The Enchanted Barn

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What was that noise coming from the barn? She was kicking herself for coming home so late. If only she would have insisted for Joe to take her home sooner. Who was she kidding though, she had no desire to leave him sooner, she longed for the day when they would be together always, in their own place. Through the night she could lay in his arms.

Standing there still, Teressa was unsure of what to do. Was it safer to go investigate what was in the barn, or to enter the house and face her Dad’s temper? This was the 3rd time this week that she was late coming home! With a thumping heart she headed for the barn. When she got closer she was startled to hear what sounded like a cow, but they didn’t have any cows, only chickens.

Her heart slowed down a little, for she would much rather face a cow than a stranger in the barn. Slowly she walked towards the freshly painted red barn and opened the wooden latch.


Teressa was speechless, she had been right! She couldn’t imagine how a brown and white cow got in here, but it was standing right before her own eyes. The cow was quiet once it saw her. There was something about its eyes that drew Teressa closer to it. She was standing right in front of it when she noticed the shiny silver cowbell hanging around its neck. Moments passed as they stared at each other in silence. The only sound was the one that the chickens were making.

Teressa was thinking this could turn out to be a really good thing that she found this cow. Surely it would distract her Dad from being angry with her for coming home so late. At least momentarily! She had just started to turn around to go to the house and get her Dad when she heard a voice. “Leaving already?”

Teressa froze, was the cow just a distraction? Was there a stranger hiding in the barn? She gazed at the cow, and then practically fainted as she realized that it was the cow who had spoken!

“Never saw a talking cow before? I am the only one, so of course you haven’t. I am a very special cow, you know. I may look ordinary to you but don’t let yourself be fooled, for I am way beyond ordinary!”

Teressa was at a loss for words. She had never seen a cow looking so proud of themselves before, much less talking!! She kept staring at the cow, mesmerized by its deep brown eyes.

“I like to travel around, so I never stay in one place for too long. See this shiny bell around my neck?”

Teressa nodded.

“All I have to do is shake my head 3x like this and …. ”

POOF! The barn was filled with pink and purple smoke and when the smoke cleared the cow was nowhere to be seen. Teressa turned around looking for it and was stunned to see her Dad standing in the doorway.

“Your Mom will never believe this!” her Dad said, shaking his head.

“Dad look!” Teressa found her voice as she noticed that the silver cow bell must have fallen off the cow’s neck! It was laying right where the mysterious cow had been standing.

Her Dad’s face was shining holding the cowbell in his hands. “A magical cowbell! This would go perfect in my collection of treasures! It will of course have a hefty price tag on it!” her Dad said, he was a peddler and had all kinds of knick knacks that he sold.

Teressa didn’t want him to sell it though, she wanted to try it out herself! This was the most amazing thing that she had ever seen! She watched her Dad proudly holding onto it, like it was a million dollars. She could see the dreams in his eyes of what he would do with the money. Somehow she would have to get her hands on the cowbell before he sold it. Her eyes gleamed in anticipation and her heart felt as light as a feather while following her Dad into the house. This night had turned out quite well after all!

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