Sunday’s Rare Facts!

A rainy, blustery day here. Thought I would end your weekend with some crazy facts to ponder on once again. There seems to be an endless supply of them! Don’t worry though, I am not going to post all of them! Enjoy! 


I feel sorry for the sailors, for I know what a ruptured ear drum feels like!


Well isn’t that sweet, the male fox hangs onto the love of his mate forever!


Didn’t know crows were clever and pranksters too!


Hmmm,,,, not sure about this, someone want to try it and let me know if your hot cocoa tasted better out of an orange cup and for you strong coffee drinkers, how dark is your favorite coffee mug?


This made me smile! “Not talking back” is a great attribute of pets!

34 thoughts on “Sunday’s Rare Facts!

  1. We feed quail in our front yard, and the squirrels get the birdseed, too. Once I saw a quail pull the tail of a squirrel, that was hogging the seeds, so maybe quails are as smart as crows.

    I wonder if coffee is more poisonous when drank from an orange cup?

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  2. #3 Crows can learn to talk, like parrots. Tokyo city crows (“large-billed crow”, Corvus macrorhynchos), called the “Karasu” can be bigger than cats, and can be dangerous (usually in the spring). The crows will steal wire coat hangers from hanging laundry to make steel-reinforced nests (seriously!), and kids will have to wear hard hats on their way to school in bad crow-nesting neighborhoods. Trash in Tokyo has to be left inside crow-resistant wire mesh bags on trash pickup days. There are city crow abatement teams, but the crows are mostly tolerated, because they keep down the populations of mice and the huge, wafarin resistant, Japanese “roof rats” (Rattus rattus) that also own the city.
    Somehow, I don’t think the Tokyo tourist board is never going to hire me.

    #4 I don’t know about the yellow cup, but the hot chocolate is a good idea. 😉


  3. Joy, quoting a song title and chorus by the legendary Jimi Hendrix, does that make a widowed female fox a “Foxy lady?” Must be something to do with procreation of the species. Keith

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  4. I am not sure that fact number 2 says what you think it says. The male fox has clearly had enough and is content not to do that again.

    I was once told that the loudest sound in the world is the daily changes in air pressure, but it is such a slow sound that it is beneath our hearing ability anyway.

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    • I love when we can see the light hearted side of Presidents. I do have an orange mug that I don’t use real often but now I may just have to give it a try. But like you said, I think coffee and hot chocolate can be good in any color of mug!

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