Another Way to Fish

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Colleen sighed with contentment. This morning was starting out so well. The sky was a brilliant aqua blue and the weather was nice, as she enjoyed her morning run.

Her plans for the day had involved painting her kitchen and living room, but as she ran, she decided that she wanted to stay outside this morning. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bagels with strawberry cream cheese, she headed down to the lake.

Her face brightened seeing the pretty bird sitting on the “No Fishing” sign, singing its little heart out.

Colleen was glad to see no one sitting on the wrought iron bench. She sat down on it and enjoyed being still.

Soaking in the moment, she let her thoughts wonder. She remembered that she wanted to bake a lemon meringue pie for her new neighbor today. The moving truck had been there last night when she got home from work but it was gone this morning. She didn’t know if a family had moved in or only one person, she hoped to make them feel welcome.

Caught up in the story her heart jumped a little hearing someone nearby, breathing hard. Lifting her head she saw a tall guy with short blonde hair, bending over with his hands on bis legs.

After a few moments he raised up and smiled at Colleen. She was slightly embarrassed but gave a small smile and then quickly looked back at her book. She could feel his eyes still watching her as she re-read the first line 3x. Finally to her relief he started running again, around the lake.

Colleen went back to reading but found herself glancing up every so often looking out towards the lake. She came down to the lake often but did not recall having ever seen this guy here before. She put her book down as she wondered if he came to the lake every morning at this time. Usually she came later.

Seeing him come her way she quickly picked up the book again and started to read.

He stopped right in front of her. Should she look up or keep reading? She couldn’t focus on the words. The letters were jumbled. A few minutes passed and then she felt him taking the book out of her hands! What was he doing?

“Hey!” She said a little indignantly.

He was smiling as he handed her back the book. He had a look of amusement on his face. “I was just turning the book around for you. Thought it might be easier to read it if it wasn’t upside down!

Colleen felf her cheeks burning.

“Hi! My name is Colby.” He put out his hand and Colleen shook it, knowing for sure that her cheeks must be a blooming rosy pink color.

“Hi!” she said shyly. “I am Colleen.”

They stared at each other for a little and then he spoke again. “I am new to the neighborhood, just arrived last night. Have so many boxes to unpack but felt like getting outside this morning.”

Colleen’s heart began to race a little. Was this her new neighbor?

“Welcome! I hope you like it here.”she said, when she found her voice.

“Thank you, I think I will,” Colby replied, giving her a wink. “Do you come here often?” he asked.

“I do, its so nice and peaceful here.”

“Well, I hope to see you again then. Have a great day!” he said, and he started walking away.

Colleen watched him, thinking how glad she was that she didn’t stay home painting today. She picked up her book to read again,but couldn’t concentrate.

Standing up, she started for home, she had a pie to bake. Walking past the “No fishing” sign she laughed a little. Sometimes you didn’t need a fishing pole to catch a fish. Sometimes all that was needed was only a fresh, homemade pie.

73 thoughts on “Another Way to Fish

  1. Unfortunately, she put her pie recipe book upside down and ended up baking all of the ingredients before combining them. It was a terrible mess, but she gave it to Colby any way. He coughed and gagged but got a bite down so as not to be rude. He then decided not to unpack all of these boxes.

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  2. Did you know that the bird perched on the sign is called a Kingfisher? I think whoever took that photo had a sense of humor.

    And the story was funny, also. Colleen seems moonstruck by this poor guy, and now I suspect he’s going to have a food-stalker on his hands.

    Food-stalkers cook up dishes and bring them to the doors of single men, hoping they’ll be invited in. Meanwhile, the poor men have no idea what sort of kitchen hygiene is practiced by their stalkers. And given that she was reading a book upside-down, poor Colby will have good reason to be suspicious of every morsel she delivers to his front door.

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  3. winking at someone you just meant – seems a little aggressive and a bit cocky. not sure I like this guy, seems a little full of himself.

    and could you explain to me how you catch a fish with a pie, or are you being metaphorical, while at the same time comparing this guy to a fish?

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