Take 10!

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Rachel flinched, she knew she was walking on a thin rope with Barry. She steeled herself for his tirade as he walked towards her. Surprised by his soft voice, she looked up at him.

“Rachel I am trying my best to stay calm, but you do realize this is the 10th take, right? Do you have a clue, because it seems like your mind is anywhere but here! Your head is in the clouds, you barely got any of your words right!”

He was a teapot, almost reaching the boiling point!

“I am sorry, I promise I will do better!” Rachel said, as the dog started to whine.

“I sure hope so” Barry replied, while scratching the dog’s ears. “If only you could talk, I would give her lines to you buddy!”

Rachel made a little smile. She could do this. They were almost finished filming for the day, she just had to finish this last scene.

After 2 more takes they were finally done, she had pulled it off and she saw the great relief on Barry’s face. She also heard him mumbling about how he may start working with only animals. That they were a lot easier! Rachel laughed, he was a great director and he often threatened to quit, but she knew he never would.

She headed out as soon as they were done. Changed out of the dress, and into her comfy outfit. She didn’t stop to chat to anyone. She was ready to hit the road and be alone with her thoughts.

Driving in her cherry red convertible, with the wind blowing through her hair. Ahh! It felt so freeing as she started to relax from the stress of the day.

Rachel enjoyed acting, but she was sooo ready for vacation! She was overdue for one. Had been working from morning to night to finish this movie, and she was exhausted.

Her bags were packed in her car and she should be at her destination within a few hours. As long as the plane wasn’t delayed.

Typically she went to popular vacation spots but this time she was checking out a small, remote town. She thought it would be nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of tourists and go to a more unknown spot.

Loving the woods, this place appealed to her. It was a small town with unique shops. Who had ever heard of a Fluffer Nutter Shop. She was anxious to check it out. What really drew her attention to the spot was hearing about the nice woods closeby. She was looking forward to hiking and breathing in nature’s beauty.

She would be staying in a B&B, it had a wrap around porch and looked so inviting. The place seemed to be the perfect place to unwind at, which was exactly what she needed.

Unwind and let herself sort through all the thoughts going through her mind. Did she want to keep making movies? It used to be exciting going to different locations to film but lately she was getting burned out. Maybe a vacation was all she needed to refuel.

Pushing on the gas pedal a little more she she saw the sign for the airport. Almost there, and then it was off to the little town of Borden. Smiling she thought of the peaceful 2 weeks that stretched ahead of her. 2 weeks of no schedule, only days of relaxing peace.

26 thoughts on “Take 10!

  1. I heard the town of Borden has a movie theater that only plays accounting videos continuously; a perfect place for relaxing peace. In addition, the people on one side of the main street call themselves the debits, and the people on the other side are the credits…

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