A New Beginning

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“What do you say? Are you in on the plan?”

“You know I will always follow you , wherever you go!” Sugarpie replied, rubbing her head against Cottonball’s head. We can’t be separated.”

They stood there for awhile, nuzzling against one another.until they fell asleep. Dreaming of the brave venture they would make tomorrow.

It had been an anxious day of waiting, but the time was close now. The other sheep were busy grazing, and Silas the shepherd boy was under the shady Maple tree. He was finishing up his lunch and soon he would be asleep. It happened every day.

“You know the way, right? Asked Sugarpie.

“Of course I do, no worries!”

Within a few moments, it waa just as Cottonball had said. Silas threw his apple core in the grass, leaned back against the tree and closed his eyes.

Cottonball shook his head. One day Silas was going to wake up to all his sheep being gone! Cottonball was so relieved to be leaving.

It dangerous here, hungry wolves waited to atrack the sheep and often got some before Silas was able to do anything! There was no way Cottonball wanted anything to happen to his Sugarpie, he was taking her somewhere safe.

“Okay Sugarpie lets go!” Slowly they ambled down the hill. Once they were down they picked up speed. They were on their way to a better place.

If the rumors were right this place where they were headed had sweeter grass to graze on and was much safer. It was idyllic. It was a smaller place with only a few other friendly animals.

There was one cow, and sometimes another cow lived there too. Cottonball had been told that she came and went. It was a mystery where she disappeared to at times. She was a little crazy, but had a good heart.

The only other animals were 2 sheep. There were only 2 other sheep instead of 100! How nice that would be to not feel lost in the crowd.

They stopped at a creek to get a drink. It was getting pretty hot out.

After quenching their thirst they continued on. Both of them were finding it hard to contain their excitement.

“We should almost be there.”

“I am looking forward to meeting the young lady that we were told comes and visits. She brings sweet treats for the animals, and they say that she is so kind.”

Sugarpie’s taste buds were tingling. ” Are you sure the farmer won’t turn us away?”

“From what I hear he is a really nice old chap, but his brain gets a bit fuzzy at times. He will probably think we have always been there.”

Sugarpie’s heart warmed. A new beginning. New adventures awaiting them at Mr. Fuzzywhistle’s farm.

58 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. I have to ask … are they Siamese twins? I only ask because SugarPie said they ‘can’t’ be separated, which would indicate that it is a physical impossibility, hence … Siamese twins, conjoined perhaps at the hip? At any rate, I will be looking forward to them meeting up with Betsy!!! The sheep are so cute …

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  2. These two fugitives on the lamb spell big trouble for Mr. Fuzzwhistle. Silas may track them down, and then have Mr. F arrested for sheep rustling. After all, it’s hard to pull the wool over a sheepherder’s eyes.

    Liked by 2 people

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