A Day Like No Other!

This is the conclusion to Saturday’s post, The Foggy Magic , I hope you enjoy it! 

                                                       A Day Like No Other! 

Walking closer Jillian pinched herself to make sure she really wasn’t dreaming. Dare she go closer?  She didn’t think he had noticed her yet, he was too busy stirring whatever was in the huge pot in front of him. Smoke was billowing out of it. Was he truly a wizard? He had a wizard’s hat on his head. At least the kind of hats that Jillian had seen Wizard’s wear in movies, she had never actually met one face to face. His hat looked almost as tall as him.  Could he really work magic spells?  Hmmm … what kind of magic spell would she ask for if she got the chance? 

He turned his gaze toward Jillian when she was almost up to him. A wide smile crossed his face. “Hello! Not used to seeing other people around here, but I always enjoy company.” He lifted his spoon from the pot and sipped from the greenish orange liquid. “Ahh! Just about right.” 

What strange concoction was he making? Jillian wondered. 

“Oh, pardon me, I didn’t mean to be rude. Would you like a sip of my soup?” 

“No thank you! I’m not hungry.”  Jillian replied. Her stomach was growling, but there was no way she was taking anything from that pot. 

“That is too bad, but I guess it leaves more soup for me.” he said, lifting the spoon up again for another sip. “Perfection!” 

Jillian rubbed her eyes, looking again, now the liquid was purple! He had grabbed a bowl and was dipping soup out of the pot into the bowl. Each time he dipped the spoon into the pot the liquid was a different color. 

“What is in your soup?” 

“Chameleons of course.” he replied, and Jillian almost gagged, feeling very relieved that she hadn’t tried the soup! 

“Here, have a seat, and we can chat, while I eat.” snapping his fingers, 2 chairs appeared, much to Jillian’s astonishment. This guy really was a wizard! 

Jillian sat down on the chair, with her head all full of questions now. “How long have you lived here?” she asked. 

“Oh, I been around for a long time, many years, lost track of time. I really don’t know my age anymore. If I had a calendar that might help me figure it out, but I don’t really need to know, do I?” and he smiled at her as he cocked his head, waiting for her to respond. 

She was intrigued with this man. He seemed a little quirky, but in a fun sort of way. 

“What kind of magic can you do? Can you make anything appear with just a snap of your fingers?”  Jillian asked. 

“Well, depends what you want. Some things are more difficult than others.” He started laughing to himself. “Once I messed up with a poor animal, but she didn’t seem to mind. I wonder whatever came of her. I imagine that she is the only singing, long neck hippo around!”

Jillian started laughing now. A singing hippo, with a long neck, that would be something to see! What should she ask for? She did always want a horse for a pet, so why not give it a try. 

“I would like a horse to ride please!” 

The wizard closed his eyes as if to concentrate. He had them pinched shut awfully tight, he turned around 3x and did a cartwheel and then snapped his fingers 3x and suddenly in front of Jillian there was a …. neighing donkey! 

“Oops!” the wizard said. “Let me try again!” Meanwhile the donkey went running off.  This time he did a little twist and jumped up and down 3x and then snapped his fingers 3x and a great, big, wolf with spots appeared, making Jillian jump back. Then it  opened its mouth to howl but all that came out was a squeak like a mouse! The wolf kept squeaking as he ran into the woods. 

The poor wizard was getting flustered now,  as he started jumping around and muttering to himself. 

“No more animals, forget the horse! Its OK!” Jillian said. 

It was as if the wizard couldn’t hear her though, he just kept jumping around and muttering to himself. Jillian was beginning to think that she should go back to her canoe, for who knew what this crazy wizard may do. Then stopping suddenly, he looked directly at her. He got very close to her and she felt his eyes boring into her, making her feel slightly uneasy. Was he trying to cast a spell on her? 

“Perhaps I could make you into a horse, maybe that would work?” 

Jillian started backing away, but he was circling around her and chanting. Oh, she never should have got out of her canoe! 


“Jillian, Jillian, are you awake?” 

Jillian saw her Mom standing over her looking very concerned. “When you didn’t answer your phone I thought I would just come over, but then you wouldn’t answer your door and I got worried, for your car was still in the driveway. I can hardly breathe in here, how did you sleep? Don’t you know its really bad to breathe in fresh paint fumes for too long. You didn’t have any of your windows open, I had to shake you awake!” 

The room was still kind of spinning as Jillian tried to focus on her Mom and on what she was saying. Why was she in bed? Hadn’t she just been in her canoe and … she couldn’t remember anymore, her brain felt like it was in a fog.  Her Mom helped her out of bed and said, “Lets go, I am taking you out to breakfast, and letting your house air out for the day! What would you like to eat?” 

“A cheeseburger.” Jillian replied, grinning. 

“For breakfast? Those paint fumes really did get to you, didn’t they?” 

Once Jillian felt more balanced, and the dizziness went away she got ready to go out with her Mom. They were walking out the door when her Mom said, “Perhaps you can explain to me why you chose the colors you did for your room? Purple and orange? What were you thinking of, a chameleon?” 









19 thoughts on “A Day Like No Other!

    • Glad you enjoyed it! Didn’t think about it serving as a warning, but you have a point. 🙂
      You may have all the chameleon soup you want, but I will take the cheeseburger! See, I did give you guys some cheeseburgers, just like you asked. Hope you are full now!

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