Love on a Train

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The cold air blew in against her bare arms and legs. Gracie reached for her blanket to pull it over her but she couldn’t get it. Where did it go?

Groggily she opened her eyes and saw that there was no blanket and she wasn’t in her bed! She shivered in ber shorts and t-shirt. Wrapping her arms around herself she sat up and stared in wide eye wonder!

Whatever was she doing on a train and how did she get here? The floor creaked as Gracie walked towards the door of the train, Why were there rose petals on the floor? What were cardboard signs doing on the seats? There were names of places on them, and Gracie had been to all the places on her cross country train trip, but… things just didn’t make sense.

She hoped that fresh air would help to clear her head so that she could piece together what happened. First though she had to get out of this tunnel. Strangely she noticed lots of different flower petals in the tunnel too, like on the train.

Memories of last night started vaguely coming to her mind as she kept walking.

She had been enjoying a nice quiet night at home watching Grey’s Anatomy and dreaming of her boyfriend. They had been dating for a year now and she was walking on clouds most of the time!

Dreaming of becoming a Mrs. was something she did frequently. Oh, it had been the best decision of her life to take a train across the country for a sight seeing trip. It turned out that the best sight of all was the handsome guy across the aisle.

She found herself smiling at the memory of meeting Austin and the fun they had on that train trip. But she shook her head, she had to concentrate on last night.

Her friends had surprised her with an impromptu sleepover, they had brought food and drinks and ended up having a fun-filled night of conversation and laughter.

That was all she remembered and it still didn’t explain why she was on this old, abandoned train. Fortunately she only had a few steps to go until she was out of the tunnel, she saw the light ahead.

Stepping out into the sunlight she screamed as someone grabbed her from behind.

“About time you wake up, beautiful!”

Gracie whirled around looking at her captor. “Austin! What are you…”

Her hand covered her mouth and tears stung her eyes as she watched Austin getting down on one knee.

Her heart was ready to burst with happiness. The roses and other flowers strewn in the tunnel, the names of places on the cardboard signs, it all made sense now!

Gracie felt like she was floating in the air as she wrapped her arms around Austin’s neck. Kissing him passionately she only stopped to take a breath and say, “Yes, A thousand times Yes!”

49 thoughts on “Love on a Train

  1. Now there’s a unique way to propose marriage. Slip your girlfriend a rufie, put her on an old, abandoned train, which is probably occupied by hoboes and stewbums, and when she wakes up, scare the living hell out of her, before dropping to your knees and proffering the ring. The one thing that surprises me is that she said yes. She must be into some really weird stuff.

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  2. are we to assume that he asked her to marry him, because nowhere is that stated.

    He got down on one knee, and then she assumed that he must have been asking her to marry him. But maybe he wasn’t. Maybe the sound of the train drowned out what he was really saying. Perhaps he was going to beg for her forgiveness because he decided to break up with her and move as far away as possible. and he had no meant to be on the train when she woke up, but he missed his stop…

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    • Oh gosh, you are a romance sabatoger too I see! First Austin is accused of being a serial killer and now this which I guess is a tad better!
      BUT this train was abandoned sooo he did not exactly miss his stop for the train wasn’t moving!

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    • Hahaha! I can’t be responsible for my imagination! The story started out differently in my head. Then it just changed. I wouldn’t advise scaring the girl right before you propose BUT…hey, it worked for Austin! πŸ™‚


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