The Inheritance!

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Jacob stood awestruck in front of the castle. He was mesmerized by the reflection in the water and the glow on the castle.

While he was standing there the doors to the castle opened and Lady Tatiana invited him in.

“Welcome! Thank you so much for coming.”

“I am very glad to offer my services. This is the first time I have ever been to a castle, its stunning!” Jacob said.

“Thank you, it has been in our family for generations. At one time this castle was full of activity and people. Now it is only Sir Nicholas and I, along with our faithful cook and chauffeur.”

Jacob followed her through the long hallway and the twists and turns that it took. She was pointing out the portraits on the wall, explaining who they were. Sharing the family history as she walked.

She was talking a mile a minute as Jacob tried his hardest to catch everything that she was saying. What was it about woman that made them talk so fast?

They made another turn and Jacob saw a portrait of a lovely lady with a little girl. Lady Tatiana stopped in front of it and she was quiet, not saying a word. She just stared at the portrait with a wistful expression on her face.

Jacob wasn’t sure what to do, so he said nothing. The silence now was deafening, such a contrast to the happy chatter only moments before.

“This is my daughter Gwen with her darling daughter. They look so happy here, but within a few weeks they were gone.” Lady Tatiana said.

“I never saw them again. I knew Gwen was mad after an argument we had, but I never dreamed she would leave. I have tried over the years to find them but haven’t been able too. You are my last hope!” she said, looking at Jacob with pleading in her hazel eyes.

Jacob felt like there was a rock in the pit of his stomach. He had great success stories as a private investigator but he had unsolved ones too. Looking into Lady Tatiana’s eyes he hoped that the odds would be in her favor. That he would be able to reunite her with her daughter and granddaughter again.

He took her hand and said, “i promise I will try my best to find them! You have my word!”

Lady Tatiana’s eyes shined with gratitude, as she squeezed his hand.

“One question. What is your granddaughter’s name?” he asked.

“Amanda. She was the apple of my eye! Her laughter was music to my ears.” Once again there was silence as Lady Tatiana was lost in the memories of yesterday.

( to be continued…)

17 thoughts on “The Inheritance!

  1. This will be one of Jacob’s most challenging cases. Amanda shall soon enter the Witness Protection program, and it’s very hard to track such people down. Jacob will probably have to bribe FBI agents for the info he’ll need. But given that his client owns a castle, I’m sure they can pony up enough oil to grease the palms of the Department of Justice, and find out where Amanda is living.

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