Friday’s Super Short Stories!


Still having Christmas stamps left makes you realize how often you send mail! 

Being home alone … Celtic music playing … Dogs snoozing … Hot drink in your hand …. Rain outside, but sunny inside. 

When your son gives you a hug, and asks, “Mom, did you realize it was the last time, the last time you held me on your lap?” Cherish the “lasts!” 

22 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. Doesn’t it really suck to apply a Christmas stamp to a bill you’re paying?

    I hope the weather clears up for you, so it can be sunny outside, too.

    The last time your son sat on your lap, you probably groaned really loud. Which is probably why it was the last time. Would you really want to cherish that moment?

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  2. We used our the last Christmas stamp last week . . . to pay (you guessed it) a bill.

    As for last laps . . . I never realized it would be the last time for nieces, nephews, etc. How sad. 😦


  3. Leftover Christmas stamps??? I never have leftover stamps period, for I mail to the UK often and just a letter takes 5 stamps! I’m always running out of stamps! Awwwww … isn’t it great when they still want to hug you! Mine is 50 now and still loves those nightly hugs! Raining here, too … but at least it’s warm!


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