To Surf or Not to Surf …


The elves were in a celebratory mood. They were getting ready to go on a mini vacation and couldn’t wait! It had taken awhile for the 5 of them to agree on where to go, but at last they made a decision. They were off to the land of sunshine and beaches, Florida! Snowball was hoping to be able to see some alligators and Alabaster thought he may try to surf some waves. How hard could it be! Jinx was looking forward to relaxing, watching the waves. Jangle thought of taking a speed boat ride. Tink was excited, but his head was also full of calculating figures, and breaking down the cost of their vacation. 

A hotel on the beach, it was perfect! Everyone agreed that Tink had found the best place to stay. Tink was happy for he had got a great deal on it. The hour was late when they had finally arrived at the hotel after the long flight. They were all exhausted, so it didn’t take long for them to call it a night. Sleep came quickly for everyone. 

Alabaster was the first one up the next morning. He was wide awake and ready to meet the day, after already having had a cup of coffee out of his blue mug. He was up at the crack of dawn for after all, he couldn’t miss the ocean sunrise. Walking out onto the beach in the early morning hour he wasn’t disappointed at all with the colors of the changing sky,  it was beautiful! He enjoyed the beauty that was all around him as he watched the sunrise and the sea gulls fly. The only thing he was upset about, was that he had forgotten to grab his camera out of the hotel room, but tomorrow was another day. Tomorrow morning he would be sure to remember his camera. 

When he got back to the hotel, everyone was up and enjoying the complimentary hot breakfast that the hotel provided. Once their stomachs were full they were ready to hit the beach for a day of fun. The cooler was packed with drinks and sandwiches and Jinx had brought along a shovel and a bucket. 

“Why are you bringing a shovel and a bucket?” asked Snowball. 

“One is never too old to build a sandcastle!” Jinx replied cheerfully. 

Alabaster made sure to grab his camera this time, he wanted Snowball to take some pictures of him surfing. 

They hadn’t been on the beach long before Tink started groaning, and looking a little pale. 

“You don’t look too good!” Jangle said, and the others agreed. 

Tink groaned again and said, “I am not feeling too well. My stomach really hurts.” 

The others looked on sympathetically but Snowball shook his head. “Well I can tell you the cure, so that you don’t feel this way tomorrow. Don’t eat so much bacon at breakfast! I saw your plate this morning.” 

Poor Tink couldn’t argue with that, and he laid back down on his towel waiting for the stomachache to pass. 

Jinx was smiling away sitting in his beach chair with his feet in the sand, and a drink in his hand. 

“Ok Snowball, are you ready? You remember how I told you to work my camera, right?” 

“Of course, I know how to work a camera, no problem!” 

Alabaster grabbed his surf board and Snowball followed him out to the water. 

“So how much experience do you have exactly with surfing?” asked Snowball. 

Alabaster didn’t answer, he only stared straight ahead at the waves, and looked down at his surf board. He had watched it being done so many times, he was sure he could do it. You paddled out to a big wave and then stood up and surfed the wave. Nothing to it. 

“Wish me luck!” he yelled to Snowball as he paddled out. 

“Break a leg!” Snowball yelled back and then realized that perhaps that was the wrong thing to say. He got the camera focused on Alabaster and was all ready. 

Moments later, Snowball was shaking the camera as he laughed. He tried to get himself under control when he saw Alabaster walking towards him carrying his board. 

“I got some good shots! Want to see them?” he asked, ignoring the look in Alabaster’s eyes. 

“Here you are starting to get up, then you are down, up again, down again. Here you are standing the whole way up, but Splash, there you are down again!” 

Alabaster took his camera back without saying a word, as Snowball tried to catch his breath from laughing. Snowball quickly caught up to Alabaster walking back. He patted his shoulder and suggested that they go on a boat ride. Jangle was looking for a speed boat to take out. Alabaster brightened up at that thought and he took his surf board back to where Tink still laid in the sand, putting the board by him. Tink was busy building his sandcastle. 

Jangle  had found a speedboat that would be ready to go in 15 minutes. They walked to where they were supposed to get it and stood there chatting while they waited. 

“Oh look at those guys!” said Alabaster. “They make it look so easy!” 

Snowball and Jangle turned to look where Alabaster was pointing. 2 guys were surfing the waves and doing a terrific job! After one particularly big wave they started swimming towards the shore. 

“You guys did great out there!” Alabaster said, when they got to shore and were walking toward them. The 2 guys looked around not seeing who was talking at first and then they looked down.

“Thank you very much! We enjoy surfing. I am Mason and this is my friend Tippner. Who are you?” 

“Oh, we are Santa’s elves, I am Alabaster, and these are my friends, Snowball and Jangle. Tink and Jinx are with us too, but they didn’t want to come for a speed boat ride. Tink is Santa’s accountant, and Jinx works with us in the toy shop.” 

Mason and Tippner looked at each other and back at Alabaster. They stood there looking rather dumb at first, feeling at a loss for words. Tippner was the first one to speak up. “Santa’s elves?? Umm.. nice to meet you. I do get confused easily, but if you are Santa’s elves shouldn’t you be at the North Pole?” 

“No, this is our vacation break. Elves can’t work all the time, you know! We need to have fun too!” 

Mason and Tippner shook their heads, once again feeling speechless. In fact they both smacked their heads saying, “Vacation, yes, of course. Elves need vacation time too.” 

Just then the speedboat pulled ashore. “Well, we gotta go, but keep up the great surfing.” Alabaster said and they waved goodbye to a dazed Mason and Tippner, as they walked away to go for their ride on the speed boat. 

Mason and Tippner  stood frozen in the sand. “Do you really think they are Santa’s elves?” asked Mason. 

“Well, they are short!” said Tippner. “Though the one who called himself Alabaster, his hair was sticking straight up, which made him look a little taller.” 

Shaking their heads some more, with dazed expressions on their faces,  they walked back to the hotel. Mason was thinking that he could use some strong coffee. He and Tippner had come for a week of relaxation and here on the first day they meet Santa’s elves. What was in store for the rest of the week??

(to be continued…) 




29 thoughts on “To Surf or Not to Surf …

          • I’m glad to hear that you are doing well! 😃 I’m still teaching remote. I actually proposed a idea to my supervisors, which wasn’t a possibility. However, they loved my ideas and I got the approval to do the research to start laying out the framework for a creative project that I’m hoping will successfully launch in the community. I’ve been really desiring change. I really do want to work remote doing creative projects that empower others to get inspired and connect with their creativity. When things settle down with the pandemic my husband and I want to both work remote and travel.

            So there’s a lot of planning for the near and more distant future happening in our lives. 😉


            • That sounds awesome Jenna! Good luck with it! You are a very creative person and I think its great how you want to inspire others!😊❤
              If my husband could do his job remotely he would jump at the chance and so would I. Though its hard to be a caregiver remotely. 🙂
              We both love to travel too. Eager to do it again!

              Liked by 1 person

              • Thank you😊❤️

                Very true, there are just some jobs that require being physically there. I traveled a lot when I was a kid and absolutely loved it. There are still so many places I want to go and see. 🙂


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