Sunday’s Fun Facts


Here is another edition of rare facts that you may or may not know and may not care to know, but I thank you for reading anyway. Hope that you had a good weekend and ready for the week ahead. We ended the weekend on a good note. Played mini golf and I almost beat my husband! IF the 3x that my ball jumped over the hole and landed right near the edge could have counted as a hole in one, I would have won! But my husband is caught up in technicalities and said that didn’t count. We are headed into a rainy week, so was glad to take advantage of the nice weather tonight. 

Hmmm…. wonder why!


This was one very determined man!


If the pumpkin is magical than I would think the groom might feel a little happier about that.


Who knew that reading could be considered such a “bad” thing! I plan to finish a novel tomorrow.


Now that is a mushroom I could like!


My sister and I used to make ketchup sandwiches, really easy to make!

53 thoughts on “Sunday’s Fun Facts

      • It was 1:00 AM last night. I heard a noise by the front door and the dogs started barking. I went and opened the door and look outside and there wasn’t anything there. I walked out to the driveway and all was quiet. I turned around to go back into the house and there was a turtle on my door mat right up against my threshold. I went to bed.

        This morning, I heard a noises out front and the dogs started barking so I went to the door to see what was going on. I found that a decorative frog statue that had been holding one of those colorful globes had been knocked over. And who was the culprit?

        There is a flood water retention pond nearby that the city as been dredging up. I think that this guy is a refugee from that pond and migrated to my house in all the rain yesterday.

        I put him in a bucket and took him to another pond that is not being disturbed. This pond has lots of turtles in it so he might be happy here.

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          • Maybe that was Myrtle. I didn’t ask. I wouldn’t have thought a turtle could cause some much trouble.

            I found another turtle later. That’s when it occurred to me that they must be coming from that pond the city is digging up. There must have been a hundred turtles in that pond that are now displaced.

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        • Husbands are notoriously picky like that! Smack him upside the head with a noodle! As re … I #1 and #2 are simply amazing! #3 … well, he’s probably better off with the pumpkin anyway! #6 … I knew there was a reason I don’t care for ketchup!!!


        • I have new respect for you, Jason!!! Turtles are one of my soulmates, as I am known in hiking circles as Tortuga (Spanish for turtle). Thanks for taking the little guy to the pond where he can make new friends, survive, and be happy! You’re a good guy!

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  1. I’ll bet Mr. Eno got a cut from every fine levied against traffic violators.

    Maybe they have a saying in the Ukraine that goes something like, “He got the pumpkin.” Meaning the poor sot was turned down.

    If I ate a mushroom that tasted like fried chicken, I’d never eat fried chicken again.

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  2. I used to eat mustard and potato chip sandwiches when I was a kid, so I can relate to the ketchup sandwich. Funny story about Mr. Eno, and I don’t care what it tastes like, I ain’t eating no mushroom…

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