A Pink Fantasy

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It was beautiful, just as she had imagined it in her mind. Everything was pink, even the flowing water. Dare she dip her hand in the river? If Willy Wonka could have a chocolate river why couldn’t this one be cherry?

She couldn’t resist the temptation for there was a sweet cherry fragrance around her, she had to be right about the river. Dipping her hand in the river, it felt thick and creamy. She drew her hand out and the cherry fragrance was strong. Tara took a lick and she had been right, it was cherry flavored! So sweet! Like drinking a cherry shake.

What else was in this magical land? After a couple more handfuls of her “cherry river shake” she walked over the bridge to explore.

The sun was shining bright, making everything that it touched sparkle. Tara was enamored with all the beauty surrounding her! There were pink trees as far as her eyes could see.

She kept walking as if she was in a trance. What was that ahead of her and off to the side. Oh it couldn’t be! Was she really staring at a house made out of Oreos? There must be hundreds of them on the house and the cream in the middle was pink. Cherry oreos!

Tara’s tongue was tingling. She just had to have one! Did someone live in the house? Tara didn’t want to get in trouble for eating someone’s house. She giggled at the thought. Of course no one lived there, she was in a fantasy world of her making.

Sitting on the ground Tara began feeling a little sick. She was thinking that 20 cookies may have been a little too much. Groaning, she bent over holding her stomach. Then she sat straight up, what was she doing? She couldn’t get sick in her own fantasy! Why would she do that?

Her stomach pains left and she grabbed one more cookie before continuing on her way. She didn’t go far until she found a tree that looked a little different from the others. Staring at it for awhile she wondered what made it different.

Ahh! She smiled, of course, this was her caramel syrup tree. Her grandfather got maple syrup out of trees but Tara preferred caramel syrup. She tapped it like she saw her Grandpa do and the caramel syrup came pouring out as she giggled with glee.

While drinking the syrup she heard the buzzing of bees. Tara was nervous at first she didn’t want stung, but wait these were friendly bees. There were no stinging bees in her fantasy land.

After getting her fill of the caramel syrup she walked on, but at a little slower pace. She felt a little tired and rubbed her eyes. Oh Wow! Tara’s face lit up at what was standing in front of her. A pink striped zebra!

Tara stroked its soft fluffy skin and she sighed as she felt herself growing more sleepy again.

She shook her head and smiled. What a cute picture, thought Tara’s Mom. Tara had fallen asleep with her head on their fluffy sheepdog with her stuffed pink zebra in her hand.

There was also oreo cookie crumbs around her mouth and on the floor. Apparently she had been into the cookie jar.

Oh No! Tara’s Mom groaned. How did she get the caramel syrup bottle that was now squeezed out all over the carpet!

28 thoughts on “A Pink Fantasy

  1. Hahah – the connection between dream and reality was fun – and the details allowed for some vivid scenes
    (Although All this sugar talk reminds me how our culture laps you these items daily without full knowledge of the negative impact on health and wellness – sigh)

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  2. I got three cavities, just from reading this. I’ve been nagging my wife to buy some cherries, but she says it’s not cherry season yet. Now my appetite for cherries is even more whetted. Maybe I’ll have her pick up some cherry Oreos.

    Liked by 1 person

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