Did you Know?

You can get lost in the Pinterest website with all they have to look at. Its like going down a rabbit hole! I was browsing for a picture and “Did you know?” facts started popping up. I thought some would be fun to share some on here.  So the post tonight is brought to you by Pinterest, Enjoy! 


I am not interested in that kind of perfume!
It would be great to be able to see that far away! Barn Owls are special, especially Odessa! If you haven’t met the warm-hearted, sassy Odessa yet, just click on the link of “The Odessa Chronicles” book cover in the right margin and find some friends for life!
Ummmm… No thanks! I would rather go on the 30 minute walk! I like to be able to sleep at night.
Correction, I think most people can find it, just might not happen the first time that you read it. How many times did you read it before finding the mistake? Pretty sure the regular readers of my blog can figure out how many times it took me!
I thought this was pretty cool!
Do you see the woman?

32 thoughts on “Did you Know?

  1. I found it depressing to know that in walking thirty minutes, I’m only burning 113 calories. Actually, I usually walk about an hour a day, but that’s still discouraging. What? 226 calories. No wonder I miss the gym. Well, I’m still going to walk. It’s better for my mental health than watching a scary movie.

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