Life as a Fly


Oh, he was always getting himself into trouble! He makes one idle comment on how he wished he was a fly on the wall and the next thing he knows he is literally a fly on the wall! How did it happen and where was he exactly, besides being on a wall. 

What was that wailing sound? Oh No! He must be in a baby’s room, he had to get out of here before he got a headache. He flew around the room looking for a way out and started getting dizzy flying around in circles. At last the bedroom door opened and he flew out looking for an open window. Whoa! That was one mighty big dog looking at him. He saw the open window, but the dog was right in front of it and had his eyes on him. He flew as fast as he could over the dog’s head, feeling the dog’s hot breath on him as he narrowly escaped out the window. 

Flying out the window, he landed in something gooey with a putrid smell! Lots of other flies were there and they greeted him. 

“Haven’t seen you in this yard before, are you new to the area?” the one fly asked. 

Trying to not gag, he couldn’t reply.  Quickly he buzzed away from the putrid smell, up into the air, so that he could breathe again. 

Seeing some cows in the field he wondered if perhaps Betsy was among them. Maybe she had her magic cow bell on  and he could somehow ring it and return to normal. Well, not that he was ever fully normal, but he at least could be a human again, instead of a fly! 

The cows didn’t look happy to see him and the loud mooing was hurting his hears.  Not seeing any sign of a cow bell he decided to continue on. Whoosh! He got swatted by the cow’s tail. Being a fly was a dangerous. 

He flew towards the farmhouse and smelled something sweet. Spotting a pie on the picnic table made him realize that he was feeling rather hungry. Perhaps he could take a little taste. No one was around, so he should be safe. Landing on the pie he took a little nibble, ooh yum! This may be the best pie he ever tasted! Now he really wished he was human so that he had a bigger mouth and could sit down and eat a big slice of pie. Soon other flies joined him, this was a much sweeter thing to land on and he was in no hurry to leave. 

“Get away from my Shoo-fly pie you nasty flies!” A lady was running towards them waving her hands. Sadly all good things must end. Taking one last lick he went to fly away with the others, at least he attempted too. What was wrong, why couldn’t he move? The lady was getting closer and all the other flies were leaving, paying him no mind. He tried again, no doubt about it, he was stuck. He had sunk into the gooey molasses. Was this how his life was going to end? Oh, how his friends would miss him, and wonder what ever became of him. The lady’s hand was drawing close as he strained with all his might one more time and then POOF! 

Tippner woke up catching his breath. Opening his eyes he looked around and sat up. It had all been a dream, he never had been a fly and he was alive! Relief coursed through him. 

BUZZ! A fly buzzed around his head, normally he would grab his fly swatter, but this time he let it buzz. He couldn’t quite bring himself to smack it. Today he would let the fly live for he awoke with a bounce in his step, after all he was alive! Plus his stomach was growling and there was one thing on his mind. Today he would go to Mason’s coffee shop and order some of Cara’s shoofly pie.

19 thoughts on “Life as a Fly

  1. While Tippner was on the way to the coffee shop, he realized that a shoo-fly pie is something that’s covered in actual flies. He was no cannibal, so he changed his mind about ordering this dessert, and decided on the lemon meringue, instead. Plus a bag of black jelly beans.

    He was excited, and couldn’t wait to get to the coffee shop and tell Cara about his fly dream. But as he strutted happily down the street, instead of his usual whistle, he touched the back of his front teeth with his tongue and began making a buzzing sound. Just then, he suddenly felt himself zoom away, up, up into the sky. He was a fly once again, and this time it wasn’t a dream!

    Over time, Tippner realized he could call up his special fly powers, simply by making a buzzing sound. And the way to return back to human form was to pull hard on his feet, as if he was trying to unstick himself from something.

    Soon he was enjoying all kinds of adventures as fly, whenever he had spare time to buzz around. He would also spy on bad guys, and then return to human form and foil their evil plans. He had become a superhero.

    He called himself, Superfly.

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