Caught by Surprise!

The 3 ladies were laughing as they walked in the park. It had been a wonderful day of getting massages, manicures and pedicures. Now they were enjoying the warm Spring night and the flowering Dogwood trees at the park.

They found a bench by one of the trees and sat down to eat the chocolate truffles that they had picked up at Horace’s Candy Shop.

“Its so nice to have you here again Amanda. ” Sarah said.

“Yes! I think its so exciting that you decided to move back here.” added Cara.

Tbey all started talking about plans of things they could do together and became engrossed in conversation.

“Mason, do you see that?”

“Wh-what?” Mason asked , looking up from his book. He had been reading while Tippner was dozing earlier on the bench.

“Joshua is hiding behind the tree with a bucket of water again.” Tippner pointed to the tree a little ways across from them.

Who is his poor victim this time?” Mason asked.

They both looked closer and started laughing when they saw his targets.

“Looks like a 3 for 1 special.” They laugbed some more while watching the 3 ladies chatting away.

Look at them chattering away. Oh, the things that may happen when you least expect it.” Mason said with a chuckle, thinking of the wet surprise that the girls would get. Closing his book, Mason said with a smile, “I think we should have a front row seat to the water show, don’t you.”

“Too bad that we don’t have popcorn.” quipped Tippner while they walked over to say “Hi” to the ladies.

“Well, what a surprise to see you guys.” Cara asked, when the ladies looked up and saw Tippner and Mason in front of them.

“Hello ladies, it is a lovely evening isn’t it.” Tippner said.

Amanda felt her cheeks grow a little warm seeing Mason. Earlier in the week he had asked her for a date this coming Sunday.

“Glad you guys are here, can you help us with something?” Sarah asked.

“I am trying to choose a color to repaint the house. Grayson isn’t any help, so I thought I would ask you smart guys. What do you think of these samples?” Sarah asked.

Mason and Tippner bent down to take a closer look at the samples in the book that Sarah had open.

While they were bent over, Cara and Amanda motioned with their hands to Joshua.


Mason and Tippner jumped as the cold water hit their backs.

Their faces displayed shock. “Wait! What the…! Where did he go?” They sputtered out. Then they saw Joshua already across the park swinging his now empty bucket.

“But…we thought he was going to dump it on you ladies!”

“We figured that when we saw you guys walking over here smiling, with mischief in your eyes. Lets just say that we may have been more observant and saw you guys earlier. Joshua was more than willing to play along!” The ladies eyes were all shining with hilarity.

“Well I think that was the perfect ending to the night ladies, don’t you?” said Amanda, giving Mason a special smile.

“Agree!” Cara and Sarah replied, and they all stood up.

“See you guys later, nice of you to come over and say Hi!” Cara said, as they walked away laughing.

The guys watched the ladies walking away and Tippner looked at Mason. “You just had to have a “front row seat” didn’t you!

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