The Wacky Weekend!

Cara was so happy being with Creampuff again. Such a sweet lamb, Amanda fell in love with her too. They were eating a mid afternoon snack under the shade tree, watching Creampuff frolic around in the long grass.

Sarah was in the barn milking Clarabelle. She didn’t think she would be too long.

“This is so nice to be here with you all this weekend.” Amanda said, while drinking freshly squeezed lemonade. “So relaxing!”

“You are welcome here anytime, Sarah and I love having you and I happen to think that there is a certain someone else glad you came. Even if he did run off to the woods!”

Amanda’s eyes gleamed. “Do you really think so? Or am I holding onto false hope? I keep going back and forth in my head. Somedays its “No, he’s not the guy for me, but then I picture his dazzling good looks and I melt! I want to run my hands through his chestnut brown hair. Whatever mousse he uses to style it works perfectly.”

Cara didn’t say a word, she only gtinned from ear to ear. Her plan for Mason and Amanda was coming together. She knew there was something special about Amanda when she had met her.

“Oh girl, you all hooked! Its written all over your face. Mason is a good guy, besides the fact that he drinks black coffee!”

Suddenly they heard Sarah yell. Their faces quickly lost their smiles as they went running to see what was wrong.

The sight that met them had them speechless at first. The milking stool was knocked over and Sarah was sitting in the watering trough with her legs up in the air! Sarah was trying to get up but kept slipping back in. Amanda and Cara couldn’t help but laugh.

Finally Sarah made it up and said, ‘Thanks ladies, I will remember this! You can milk Clarabelle tonight Cara, or maybe you would rather take a ride on her again.” Sarah gave Cara a sly smile as Cara blushed, remembering that day, and Mason’s prank.

“Why don’t we all go into town for a little. I haven’t been to Horace’s candy shoppe for awhile and he has the best candy! Then maybe we can take the candy to the theater and catch a movie.”

Sarah looked at Cara and said, “Yes, they are showing Mama Mia 2. I think.” They all agreed that sounded like fun and headed to the farmhouse to get ready.

“Wonder how the guys are doing on their campout. That was nice that Bard joined them Cara.”

“Yes, it was a nice surprise that he got the weekend off from work unexpectedly. I am sure they are having a good time. What could possibly go wrong?”

“What were you thinking standing up in the canoe?” Tippner said to Mason as they splashed around in the water trying to get back in the canoe.

“I wanted to take a picture of the deer! I got excited and kind of forgot I was in a canoe. At least my camera is watetproof! Glad I invested in one. Don’t worry you will dry out too, Tippner. We just need to lay our wet clothes in the sun. They will dry in no time.”

“I sure hope Bard and Fuzzywhistle have lunch ready. They were out catching fish early this morning.” Tippner said, once they got back in the boat and were rowing towards land.

“This is ummm… quite crispy,” said Mason eating some fish tbat was very black.

“Best way to eat fish.” Fuzzywhistle said, as the others watched Fuzzywhistle gobble his fish down.

Mason ate slowly, letting his thoughts wander. He had tried telling himself that he wasn’t interested in Amanda, but seeing her again arose feelings that he didn’t know he had.

“Hey dreamer, you thinking of a certain young lady?” Tippner asked with a smile. They had enjoyed teasing him good naturedly about her.

“She does seem like a real nice lady, of course she can’t beat my sweet Cara though. If only she wasn’t so hooked on those sweet coffees, just the smell of them gags me.”

The girls had loved seeing the movie again and were singing in the car on the way back to Fuzzywhistle’s farm. Cara may have been singing extra loud due to possibly a little sugar high.

They arrived back at the farm and Creampuff was at the fence eager to greet them. After being with her for a little, Cara said she would go into the barn and milk Clarabelle.

Sarah and Amanda were chatting in the farmhouse when they heard the screen door shut. “Well that was a quick job of milking…Cara whats wrong?”

Cara looked very confused and a little pale. “Either I am going crazy or there are 2 cows in the barn!”

“2??!” Amanda and Sarah said in unison. They all walked back to the barn and sure enough there was another cow there! They all could only stare as the new cow stared back. There was something deep about the cow’s eyes. Looked like she was looking right through you! This did not seem like an ordinary cow.

Back in the farmhouse they agreed that they would let old man Fuzzywhistle deal with the extra cow. They locked her in the barn along with Clarabelle and Creampuff, for it had started raining.

About a hour later the front door opened and the girls heard the guys talking.

“Back early! Guess the campout didn’t go well.” Cara said, as they all walked out to see them.

The girls couldn’t hold back the laughter at seeing 4 drowned rats!

“Don’t say a word, the tents may have leaked!” Tippner said.

“Sorry!” said Amanda, let me make you some hot coffee.

“You can have some Coconut Cream pie too.” Sarah added.

“You just may want to get out of your wet clothes first.” Cara said, still laughing.

Bard walked over to her giving her a wet hug as she yelled.

“You think this is all funny, don’t you.” and he tickled her in the ribs until she said she slid out of his grip.

Soon they all were enjoying pie and coffee and conversation. Then Mason and Amanda suddenly realized that they were alone. They had said goodbye to the others not thinking about them all leaving, for they had got engrossed in their own conversation.

Mason gathered up his courage and said, “Amanda, what would you think about…”

“Hey, what is some strange cow doing in my barn?” Fuzzywhistle yelled into the kitchen.

37 thoughts on “The Wacky Weekend!

  1. “Amanda, what would you think about . . . being in my Friend Zone.” Jason was starting to say, before Fuzzywhistle rudely interrupted.

    Amanda felt excited, because she thought Mason was going to ask her out on a date. But then there was this stupid cow they had to deal with. Oh well, maybe later.

    Mason realized he was somehow getting roped into something, so he quickly jumped up to help Fuzzywhistle rope the new cow. But Amanda followed him, intent upon setting up a date, even if she had to ask first.

    Mason was petting Betsy when Amanda walked into the barn. Amanda looked directly at Mason, and said, “Mason, I have something to ask you. Would you like to go out on a . . .” Suddenly Betsy shook her head, her cowbell rang loudly, and both Mason and the cow disappeared.

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