Smitten in Spring!

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It was the first day of Spring and Cara felt an extra buoyancy in her step. The sun was brightly shining and she was fine with only wearing a lightweight jacket to work. Warmer days were ahead and Cara couldn’t wait, the beach was calling her name. She could hear its distant cry. Entering the coffee shop, she called out a cheery “Good Morning!” to Mason. He surprised her with handing her a cup of her favorite Black Raspberry Banana Latte. 2 servings of fruit this morning, she thought as she swallowed the sweet coffee.

“Thank you Mason, what is the special occasion? You look extra cheerful today.”

“I am.” he replied with a wink and a smile, and then walked to the back, letting Cara stare after him in wonder. She started to follow him to the back to ask why, but a couple customers came through the door and she knew that her question would have to wait.

The day was busy for they had a Spring Special going, Buy one piece of pie get another one free. No one could resist Cara’s homemade pies. Banana Cream Pie, Coconut Cream Pie, Strawberry Pie and of course the biggest seller, Shoo-fly Pie. When the crowd finally started to thin out and there were only a few customers in the shop, Cara asked Mason again why he was so happy. Smiling at her, with a gleam in his eye, he asked, “Isn’t a guy allowed to be happy?”

“Well yes.” stammered Cara, “but …”

Mason laughed, and said, “I think that customer wants a refill on his coffee”, he pointed to the guy that was holding his coffee cup up.

Cara sighed, but before walking away she said, “If I didn’t know better I would say that you look like a guy in love!” She thought he would protest, but to her shock he didn’t. Could she be right? Now her mind was going. She knew that Amanda had been interested in Mason and she loved the chocolates he brought back for her from Switzerland. The fine chocolates that Cara didn’t get any of, for Amanda had spent the weekend with Sara and they ate them all! Sara was missing Grayson, so chocolate was the perfect thing.

Anyway, Amanda did like Mason, but she had decided that she needed to take time to get to know her grandparents better and figure out what she was going to do with her life. So much had happened in a short time and she needed time to breathe, she didn’t have time for a relationship, no matter how appealing the thought was. She had gone back to the castle where her grandparent’s lived. The castle that she would inherit someday. Cara couldn’t imagine inheriting a castle!

So, being that Amanda was out of the picture now, if Mason was in love, who was it with? Was it a new lady in town? Cara didn’t know of any new ladies who had moved to Bittersweet Creek recently. The only new people that they had, were Jake and his nephew Joshua. Cara didn’t know them well yet, but Jake was becoming a frequent customer. He might be a little rough around the edges but he was a nice guy, Cara found herself looking forward to seeing him every day. He had quite the stories that he liked to share with her when she had time to chat.

Now his nephew Joshua was a different story. He was nice too, but quite the character, he was very sly and loved to play jokes! He was just with his uncle on the weekends now but once school was out, he would be staying with him for the summer.

It was closing time and while Cara was cleaning up she tried to press Mason for more information but he only started singing a happy tune. Cara rolled her eyes, there had to be something going on. She would find out somehow. His brother Grayson might know which meant he might have told Sara. Sara and her were meeting after work at Fuzzywhistle’s Farm so Cara would ask her. They wanted to visit Creampuff the lamb and see the new baby chicks that Fuzzywhisle had. What better way to celebrate the first day of Spring then to pet some baby chicks and sweet Creampuff.

Cara was almost ready to go when Mason called from the back, “Want the last piece of Shoo-fly pie? I will bring it out to you.”

“Sure! Thank you!” Care called back, as she shook her head. He surely was in a great mood, he couldn’t stand shoo-fly pie.

“Want more coffee too?”

“Yes, please!” Cara hoped that if a new lady was the reason for his extra cheery behavior that she stayed in town. Who knows if she makes him even happier maybe he will be telling Cara she can have an extra week of vacation and a raise in pay!

Cara was smiling at that thought as Mason came up to her and said, “Here you go.” handing her a plate with a old shoe on it! Making a face at him she said, “I should have known!” Taking the coffee from his hand she took a sip, Ahh! Salted Caramel, the best.

“Thanks for the coffee but you may keep the pie!” and Cara handed him back the plate, but threw the shoe at him. She walked out the door and saw Joshua with a silly grin on his face, holding a … she quickly jumped out of the way. and Mason who was right behind her got all the water from the bucket thrown on him. Joshua ran away laughing. He wasn’t the only one laughing though, Cara got a good chuckle out of it. Mason stood there for a moment not moving. Then Cara noticed his face growing red, and she followed his gaze to a lady that was walking towards them.

“Hi Cara, Hi Mason! Umm … did you already go swimming in the lake. I thought we were just going to have a picnic by it.” Lexi said, trying to stifle her laughter.

A smile stretched across Cara’s face. Lexi! How could she have not thought of her, she was so sweet. So she was the reason for Mason being twitterpatted today.

“Hi Lexi! So nice to see you. You know men, you just never know the predicaments they get themselves in too.” Cara started laughing as she said, “Have fun at the lake. Bye Mason, see you tomorrow. ”

Cara was beaming while walking away. Oh did she have news to share with Sara! It was turning out to be a wonderful first day of Spring, Bard and her were going out for a fine meal tonight and it appeared that Mason was smitten. Love was in the air!

62 thoughts on “Smitten in Spring!

  1. Now where did Lexi come from. I can’t quite remember.

    I figure Mason was just happy that Amanda was occupied with all that castle stuff so he could get back to his normal life. Or I guess he could have enough frequent flyer miles on that cowbell to go see her.

    First the dunk tank, now Joshua with a bucket of water. Why are you always trying to get Mason’s shirt all wet?

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Okay… I don’t feel so bad now reading through these comments. I keep having to go back and re-read previous articles to remember who’s who… I should probably take some notes. Though, I suppose it doesn’t help any that Tippy and I both wrote our own (alternate universe?) endings to one of your stories… and that I seem to miss things whenever the weather is nice.

    Looking back this time, I’d been wondering what had become of Kimberly and mysterious Molly…. though I thought Jacob had ended up in Andorra. And what about that talking bunny?

    Maybe another coffee will help? Ξ£(O_O)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Stay tuned….I will have something coming to help you. πŸ™‚

      Kimberly and Molly are doing fine. They may show up again. Wait, where is Jacob? Now you got me confused!
      The talking bunny is still Molly’s pet. Yes, you need coffee, it always helps! I believe I need some too!

      Liked by 1 person

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