The Magic of Happiness!

The following story is continued from Monday’s post, Love without Words . I get inspirations from lots of different things for my stories. Sometimes by pictures, which is how I wrote Monday’s post and sometimes by suggestions made by my “followers”. Thank you to some of my “followers”, who inspired some of the ideas weaved into the following story. 


A few weeks has passed and Lawrence was still scratching his head. feeling very perplexed! One minute he was practicing his magic show with his white bunnies and the next minute they were all gone and they hadn’t returned. Where did they vanish to? It had taken him a long time to train those bunnies, he was greatly fond of them and he missed them. They were his pets. Each day he awakened with the hope that maybe today would be the day that they returned, but each night he felt the sting of disappointment. His house felt emptier without the cute balls of white fluff running around. 

He guessed that he never should have gone to the park to practice, but he thought he would let his bunnies run around some in the thick emerald green grass. He never dreamed that they would disappear into thin air. It was no magic trick of his this time, they were really gone. Lawrence had lost his bunnies and he didn’t know where to find them. 

“You know that really wasn’t nice of us to leave Lawrence like we did?” said Toffee. 

“Well how exactly were we going to explain to him that we had to leave for a temporary time? He would have fainted as soon as we spoke one word, and he surely wouldn’t believe that we are Easter bunnies. That needed to leave to get all the eggs ready for Easter.” replied Caramel, the head bunny. 

The other bunnies murmured in agreement. “I still feel sorry for him though”, said Toffee, the tender hearted bunny. 

Caramel spoke up, “Well you have to stop thinking of Lawrence right now, for we have another problem. We have Molly to think about now. Whose bright idea was it to work our magic in having us come to her aid? We are supposed to be in the Honey Breeze Woods right now working on eggs.” 

No one spoke up, and then Toffee felt everyone’s eyes on her. “I couldn’t let her be all alone! She had been abandoned, she didn’t have anyone. The vision came to me of the car dropping her off by the side of the road, and I knew we had to do something.”

The bunnies were silent, they all knew that Toffee had a special gift of seeing visions at times, and they couldn’t deny that Molly was a sweet, little girl. 

Finally Caramel spoke up, “I understand, and you were right to make the choice that you did, but what do we do now? She loves us, so she would be sad if we leave, but she does seem to be in good hands with Detective Kimberly. 

Before anyone could say a word, Molly and Kimberly walked into Molly’s bedroom. It was time for her nap. The bunnies all gathered around her on her bed and they knew that for now they had to be quiet. They would talk later, when the humans weren’t listening. 

Kimberly grabbed a book and went to sit down for a little bit of quiet time, but after a few chapters she closed it. She couldn’t keep her mind from wondering about Molly. Kimberly had contacted Jacob, to help her find where Molly might have come from, but so far he wasn’t having any luck either. It was like she had just dropped out of the sky. Kimberly wondered more and more if she had been abandoned due to not talking. That maybe she really couldn’t talk and that sadly her parents didn’t want her. She hated to think that, but she knew that it was possible. Some people had no heart! It made her sad for Molly but it also gave her hope that if that was true, that Kimberly could adopt her. Each day that went by she found herself secretly starting to hope that they didn’t find who Molly belonged too. Kimberly wanted Molly as her daughter. A daughter that she thought she would never have. 

Kimberly looked out the window as she thought about the past years, and what had happened in her life. The memory of that fateful day from 3 years ago came back to her. The day she received the horrible news from her Doctor, that she would never be able to have children of her own. Where once she had dreamed of marriage she didn’t anymore. She became more isolated, afraid to date, and fall in love, only to be possibly dumped by the guy when he would find out that she couldn’t have children. Yes, she could adopt and she would be open to that, but she knew that not everyone felt the same about adoption. She didn’t want to risk the battle about it with a guy. So she closed herself off to long term relationships, and was doing pretty good on her own. That is, until sweet Molly came along.  Having Molly had opened up a part of her heart that had been closed off and Kimberly didn’t want to lock it up again. 

