Jason’s Tale


I am happy to share with you another story from the town of Bittersweet Creek, by Jason. He was inspired to write a follow up to my earlier post “Presents” from Above I am sure you will enjoy his creative tale! 


Mason returned from vacation on a Sunday afternoon and decided to take a casual stroll through town. The beach was nice, but he missed his quirky little town.

He soon came upon the house of Penny Hennyfeathers and she was weed-whacking. In fact, she was vigorously weed-whacking with a crazed look in her eyes and had destroyed many of her prize flowers in the process and didn’t seem to care. Mason nodded and hurried past her house. “I wonder what got into her.” he thought.

Later he was passing the house of Rufus Chugginstein, a rather gruff man who was quite fond of beer and his lovingly restored muscle car. And there he was giggling like a little girl and putting rainbow and unicorn stickers all over his prized car. “Hey Mason!” he said with a silly grin. “Hey Rufus” Mason said hurrying past his house.

When Mason looked ahead, he saw Prudence Frumpleberry coming along and she was not wearing her usual exceedingly modest clothes, but a dress that was anything but modest. “What is going on in this town?” Mason said to himself “I better go check on my coffee shop.”

Mason entered through the back of the coffee shop and the first thing that caught his eye were at least 20 containers of artisan sugars and syrups from around the world. “Oh, what has Cara done now?” he muttered.

Moving into the front of the shop, he saw Cara frantically serving coffee drinks to several people. In her haste, she was creating a rather precarious stack of dirty coffee cups on the counter behind her.

“Cara” Mason said and she spun around startled, knocking over the stack of cups creating a huge mess.

“Oh Mason, I have made the most wonderful new coffee drinks with these new sweeteners that I ordered. Everyone in town loves them and can’t get enough.”

“I see” said a dazed Mason running his fingers through his thick luxurious brown hair. As he cleaned up the mess of broken coffee cups he decided that he would have to fix this situation for the sake of the people of the town who had obviously become addicted to these high sugar coffee drinks.

The next day, Mason arrived at the coffee shop and saw Penny and Rufus sitting at a table by the window looking as though they hadn’t slept in several days. Mr. Tippner was at the counter drinking a bottled water and visiting with Cara.

“Cara,” Mason said “you have been working so hard that I think you deserve a vacation. I am giving you 2 weeks paid vacation and have booked a cottage for you and Bard at Crabby Sands Beach.”

“Crabby Sands Beach!” Cara nearly screamed “I’ve always wanted to go there. Oh thank you. I can’t wait to tell Bard.”

“Watch out for seagulls!” warned Mr. Tippner.

Cara gleefully ran home with the good news while Mason hung a framed photo of himself and Alabaster taken at the beach. Alabaster was a bit odd, claiming to be an elf but Mason had a good feeling about the young man. As he looked at the picture, he noticed something in the blurred background of the photo. “That looks a bit like a cow on a surfboard.” he thought to himself. “Nah, probably just my imagination.”


38 thoughts on “Jason’s Tale

  1. “Oh what has Cara done now?” he muttered”…. Hmmm… that almost makes it sound like Cara causes a lot of trouble! But noooo … must be my imagination.
    I would like to point out that Cara knocked down all those coffee cups because of Mason making her jump! And Cara made the townspeople HAPPY! Maybe just a little overly happy.
    OH and no worries about seagulls! They like Cara. I do hope that she and Bard enjoy the beach she deserves a great vacation after spending all of Mason’s money on the sweetners for the coffee.
    I do wonder what Mason sees in Alabaster … maybe they have craziness in common. 🙂

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  2. I’m proud of Mr. Tippner for passing up all that exotic poison and sticking with bottled water. What a wise man he is.

    But I’m wondering what might be in those artisan sugars. Whoever heard of artisan sugars, anyway? I’ll bet it came with fancy names, such as Maui Wowie, Puna Gold, King Bud, Golden Leaf, and Chiba Chiba. I think the town of Bittersweet Creek is gonna be a fun place to people watch over the next couple of days.

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  3. Where is this town again? I need to go there … I could use a bit of a sugar high, wouldn’t mind having a reason for giggles, and perhaps I would even be able to see a cow on a surfboard! Good story!


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