38 thoughts on “Fun Facts

  1. I think it’s very legitimate to fear being watched by a duck.
    There must have been a lot of barefoot protestors back in the Industrial Revolution.
    And I’ll bet the town council at Whynot is pretty good at thinking outside of the box.

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  2. There’s something comical about not being afraid of ducks but of them watching us.
    “Mom, can I go out and play?”
    “Sure, but make sure no ducks see you.”

    I also like the story behind Whynot.

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  3. I can’t help but love a man who gives his books to readers who have none. I hope the person feeling watched by ducks can take refuge in the library. I hope the library let this person in if they were shoeless because of some sabotaging. Hopefully it wasn’t national love your wife day because they probably would have frowned on the yelling in the library. And why not toss some fluffy tailed squirrels some peanuts after leaving the library?

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