Tuesday’s Thoughts!

How is your Tuesday going so far? Mine is starting off well, for we got a new dishwasher! Ours bit the dust and my sister in law was quick to empathize with me, in that being tragic! I know, its sad how we have become so accustomed to the comforts that technology can bring! First world problems!

Thankful for the things that may not be a necessity, but they do help to make our lives easier!

Enjoy the quotes and have a great day!


44 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Yay for the new dishwasher! My almost-20-year-old dishwasher is still hanging in there, although my husband has replaced parts many times. I have been reluctant to get a new one because I like how the racks are arranged. My kitchen is mismatched at present, with a new refrigerator and microwave, but an old dishwasher and range. Oh, well… that’s life. Your quotes are all very good this week, and I particularly appreciated the reminder to look at every day as a special occasion. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • That is great that your dishwasher is still running! They truly don’t make things like they used too! Our washer and dryer are still going strong , the only appliance we haven’t had to replace which is around 20 years old!
      Glad you liked the quotes! And yes I think we all need to remember that life is short. Live in the NOW so you don’t look back with regret!


  2. When I was growing up, my mother always had an automatic dishwasher. She’d tell one of her kids to wash the dishes, and then the kid automatically washed them.

    As for your quotes, I’d steal the one between #8 and #9. Recrimination is the biggest risk one takes when criticizing others and calling them names. Such as doolally.

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  3. For big household, you got to have the necessity in life. Immortal thoughts for all. I have this thought on the recent election: it’s easier to fool you than to convince that you have been fooled.


  4. Good collection today… they strike a note with me.

    I wish you luck with the dishwasher. I have a heater repairman who keeps telling me not to replace any of the ancient appliances in my Brady Bunch era house. He jokes that he can keep my circa-paleolithic heater running until the next ice-age, but that a replacement should be considered “disposable”. Considering the old washing-machine I replaced (not realizing it was just a hose on the back leaking), and then replaced again a year later, and the three range-top microwaves over six years, and the dead radiant heater on the overpriced cook-top, I’m keeping my noisy dishwasher until the door falls off.

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    • I have seen Number 4 before and always liked it. Its an important thing to remember.
      Its not real fancy, its not gold like my car. Its silver. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Umm….not sure about the advice about the dogs. LOL! Is that how you bathe your dogs?

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  5. A dishwasher is a lovely convenience. I could live without it for longer than I could live without our refrigerator, the TV, the computer, and the microwave . . . but I’m happy to have one.

    Good quotes. I loved #4 . . . and #1 (although those aren’t my favorite lines from her poem)


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