The Mystery Guest

“A penny for your thoughts?” said Lisette as she sat down at the kitchen table with Amanda.

Amanda was stirring her coffee around and around with a spoon, staring straight ahead. She looked at Lisette and said, “i could give you a millon pennies for all the thoughts circling in my head right now!”

Lisette reached over and took her hand. “I believe that. You received a great shock! Give yourself time to process it all.”

Yes, she was totally in shock. One day, she had no idea what her future held, what her next step would be. Then the next day she finds out that she is a heiress to a castle! Her grandparents castle! Grandparents that she barely knew!

Grandparents that she barely knew, but ones who never stopped thinking of her! Her heart was overwhelmed with love.

Many times she had felt so alone in the world, especially after her Mom had died. They had moved around so much that it had been hard to build real friendships. Now she had grandparents who were longing to meet her.

Amanda had met with Jacob, the private investigator, a week after receiving his letter. He had filled her in on many details. He also had handed her a letter from her grandparents talking about the memories they had of her and how they have always loved Amanda and her Mom.

Jacob said he would give them the sad news of Gwen’s death, he didn’t want to put that burden on Amanda. He was a very compassionate man, which Amanda was grateful for!

They sat at the table in silence for awhile until Lisette spoke. “I have an idea. I think you need to get away for a little bit. We need to take a little trip and I know the perfect place.”

Amanda stopped stirring the spoon in her empty cup. “Where?” she asked.

“Meet me at the car and I will tell you on the way.” Lisette replied, smiling.

What is she up to, wondered Amanda, watching Lisette walk away. She did feel a quiver of excitement. It would be fun to get away and give her mind an escape for awhile from the excitement of the past week.

Amanda was standing by the car waiting on Lisette. It wasn’t long before she came out. There had been a last minute phone call she had to make.

“Lets hit the road!” she said, and soon they were heading out of town.

Meanwhile in the town of Bittersweet Creek, Cara was feeling very happy.

The coffee shop was very busy as it was Valentine’s Day and people were coming to have the special of the day. Cherry Chocolate Latte.

Cara had decorated each table nicely with a cinnamon scented heart shaped candle. There was also a small vase of red carnations and baby’s breath in the middle of the table.

Mason had rolled his eyes, but he had to admit it did make the coffee shop look very nice. Why people wanted Cherry Chocolate Lattes though was something he couldn’t figure out.

“You look suspiciously happy today.” Mason said when Cara came back to the kitchen.

Cara’s eyes brightened. “Do you have plans tonight?” she asked.

He thought of how he was planning to stretch out on the couch with a cold drink. Yes, his schedule was full, but in a moment of not thinking clearly he told Cara no.

“Great!” She clapped her hands together. Meet us tonight at Captain Joe’s Seafood Restaurant at 7.” she said.

“Who all will be there?”

“You will see.” she replied with a gleam in her eye. Then she turned and walked out of the kitchen.

Oh what had he got himself into now! Lost in thought he almost smacked his head when walking towards the door. He had to go refill the register, Cara had said she needed more single dollar bills.

Throughout the day Mason’s interest was growing on who he was meeting at the restaurant. Cara did tell him that she and Bard would be there but her lips were sealed about the other guests.

“Here we are”, said Lisette, pulling into Captain Joe’s Seafood Restaurant. Amanda was looking forward to seeing Cara and Sarah again. She thought it was a perfect idea that Lisette had. Then she saw Mason and looked at Lisette, who had a guilty expression on her face.

“I should have known you were up to something.” Amanda said, shaking her head and blushing.

Mason was a nice guy, but she had just inherited a castle. She didn’t need a guy to complicate things! Tonight would be fun, but no, she wasn’t going to let herself fall for him.

“He isn’t bad on the eyes,” said Lisette as they walked into the restaurant.

“Jacob is handsome too.” Amanda replied with a smirk.

At 10 pm Mason pulled into his driveway. The night had gone surprisingly well. When he first had seen Lisette and Amanda walk into the restaurant he almost threw something at Cara who was grinning ear to ear. He knew exactly what she was trying to do. He had been set up again. He was pretty sure it wouldn’t work though!

Amanda was nice enough, but she was a heiress to a castle now, would she really be interested in him?

He turned on the TV to distract himself from thinking of her. Oh if he fell for her, Cara would be as proud as a peacock. Smacking his head down on a pillow he stretched out on the couch. Women! They complicated everything!

58 thoughts on “The Mystery Guest

  1. Seems Mason is in a pickle. But Amanda is too rich to need a man, now, so he doesn’t have to worry. It’s Lisette that will be the problem. She’s going to start stalking him, and he’s going to need a restraining order.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your words of affirmation about my stories.
      Are you sure you don’t want a Cherry Chocolate Latte? 😉 I guess you would agree with Jason, who says I like “candy coffee!” Sad that you guys don’t have better taste buds.

      Liked by 1 person

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