Magical Dreams

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Scenes of her life were flying through her dreams. The time when she was in the secret cave underwater with Charlie and the tragic end to his life.

The time she helped break up a smuggling ring with some guy. She couldn’t remember his name, but he did have some impressive karate moves. What Betsy most remembered though was the luxurious waveyness of his hair. Humans sure did have some strange hair.

She dreamed about the lady. Lisette, who tried to steal her special bell. Betsy had to go to her Inn to get the bell back. Everyone was always after her bell it seemed. They obviously didn’t know who they were messing with.

Ahh! Now she was back in the barn where she had been born. Her Mama was there, her sweet Mama!

Betsy loved her Mom. She was always gentle with her, except for the times when Betsy was misbehaving! She could tell when she better straighten up, by the intense look in her Mama’s deep brown eyes.

Her Mama had given her guidance and shared so much wisdom as Betsy grew.

The magical feeling she had when her Mama passed on her gift of the enchanted cowbell, was a day Betsy would never forget!

She slowly opened her eyes still feeling the warmth of her sweet Mama. It was almost like she was standing right by Betsy again. Side by side while they grazed in the pasture. She heard her Mama’s voice again, sharing secrets about the enchanted cowbell.

Betsy had so many adventures with that bell but there were still so many to come. There was one secret about the cowbell that Betsy was most intrigued with. When her Mama explained to her how … and Betsy closed her eyes to visit dreamland once more.

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      • Thank you, Carolyn! It was a lovely Mother’s Day, and now it’s Monday morn again, time to put the nose back to the grindstone. I’m just happy that I can work from my kitchen table wearing my jammies all day if I choose! I hope your Mother’s Day was beautiful as well. Hugs!


  1. . . . how to avoid the slaughterhouse. When the time came to be picked up by the cattle truck, the bell could be used to set off a stampede. Then all the cattle would escape, and Americans would be forced to become vegans. This trick seemed to work pretty well for some chickens, recently, which is why we now have a chicken shortage. Betsy could hardly wait to try it out for all the cows of the world.

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