A Math Problem, Grave Robbers and More


So will you join me in getting this wrong or my husband in getting it right? This proved again why I don’t have a career that requires any kind of Math!


I googled for more information on this and found out that the grave robbers demanded a $600,000 dollar ransom from his widow. She refused and the grave robbers were caught and sentenced to hard labor!


Thankful for this clever man! Nutella is yummy!


That’s one valuable refrigerator magnet!


This is an interesting, unique twist on libraries and I guess these aren’t silent libraries!


I have lots of yard sale treasures in my china closet …. they look like they are valuable, but …. that’s all. Perhaps I need to look for something more simple like this!

42 thoughts on “A Math Problem, Grave Robbers and More

  1. Where are these human libraries?

    What if you check out a human and don’t care for his/her story telling?
    Can you return that human and get another?
    My guess: It’s easier to return a book ~> no hurt feelings.

    I got the answer correct. What a relief!

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    • Yay on getting the math problem right, you were thinking. 🙂

      The Human Library was started in Denmark, but they are spreading in the US. Sorry, as of the list that I just checked out, Florida wasn’t on it
      Haha about returning the “book”!

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  2. This math equation requires parentheses before I’m willing to tackle it.

    Did you know that in Dubai, if they detect traces of marijuana in your urine, you can be charged with possession of marijuana? Recently, a man legally smoked marijuana in Las Vegas, then flew to Dubai, where he was hospitalized for an ailment. They routinely checked his urine and found the marijuana traces. Now he awaits trial and possible prison for marijuana possession.

    It’s hard to believe that a dinged bowl would cost 2.2 million dollars.

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    • “haha!” Well you will be glad to know that I don’t eat that much of it! I will go for something with less sugar, like shoo fly pie! LOL! Tippner found out how good it was, even though he was only dreaming! 🙂

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  3. Apparently, you don’t have to be quiet in human libraries. I guess that would defeat the purpose if you’re supposed to listen to their stories. I’ve got to feel for the person that gets returned early due to lack of entertainment.

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