Tuesday’s Thoughts!


Happy March! Spring is on the way, thought is surely doesn’t feel like it today! Its sunny out, but cold and the wind makes it feel colder. At least I am home now and cozy, as I listen to the Greatest Showman soundtrack. Love the songs and haven’t listened to it in quite awhile. “A Million Dreams” is one of my favorites from the soundtrack. What is one of your dreams?  Sit back, take a little time to dream and enjoy the quotes! Have a wonderful day! 





43 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

    • So glad it touched you. I feel that so many hurt because of worrying about what others think of them. And when its family members that you don’t feel accepted by that can make the pain even sharper. I am sorry you have dealt with this.

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      • Thank you! (I think.)
        I was reading that link (rather slowly). It’s actually quite interesting. Higuchi Maya-sama gets 60/hr for gold work, and the lead time is up to 3-months! After learning how to do lacquer in college, she spent ten years as an apprentice. Just making the lacquer is a big process. I’m thinking I might write something about Japanese lacquer… I didn’t know about a lot of what she wrote. Always new things to learn about!

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