The Sweet Talking Peddler

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Every Monday around 1pm she could count on seeing him. She looked at the clock, it was 5 minutes til 1.

She heard the sound of a wagon, looking out the window she saw that it was Antonio. Anxiously she waited for him to come to the window. She took a deep breath telling herself to stand strong and be firm. “Lynette you can do this!” she said outloud, trying to believe it.

Lynette was telling him No this time. She could not keep buying all the little trinkets he sold from his wagon. Her house was full of them. An egg maker, all kinds of different shaped tins, a jewelry box, rolling pins, cookie cutters, little lamps and more.

He would sweet talk her each time into buying something, but she would be firm this time. Her hands grew sweaty as she watched him walking towards her window.

“Hello, my beautiful lady!” he bowed down. taking her right hand, to kiss it. Then he gave her a red rose and started quoting Shakespeare.

Lynette’s cheeks flushed but she looked directly into his hazel eyes and said, “Not today Antonio, I can’t keep buying from you every week. My kitchen is full of gadgets! You probably charm all the ladies out of their money, don’t you!”

Antonio put his hand on his heart. “Oh, you hurt Antonio with your words. There is no lady fairer than you!”

Lynette rolled her eyes but she kept hold of his hand.

“Antonio will show you how generous he is. Let me give you a gift. I will be right back.” Letting go of her hand he walked to his wagon and came back carrying a tiny little box, with a bow on top.

“Here m’lady, wrapped with a bow just for you, and its Free! I also have 2 decorative jars, just think of what you could put in them.”

“The tiny gift wrapped box is all I want, thank you!”

“But the jars come with the box. You buy the jars you get the box for free.” Antonio said with a dazzling smile.

Oh, Lynette really did wonder what was in the cute gift wrapped box with a pink bow. She sighed, “Ok Antonio, I will buy the 2 jars.”

Antonio grabbed her hand, planting another kiss on it. “You have made me so happy! Have another rose.” He tenderly put one in her hair behind her ear.

Giving her the 2 jars and the tiny box he bid her adieu and traveled back down the dusty road.

Lynette sat down at the kitchen table staring at the gift wrapped box. What treasure did it hold? Perhaps a beautiful broach. She carefully unwrapped it and peered inside.

Disappointment was written all over her face as she pulled the object out. A shiny cowbell! What was she supposed to do with that! She threw it in her kitchen drawer, oh just wait til Antonio came back next week, she had a gift to give him!

28 thoughts on “The Sweet Talking Peddler

  1. Wait a second, I thought Lawrence the Magician had the cowbell. Where did this Antonio guy come from? And what happened to all the rabbits? Did the other half of your brain write this post? You and your sister really need to coordinate things with each other.

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