The Surprise Roommate!

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The snow kept falling under the moonlit sky. Trent kicked himself for not having left earlier. He could have been at his destination by now, instead of having to drive at a snail’s pace. The visibility was so bad, he couldn’t see the lines on the road. He hoped he was still on the road.

After driving a few more miles he made the decision that as soon as he saw a sign for a hotel he was stoppimg.

30 minutes of tense driving passed when to his relief he saw a flashing vacancy  light for the Oak Lodge.

Trent pulled into the parking lot and stepped out into the frosty air. Pulling his hood a little tighter around his head, he hurried into the Lodge.

“Hi! Welcome to Oak Lodge. Help yourself to some Coffee, Hot Cocoa or Hot Apple Cider.” the smiling front desk clerk said.

Trent walked up to the front desk. “Thank you!” he said, as he poured himself a cup of Hot Apple Cider.

“How long are you planning on staying?” Rhonda, asked.

“Just one night please. Hoping the roads will be clear by tomorrow.”

A blast of cold air blew in as an older man walked in the door and a dog squeezed in the door right before it closed.

The golden retriever shook and snow flew off his fur, melting on the floor.

“Excuse me sir, we don’t allow dogs in here.” Rhonda said, with her brunette bobbing as she was shaking her head at seeing fur flying through the air.

“Well you will have to tell the dog that. Its not my dog, he just followed me in.”

Trent loved dogs, and there was no way he was going to let Rhonda put him out in the cold.

“I will take him, he can stay in my room.” he said to Rhonda.

“Being that it is snowing quite hard outside Okay, he can stay with you. I will hold you responsible though if he chews anything.” she told him.

“No problem!” Trent bent down and patted the dog, while saying “I hope you don’t snore!”

Rhonda smiled as she shook her head. “Now please just go to your room, the wet dog is smelling up the whole lobby!”

The dog was right at Trent’s heels as he walked down the hall and around the corner to his room.

Trent walked in and was pleased by what he saw. Nothing fancy but it looked nice and clean.

“Looks like you have a bed all to yourself!” he said to the dog. As if the dog understood him he jumped up on the bed.

So much for taking the pretty bedspread off first, thought Trent, as he sighed. The dog laid his head right down on the pillow and looked up at Trent with his dark brown eyes. Sitting down next to him, rubbing his head, Trent said, “Would you like some food, buddy?”

He ordered room service. There wasn’t exactly dog food on the menu but he didn’t think Buddy would turn down hamburger.

While waiting for the food he wondered where Buddy had come from. He didn’t have any tags on him. Was there someone looking for him or was he all on his own?

What a night this turned out to be! He gets caught in a snowstorm and ends up with a dog. What would tomorrow bring?

A question came to his head, would they let him have a dog where he was headed to? He couldn’t just abandon him. Buddy nuzzled Trent’s hand with his wet nose , like he was agreeing.

Trent heard the knock on the door, the food had arrived. He had ordered pizza. Buddy’s eyes had started to close, but he perked right up when he smelled the hamburger. He gulped that hamburger down in no time!

After his 3rd hamburger Buddy finally looked like he was ready to go to sleep. Trent was glad, it had been a long day of driving. He was glad that his final destination was only a short drive away tomorrow. Turning off the lights he sank down into his bed that was as soft as a cloud and it didn’t take him long until he was in dreamland.

What was that noise? Something was scratching at the door. Who was trying to get in? Groggily Trent turned on the lamp by his bed. Buddy was scratching at the door. His head was muddled from sleeping, he had forgotten all about the dog.

Groaning Trent got out of bed, the alarm clock flashed 3am! Pulling on his coat and gloves he opened the door and out shot Buddy. Trent ran down the hall to catch up.

A woman in her nightgown screamed as Trent bumped into her. He apologized but kept running so that he wouldn’t lose Buddy. He didn’t need to worry. Buddy was sitting at the front door looking all innocent.

The night clerk’s eyes were wide open in shock! “Thats thats a dog!” he stammered out. Apparently Rhonda hadn’t filled him in on their special visitor.

Trent quickly took Buddy outside and shivered as he waited for him. He was glad that Buddy seemed to be anxious to get out of the cold too and he hurried up!

Soon they were back in their beds. Trent watched Buddy fall asleep, he looked so sweet with the blanket on him. He felt his heart already getting attached. He sure did hope that the Inn he was going to would allow dogs.

Once again he turned off the light and closed his eyes, ready to sleep. A few moments later he grabbed one of the extra fluffy large pillows and put it over his head. He needed something to muffle the snores now filling the room! Well, at least Buddy was going to get a good night’s sleep.

16 thoughts on “The Surprise Roommate!

  1. You kept me on the edge of my seat, with this one. I expected Buddy to mistake Trent for a fourth hamburger. It’s a good thing he’s housetrained, although I’ll bet he left a surprise under the snow for some poor pedestrian in the parking lot.

    Anyway, he’s not welcome at the Inn that Trent is heading too. They have two cats there, so dogs are absolutely prohibited. No exceptions.

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