Hero of the Town

This is the conclusion to yesterday’s post. Taking a Detour

Amanda tried to see if someone was sitting in the brown Chevy Cruze, but couldn’t see through the tinted windows. She decided that she was just going to try to act like normal. Surely no one would try anything in broad daylight in the middle of town.  Trying to be braver than she felt, she started walking towards the florist shop. 

Mason decided to walk down to Tippner’s bike shop while he was on his break. He could use a new bike and a new helmet. The air was a little brisk, but it felt good to get outside. He walked down the sidewalk thinking of bikes and on whether or not he was going to ask Sarah out for dinner some night. Perhaps he would swing by the flower shop too, if he had time. Oh, what was he doing, did he really want a woman to complicate his life? She really was nice though, and according to Cara, she was interested in him. Who could blame her, he thought. He laughed. He had said that to Cara when she told him and she said nothing, just rolled her eyes. The next day, the old Country station that he listened to played the song, “Hard to be Humble”, and he turned it up as he sang along. There were no customers to hear him, for they were closed, so he could sing as loudly as he wanted. 

Tippner’s bike shop was just a few steps away, and Mason was about to walk in when he noticed something. That looked like Amanda ahead of him, but who was the guy with her? She had been alone when she came into the coffee shop earlier and she hadn’t mentioned being with anyone. The guy had a hold of her arm and something didn’t seem right to Mason, as he walked towards them. 

“Hi Amanda! Where are you headed?” Mason said, as he walked up behind her. 

Amanda and the man turned around. The man didn’t look too happy, but Mason was more concerned about how Amanda looked. Her face was ashen. This was not the same girl who had been smiling and laughing earlier in his coffee shop. Something was wrong. 

“We are just taking a nice walk, thought I would show my friend around. ” Amanda replied. 

Showing her friend around, thought Mason, she just arrived here, she doesn’t know her way around. He could see the pleading look in Amanda’s eyes and he knew he had to think fast! 

“Well enjoy, I best be getting back to work”, said Mason and he turned around. 

He waited a few moments and then turned back around and attacked the man with Amanda. Catching him by surprise, he gave him a karate kick and the man fell to his knees. Mason gave him a blow to the jaw and the man fell backwards knocking himself out. 

Amanda stood there with her mouth agape and then she gave Mason a hug. “Thank you so much! I was so scared!” 

A small crowd had gathered around them and some of them were patting Mason on the back and others were wondering what was going on. 

Tippner had seen everything and was shaking his head. “I never  realized that you knew karate! I am impressed.” 

The town of Bittersweet Creek was soon filled with police as the story came out of who this man was. Amanda had to go down to the station and tell everything she knew, and she turned over the packages that were in her car. Derek had been involved in smuggling rare jewels and very expensive antiques into several other countries. The jewels were hidden in toys, the most popular toy that Derek used was the Mr. Potato Head, take him apart and the jewels were inside. 

Derek had become suspicious of Amanda and that’s why he wanted his one client to follow her. He had put a tracking device in her car. 

Amanda was too tired to go home, by the time everything was finished with the police, so Sarah invited her to spend the night at her house. Amanda was so grateful as she sat on Sarah’s couch relaxing with some tea. When they at last said goodnight, Sarah wondered if Mason’s ears were itching, for his name had come up a lot in their conversation. Sarah went to bed with a smile on her face. 

Tippner, Fuzzywhistle and Mason were at Mason’s house talking about the events of the day. 

“This is the most excitement that this town has seen in awhile!” said Tippner. 

“Who knew that you would become known as the Hero of the day!” 

Mason shook his head. “I knew I had to do something!” 

“Well I would say that you will have all the ladies of this town lined up at your shop tomorrow and it won’t be to just buy coffee!” Tippner said with a chuckle. 

Mason smiled at the thought of Sarah being jealous, if a line of women really did show up at the coffee shop tomorrow. Perhaps this could work to his advantage, he started thinking and thought of a great idea. He would tell Cara tomorrow and let her organize it.  Later he went to bed that night with a smug smile on his face, looking forward to the days ahead. 

The day had finally come, this was going to be good thought Mason. Tippner had told him that he was a genius for the idea that he had. 

A week ago he had told Cara about his idea. He thought she should have a contest for all the ladies. The prize would be a date with him. At first she had told him he was crazy but later that day she came back to him saying she thought she could pull it off. As Tippner had said, there were several ladies in the coffee shop the day after Mason had saved Amanda. Some had left their phone numbers on slips of paper for him, and others were bold enough to ask him straight out for a date. Mason was floating high and Cara was afraid his head may explode from being so puffed up. 

Sunday afternoon the town was abuzz, all the ladies were so excited about the contest. Mason was too, though he still didn’t know yet what kind of contest it would be, he just knew that the prize was a date with him! What better prize could there be, he thought. 

Sarah and Cara were huddled together laughing as they watched Mason shaking all the ladies hands that were lined up and flashing them his charming smile. 

“Look at him strutting like a proud peacock!” Sarah said. 

“Oh yes! He is in his glory. If he only knew!” Cara said, and they both laughed again. 

AT 2pm they walked over to Mason and the ladies. They were in the park in the center of the town and lots of townspeople had come out to watch, for the contest was the talk of the town. There was something in the middle of the park, with a big tarp over it. No one except Sara and Cara knew what was under it. Now it was time for the big reveal! 

“May I have your attention everyone!” said Cara as she stood in front of the tarp. “Thank you all for coming out today to this big event. A fun contest to win a date for our charming hero of Bittersweet Creek!” Cheers went up from the crowd. 

Cara and Sarah pulled off the tarp and everyone started laughing as it dawned on them what the contest would be. 

“Line up ladies and get your arms ready to throw! Hit the target and give our hero a little swim! You get 3 tries and if you send him for a swim you get a date. Mason, everyone is waiting, climb up the ladder and take a seat on the chair please.” Sarah said, with a twinkle in her eye. 

Mason looked at Cara and she gave him a wink, “Good idea, eh, look at all these ladies lined up for you!”

They knew they had him, he couldn’t back out and let the whole line of ladies disappointed. Knowing he would be a good sport they laughed at the look on his face, and Sarah was beaming, as she got in line. 




64 thoughts on “Hero of the Town

  1. If Sarah had just done her job and not tried to elude the brown Cruze, she’d still be making big bucks, and everything would be okay. What a doolally, to mess up a gig like that.

    And I suspect Picklefoot will have to use his karate skills some more, to fight off all the women who are after him. He’d better go down to Tippner’s bike shop, and buy one of those racing bikes, or he’ll be caught and married very soon.

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  2. When Mason heard about the line of women that would be at his coffee shop, his eyes would have lit up dreaming about all of the beautiful profit he would make selling sweetened up coffees to all of these hens.

    After being dunked in the tank for the fifth time and resulting in the fifth date, Mason had to strip off his shirt which was thoroughly soaked. At the site of all of the rippling muscles, all of the ladies fainted. Well, all the ladies except for Cara who was far too busy talking to notice any of this. Mason quickly extricated himself from the dunk tank and ran. He purchased as disguise kit from the local novelty shop and set about creating an alternate persona.

    The next day, Cara and many others came to the coffee shop wondering where Mason was and who the strange man running his coffee shop was. “I’m Grayson, Mason’s older distinguished brother.” the man with the graying sideburns, mustache, and goatee said. “Mason was called out of town for, umm, a job with the secret service. Yeah, that’s it.” he said. “I agreed to tend his coffee shop until his return.”

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