, followed by another, landing on Susan’s head.

They started laughing, purple feathers, falling from the sky? Thomas gently picked one up off of her head, and said, ” Special rare feathers for my special girl. It is obviously a sign, that I am with the prettiest girl today.” Susan’s eyes sparkled, as he cupped her face in his hands. and they closed their eyes and kissed, as the purple feathers continued to fall.

29 thoughts on “A Sign from the Sky?

  1. But then Thomas and Susan began noticing something strange. The purple feathers were sticking to them. They tried prying them off, but they seemed to be glued to their bodies by a gooey, black, tar-like substance. They suddenly realized that they were literally being tarred and feathered by the heavens!

    They ran for Thomas’ truck to escape this fowl mess, but were met by a blizzard of purple feathers. Before they knew it, they couldn’t run anymore, due to being so heavily coated and befowled in purple. The best they could do was flap their arms around.

    But surprisingly, that seemed to work. As they flapped their arms, they lifted up into the sky. It was truly delightful, when they realized that they could fly! And so the two lovebirds joined wings and flew off into the sunset, never to be seen again. Except occasionally, by persistent members of the Audubon Society.

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  2. Awwww … Thomas is such a romantic dude!!! I’m so glad he dumped Kelly. ‘Tis far better to be in love with someone who loves the person you ARE, rather than the person they think they can turn you into.

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  3. Meanwhile a hundred miles away, the Fancy Poofy Pillow Company, known for its fancy purple pillows, lay in ruins after the F5 tornado leveled its factory spreading its supply of fancy purple feathers to the wind.

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