Hearing the door open Kimberly looked down the hall. Molly was coming out of her room holding her blanket in one hand and rubbing her eyes with her tiny little fist. Kimberly’s heart melted at the sight of the sleepy-eyed girl with her tousled hair. Opening up her arms, Molly came and crawled up on Kimberly’s lap and they snuggled for a bit. 

The phone rang and Kimberly picked it up, it was Jacob. Kimberly’s heart gave a little lurch, did he have news?

“Hi Kimberly! I still don’t have any news for you but I was wondering if you and Molly would like to join me for some pizza and ice cream tonight?” 

Kimberly smiled as her heart relaxed. It had been good to renew her acquaintance with Jacob again. He was becoming a good friend. 

“Sure, sounds great, what time?” she replied. 

“I will pick you girls up at 6 in my pumpkin carriage, but we have to be back by midnight.” 

Kimberly laughed. “I think it will be way past a little girl’s bedtime by midnight. We will see you at 6.” she said and they talked a little more and then both said goodbye. 

Molly crawled off Kimberly’s lap and started getting out some of her toys from the toy chest. Kimberly watched her and tried to tell herself to breathe and just take one day at a time, but she prayed that one day Molly would be her little girl. 

Once Kimberly and Molly had left the house the bunnies started talking again. “I say we do it now.” said Strawberry. 

“But she will be so sad,” said Toffee. 

Carmel looked at Toffee, “I know, but we really need to get to the woods for think of how many little girls and boys will be disappointed if we don’t get their eggs to them in time.” 

Toffee hung her head, she knew Carmel was right. “Okay, but I will miss her.” she replied, with a soft voice. 

Months passed and Kimberly’s heart was full. They had tried very hard to locate Molly’s parents, but no one had been found. A date was set in court now for Kimberly to legally adopt Molly and she could not be happier. Molly still didn’t talk, but Kimberly had her seeing a speech therapist to see if that would help at all. Molly was also now under the care of a well recommended pediatrician. He was so good with Molly and Kimberly was glad she had found him. 

Molly sat on her bed petting her white bunny. Oh how she loved her. She had been really sad when all her bunnies had disappeared. They had come home to their front door open and the bunnies gone. Molly was devastated and then she saw her. One little white bunny was buried under the covers on Molly’s bed. Molly threw the covers off of her and the bunny came right to her. She was so happy and every night she slept with her little arm around her precious bunny. 

Lawrence was in the park once again with his bunnies. He was still in shock at how they had just showed up one day. He had been sitting on the park bench wondering what he would do now. He decided that maybe he would stop being a magician for he didn’t have the heart to train more bunnies and then suddenly his bunnies were smack dab in front of him! All of them! Well, he thought it was all of them, after counting he realized one was missing. That was okay though, he was beyond grateful that the rest were back.  

They had all seemed happy to see Lawrence again and there were many snuggles given to each bunny. His house was a happy place again as they ran around. Now he was letting them run in the park once more, enjoying the clear blue skies on a warm, spring day. He was watching them scamper and hop around on the grass when something in the grass caught his eye. It looked like it was something silver, he thought, while walking over to it. He picked it up. What was a silver cowbell doing in a park? Hmmm … he stuck it in his pocket, wondering if perhaps there was a way that he could incorporate it into his magic show. One just never knew what you could do with a bell. 





46 thoughts on “The Magic of Happiness!

  1. Oh my god Lawrence you’ll end up pulling out a cow from your hat if you use that bell! 🤣

    And gosh! I want revenge! Whoever is those heartless jerks who abandoned sweet Molly don’t deserve her. I vote for Kimberly to be her legal mom! 😫

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hahaha about Lawrence pulling a cow out of his hat, that may be hard to do! 🙂

      Yes, fortunately this is a fictional story about Molly. For any parent to do that is awful, though in reality like Kimberly said, there are those out there who would do it! Heartbreaking!

      Liked by 1 person

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