When Duty Calls

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The blurred numbers were slowly coming into focus. He rubbed his eyes, trying to wake up. The clock said 7am. He had slept a solid 12 hours! No wonder his stomach was growling.

He knew jet lag would be bad but he had always wanted to visit Australia. After he finished a case that he had been on for 2 months, his boss told him that he had earned a well deserved vacation.Β  He didn’t have to think twice of where he would go! The Land of Koalas was calling his name.

After taking a shower Patrick felt alive and ready to explore. He ordered room service and enjoyed a hearty breakfast. Whistling Patrick walked out of the hotel, ready to see what the day would bring.

One of the places he wanted to visit the most was Kangaroo Island. He had made sure to have his hotel close to there, for he thought he would visit it more than once.

Soon he was on a bus headed there. He laid his head back on the seat, catching a few more winks before arriving at Kangaroo Island.

After a 30 minute ride, the bus stopped.. They had reached the island. It wasn’t long until Patrick saw some kangaroos, he was delighted.

He thought of Kanga and Roo, the friends of Pooh Bear. Patrick had loved the adventures of Pooh Bear when he was a child. In fact he still had his stuffed bear that he called Pooh.

Patrick might be a tough FBI agent, but he had a sentimental side too, that not too many people knew about.

Awh! That was too cute for words, he had spotted a sleeping Koala in a tree. He quickly grabbed his camera snapping a few shots. His Mom would love these pictures.

What a relaxing day it had been, being surrounded by wildlife. Earlier he had thought about catching a show at the famous Sydney Opera House this evening, but now he decided he would save that for anotber day.

He was feeling sleepy on the bus ride back to the hotel. The thought of ordering room service again and relaxing in his suite appealed to him. He had plenty of time for sightseeing, it was a 2 week vacation. Today he would catch up on his sleep.

Back at the hotel he was finishing up a great steak dinner when his cell phone rang. Looking at the caller ID he saw that it was his boss. Patrick answered it.

“Hi Ed! This vacation was a great idea! Went to Kangaroo Island and … what do you mean there is a problem?” Patrick said, feeling his heart sinking.

“I am so sorry Patrick, you know I wouldn’t bother you unless it was really important! But I need you to cut your vacation short.” his boss said.

Patrick sighed heavily. This couldn’t be happening again! He had the worst luck when it came to taking vacations!

“How soon do you need me back?”

There was silence on the other end, and then he heard his boss softly say, “In 2 days.”

Patrick almost dropped the phone.

“Its a high profile case, we need the best and that is you!” Ed said.

After briefing him on the case Patrick agreed to come back. His boss profusely apologized, promising him 3 weeks vacation.

Patrick stared at the phone after saying goodbye. Some days he really missed the old phones that you could slam down when hanging them up. Felt much more satisfying than just pushing a button.

After calling the airport and changimg his return ticket he buried himself under the soft covers. At least he got to see Kangaroos and Koalas.

He shook bis head, next time he was going to the most remote place he could think of. A place with no cell phone reception, where his boss couldn’t get hold of him. Closing his eyes, he was asleep within minutes.

45 thoughts on “When Duty Calls

  1. The problem for Patrick is that he works for the FBI. They can find any man, at any time, no matter where he goes on vacation. But all will work out. As soon as he gets back home, he’ll find that the person they’re searching for has fled to Australia (or so he will say). And so he’ll get to return, on a working vacation, and visit more koala bears.

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