The Surprise Letter

The following story is the 2nd part to my story from last Saturday’s post, The Inheritance!

Jacob had been burning the midnight oil in trying to find Lady Tatiana’s daughter and granddaughter. Everytime he thought he had a lead, it only led to a dead end. 

Time would tell if this new lead that he had found a few weeks ago would turn out to be anything

He thought back to the details about the lead. Who knew that stopping at Mcdonalds would have turned out to be such a great decision.

That Wednesday morning he had been upset when he realized his coffeemaker was broken. He decided he would stop at McDonald’s on the way to the office.

Usually he would go through drive thru but he decided to go inside and sit for a bit before his busy day started.

He went inside and within a few minutes had a black coffee and a Egg McMuffin with a yogurt parfait. It was hard for him to stomach the black coffee but he knew it was healthier without the cream. He took a few gulps and then asked for cream to try to get the after taste out of his mouth, perhaps another day he would try.

There was a newspaper on the table and a headline caught his eye. A smuggling ring had been busted. He was intrigued that the smugglers had used a popular toy, Mr. Potato Head, to smuggle the jewels. Who would have thought? That wasn’t the most intriguing thing though.

Jacob had blinked his eyes upon seeing the  name Amanda in the article. Then gasped with surprise when he read her last name. She had the same last name as the Amanda he was looking for. Was it her? Hope surged through him as it appeared that he might have turned over the right stone without even trying!

Relief spread through him when reading that she had been cleared of any charges. That she really hadn’t known what was in the packages her employer was having her deliver.

Jacob would have hated to have to inform her grandparents that the sweet granddaughter they remembered was part of a smuggling ring. Amanda had witnessed against her employer in court and all was behind her now. She was wanting to start anew the article had said. That was one problem, Jacob had no idea where she was headed to start over.

Amanda was relaxing with a book in the sitting room at the Inn. She loved the big picture windows that were in there. The sunlight poured through them brightening up the room.

She felt more contentment then she had felt in a long time. It wasn’t that she really had any answers yet about her future, but her worry about it had faded.

Lisette had become a great friend and had assured her that she was welcome to stay for as long as she needed too.

Putting her bookmark in her book she closed it and looked out the window, thinking.

Her mind went back in time. Back to when her Mom was still alive. There had been so many questions that she had for her Mom, questions still left unanswered.

Her Mom had never answered her questions about her Dad. At first Amanda had let it go. She was happy with it just being her Mom and her, but as time went by she grew more curious. What had he been like? Had he and her Mom really loved each other? Why had her Mom refused to talk about him?

Amanda wished that somehow she could find information on him. Then she remembered the many journals her Mom had.

After her Mom died she had put the journals in her cedar chest. She had been tempted to read them, but felt uneasy. They held her Mom’s private thoughts. Perhaps now though was the time. Maybe they held the answers to the questions that plaqued her.

“Amanda!” Lisette’s voice broke into Amanda’s thoughts.

Amanda walked out of the room and met Lisette coming towards her. She had mail in her hand.

“This letter is for you.” Lisette said, handing her a long white business envelope.

Amanda had the post office forwarding her mail to the Inn, not knowing how long she would be here. She wondered who the letter was from, as she took the envelope from Lisette.

Her face registered shock when looking at the return address. Jacob Klasko, Private Detective.

Why would a private detective be contacting her?

(To be continued…)

42 thoughts on “The Surprise Letter

  1. This good news will come none too soon for poor Amanda. She has no money, and is staying at the Inn free, due to Lisette’s charitable ways. But Lisette can only go so far with charity. She has to make a living too, you know, and has been secretly plotting how she can diplomatically boot Amanda out of her place of business.

    But now Amanda is on the cusp of discovering that she has rich grandparents who own a many-roomed castle. There’ll be plenty of space for her there, to freeload off her relatives. All she has to do is contact this private eye. I only hope she makes the smart decision, or she shall soon be homeless.

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  2. Hmmm… In Japan, when somebody knocks on your door to tell you that you’ve inherited a castle, it usually means they want the back taxes on the worthless fixer-upper farmhouse in some depopulated countryside town. They even have a name for all these big, empty and unclaimed houses now dotting the country, ” akiya” (空き家), translating as “free house”.

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