Clearing Up the Confusion!

The following images may look familiar to you, but you may be surprised by who they actually are. If you are confused, don’t worry, I will clear it all up for you, just continue reading. 

Amanda, after all she does own a castle now.
Mr. Tippner


It has been suggested to me a few times that I create a character guide, about the characters of my stories. That it would help my followers keep the characters straight in their head. I understand that it can get confusing to keep everyone’s names straight and who they are. Truthfully I have been confused before, even though they are my characters! The following list is not a complete list for that would take way too long and a lot of the characters in my stand alone stories you won’t hear from again, BUT …. the list is compiled of characters that are in my continuing stories. I thought it would make it a little more interesting to read if I included pictures of the characters too. I wasn’t able to get everyone’s picture but I did include a few. If they look familiar to you, it is probably just a coincidence. Enjoy and I hope this helps to keep your mind clear of confusion, though if you have been reading my stories for awhile now, you know that confusion is still likely to happen. 🙂 

Characters from the town of Borden

Lisette-the owner of the Bed and Breakfast Inn. She came to Borden by the powers of a magical cowbell, which continues to show up in my stories. A kind and gracious lady who makes delicious food, and is friends with the people in Bittersweet Creek. 

Amanda – had been staying with Lisette trying to figure out what to do with her life! Recently came to learn that she has inherited her grandparent’s castle. She has now gone to spend more time with her grandparent’s, but she may be back. 

Mr. Fluff and Mr. Nutter –  the owners of  The Fluffer Nutter Shoppe.  The place for  great ice cream, donuts and coffee. Friendly, and a tad nutty, but are always eager to chat with you and try to beat you in a game of chess or checkers. 

Luke – the cop who was well known in my Annie/Anna/Tonya series, and has now taken a backseat since Anna was caught and is now dead. But he still may show up at times in my stories working with his brother Patrick who is an FBI agent. He also is the owner of a special cow who will be talked about later. 

Characters from the town of Bittersweet Creek ( Jason, another blogger actually created Bittersweet Creek and the characters, in what he thought was a stand alone story, but … the characters had other plans. The last 2 characters were thanks to another blogger Keith. ) 

Mason Picklefoot – handsome owner of the best coffee shop in town! All the ladies vie for his attention, though he remains humble through it all. Apparently he attracts water to himself too. He has had experience with a dunk tank, falling out of a canoe, getting rained on due to a leaky tent and getting a bucket of water thrown on him. 

Cara – an amazing waitress who works at the coffee shop. She is sweet, just like her tasty coffee lattes. She tries to help Mason with women, for she may like being a matchmaker, wanting everyone to be as happy as her and Bard. Its a hard job, but she is up to the challenge. 

Sara- she is Cara’s friend and owns the beautiful flower shop in town. She used to help Lisette out at the Inn, but moved to Bittersweet Creek. Cara thought she had the perfect match, Sara and Mason, but much to her surprise and Mason’s amusement, Sara fell for Grayson, Mason’s brother! 

Lexie – the new girl who has captured Mason’s eye, at least Cara is hoping that. It appears to be that way. 

Mr. Tippner – he is a friend of Mason’s and owns the bicycle shop. Cara once caused some damage in his bicycle shop but she prefers that everyone forgets that incident. Fortunately Bard was kind enough to pay for the damages, so there were no hard feeling with Mr. Tippner. 

Old Man Fuzzywhistle – he is a friend of Mason’s and Mr. Tippner too. He lives on a small farm with his prized cow Clarabelle and his adorable lamb, Creampuff, who one time escaped from the farm. Mason found him, which ended up causing him some embarrassment, much to the amusement of others, but that’s another story. 

Uncle Jake – he recently moved to Bittersweet Creek. Cara is enjoying getting to know his as he frequents the coffee shop,  His language may get salty at times, but he appears to be a very caring man. 

Joshua – Uncle Jake’s nephew who comes and visits him on the weekends and will spend the summer with him. A young lad who likes to play tricks! 

Some other story characters who you may hear from again! 

Jacob – he was the private investigator that Amanda’s grandparents hired to track her and her Mother down. Sadly her Mother had passed away earlier in a car accident. 

Kimberly – a detective who reached out to Jacob for help when she found an abandoned girl, Molly. Little Molly captured her heart and Jacob did too. Kimberly’s dream of having a family came true when she fell in love, got married and adopted Molly. 

Molly – an abandoned little girl who Kimberly found along the road surrounded by a bunch of white rabbits. She was mute for a long time, but Kimberly got her the help she needed and she has started to talk. All the rabbits disappeared one day, but one stayed behind and has stuck by Molly’s side ever since. No one knows why Molly was abandoned, but one day details may surface. 

Lawrence – a magician whose rabbits suddenly disappeared to stay by Molly when she was abandoned on the road. They then came back to him. Lawrence found a magical cowbell at a park one day and was last seen in a gondola in Italy. 

                                                                                    Last but definitely not Least!

Betsy – the cow owned by Luke. A cow who was thought to be just your ordinary, sweet cow in the beginning but has proven much the opposite! She is the wonder cow! She has had many crazy adventures and continues too. You really never know where she is. and what she is capable of doing.  She does not like that other people seem to keep getting hold of her magical cow bell. 















35 thoughts on “Clearing Up the Confusion!

  1. They look rather like Disney characters to me which could put you in a rather difficult legal position. If I am correct, then you might want to at least credit the The Walt Disney Company accordingly. Just a thought.

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  2. Looks like you knocked yourself out, with this post. If you don’t turn it into a page, then I’m going to bookmark it, as it will be a useful enchiridion whenever I need a Who’s Who of Bittersweet Creek.

    But it looks like you forgot about Jinx, Jangle, Snowflake, Snowball, and some of those other North Pole characters. I’ll bet Santa is not pleased with you.

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