Mason and Betsy’s Disappearance!

I know I have left you hanging with the 2 last stories that I wrote, but your curiosity will be solved with one of the stories tonight, thanks to Jason.  He wrote quite the tale, which I am sure will bring laughter. I am always glad when he writes another story from Bittersweet Creek, though poor Cara may feel differently. If you missed Part 1, here is the link to The Wacky Weekend! 

                                                                             Mason and Betsy’s Disappearance

“Hey, what is some strange cow doing in my barn?” Fuzzywhistle yelled into the kitchen.

Amanda was startled out of her dream-like state, thinking that Mason was about to ask her on a date.

Mason immediately excused himself and got up to see what was troubling his friend Mr. Fuzzywhistle. The three of them went down to the barn and sure enough there were two cows.

Mason walked over to the interloper cow to give it a good look. He was petting the cows head to try to make sure that she remained calm when he noticed the familiar cowbell the cow was wearing. Amanda became jealous of the attention that the cow was getting and was about to ask Mason to go for a romantic walk with her when the cow shook her head, ringing the cowbell and just like that Mason and the strange cow vanished from the dimly lit barn. Clarabelle, the other cow, continued to munch hay as if nothing had happened.

Later that week, Cara was trying to manage the coffee shop by herself. ‘Oh, when will that Mason be back?’ she wondered to herself ‘This place is a lot of work and I barely have any time to drink coffee and gab.’

And the coffee shop was particularly busy this week as all the ladies of the town were wondering what had happened to Mason and came in regularly to see if he had returned. Cara was running back and forth bringing desserts and coffees to the various patrons. She was hastily carrying a tray full of pies, tarts, and coffee and talking to her lady friends when she lost her footing and came crashing down to the floor. When she got back up she was covered in gooey desserts and drenched with coffee. Everyone had a good laugh and she was embarrassed but she did quite well with tips that day.

Meanwhile, in a cheese warehouse in Switzerland, Betsy and Mason faced down a gang of criminals who had been smuggling weapons in the large wheels of cheese. The bad guys had them surrounded but Betsy was undeterred; she would not tolerate dairy products being used for such nefarious purposes.

Three of the bad guys rushed Mason while three rushed Betsy. There was a whirlwind of human feet and cow hooves and soon the warehouse floor was littered with bruised and broken smugglers. Sirens could be heard just outside the door and Betsy told Mason that they had to make their exit.

“Ok, Betsy” Mason said “But before returning to Bittersweet Creek there is one stop that I’d like to make.”

The next day, a frazzled Cara was working the morning shift at the coffee shop trying to deal with the many thirsty customers. Amanda tried to help, but she mainly just got in Cara’s way. A ‘woosh’ was heard from the back room and they both went to investigate. There they found Mason holding two packages.

“Where have you been?” Cara exclaimed “I have been trying to work this coffee shop all by myself all week and am just about to collapse.”

“And what do you have in those boxes?” Amanda asked quite curiously.

“Let me explain.” Mason began “Betsy was working to bust up a smuggling ring and she needed the assistance of someone with certain martial arts skills. So, she knew that I’d be at Mr. Fuzzywhistle’s place and she met me there to take me on her mission. That cowbell of hers is quite a useful tool. Lucky for her she got it back from that crazy woman at the inn.”

Mason then handed a package to Amanda and said “I picked up a box of some fine Swiss chocolates for you on my trip.”

Amanda began blushing and didn’t know what to say but Cara immediately asked about the other box thinking that it must be something for her. “is the other box for me?” she asked.

“Um, no. This is nothing really just some supplies.” Mason stuttered out.

“Oh, let me see what it is.” Cara said as she grabbed the box and opened it. She immediately began laughing and Mason began blushing after she opened the box and pulled out several bottles of fancy French hair conditioner.




42 thoughts on “Mason and Betsy’s Disappearance!

  1. It appears Mason has been smitten with Amanda. Chocolates might get him to first base. The fancy French hair stuff, to second. But Amanda owns a castle, so poor ol’ Mason might have to go out and slay a dragon if he wants anymore bases.

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