The Pre-meditated Plot

Shoo fly pie (Pinterest)

Have you wondered how Cara has handled her runaway cow ride and Shoo fly pie prank by Mason? Should she call it even, since she did have fun fooling him about talking to the lamb, or … is he in trouble? Enjoy the following story to find out what happened, and if you missed the post leading up to this story, here is a link, Mason’s Prank.

Cara looked in the mirror one more time, checking her hair. She sighed. Her hair looked fine, she had to stop feeling nervous! She had stayed in her house for the past several days, but she had to return to work today. She would have to wait on customers today, which meant facing people that probably saw her wild cow ride through the middle of town!

OOOh what a day that had turned out to be! Her face had been so red when Bard had finally managed to stop Clarabelle and helped Cara down off of her. She was so thankful for his loving help, though she couldn’t help but notice that he was trying awfully hard not to laugh! Once she got off Clarabelle she saw Mr. Tippner and Fuzzywhistle and Mason all standing together, trying to hide the mirth on their faces. She made a face at all of them, especially at Mason. This had been all his idea! What was she thinking listening to him, about taking a picture while sitting on Clarabelle! Some grand idea that was!

Amazingly enough she had managed to keep hold of the pie, and not fall off Clarabelle on her ride. Apparently she had more balance than she thought she did. She had asked Mason if she could pose for pictures another time, since she wanted to get away from all the townspeople as quickly as possible. He had told her that the picture he had taken would probably be fine to use, no other ones were needed. She was relieved to hear that. She had been ready to get home and out of her Grandma outfit into some comfy clothes. Once she got home, she was going to enjoy a nice, big piece of pie.

She did just that when she got home, and then there was a knock on her door. Cara cringed, who could be at her door? She wished Bard was home, but he had to run back into work. Wiping her face, making sure there was no pie crumbs on it, she went and opened the door. She was pleasantly relieved to see Sarah there, and invited her in.

Sarah couldn’t stay long, but she had to share with Cara, what she had overheard. after Cara went home. Mason was talking to Tippner about the prank, he was feeling a little guilty, because of the unexpected cow ride that happened. A prank! Cara couldn’t believe it! Sarah had told her how there was no Gooey Sweets and Treats Company and they didn’t want her Shoofly pie recipe, even though it was delicious!

Cara had been speechless as she looked at Sarah with big eyes. She had fallen hook, line and sinker for that prank! She was shaking her head, oh Mason Picklefoot was one sly guy! This was payback she figured for the joke about Creampuff the lamb. Hmmm….he was good. She smiled, yes, she perhaps could consider them even now, but … she felt that Mason still had the upper hand on how his prank turned out. So Cara’s mind started turning and she came up with a plan, that she was rather proud of.

Looking at her watch, Cara saw that she had to go. She might be a little nervous about seeing some of the townspeople again, but she was eager to put her plan for Mason into action. With that thought she laughed, and there was an extra bounce in her step as she left her house.

People kindly smiled at her as she walked to work. She would be fine, it was a nice group of people that lived in Bittersweet Creek. They liked to have fun, and she was sure she would be teased about her ride for awhile by certain people but she would okay!

The bell jangled as she opened the door to the coffee shop.

“Cara! Hi! Welcome back!” Mason said with a grin. He held out a large cup of coffee for her.

Cara looked at him, “What kind of coffee is this?” She wasn’t going to fall for something again.

“its a new flavor I got in that I thought you would like. Banana mocha.” Cara was surprised, he couldn’t stand any of the sweet, flavored coffees.

“Well thank you! What a nice surprise!” She took it from his hand and took a sip. “This tastes great!”

Mason made a face, but said, “Glad you like it. I have another surprise for you too. I have decided that you really are a good worker here. The customers missed you being gone, and I was stuck serving the “candy coffee”, so I missed you too!”

Cara laughed. “its always nice to be missed.” she said.

“I have decided to give you a $2 dollar an hour raise.” Mason said with a smile.

Now Cara really was shocked! First the new Banana mocha coffee and now a big raise, what was he up too?

“I…I… don’t quite know what to say. You are just full of surprises today, but thank you very much!”

Mason smiled, “Welllll… there is actually something else I kind of need to tell you.”

The bell rang again, as the door opened. Sarah came in, for her usual cup of coffee to start the day. While Cara got Sarah’s coffee ready, she said, “So Mason, you said you had something you needed to tell me?” Mason looked at Sarah and Cara saw that he looked a little uncomfortable. Yes, she thought to herself, he is going to spill the beans about his prank. OH Sarah needs to hear this! She winked at Sarah and whispered to her to stay when she handed Sarah’s coffee to her.

“I have something to confess.” he said with a guilty look on his face. Cara almost felt sorry for him.

“Oh wait, did you send my picture off yet to the Gooey and Sweets company? Don’t want you forgetting. I told my Mom about it, she is so excited for me.”

Sarah almost spit out of her coffee, trying not to laugh.

“Ummm… well, about that…you see…”

“Hey, sorry to interrupt, but my sister was wondering if maybe Gooey and Sweets would like to hear about her special dessert. She was typing up a letter to send to them. She of course was going to mention me in the letter, hoping that would help to persuade them.” Cara said.

“Oh is it that Peach, raspberry crumble dessert that your sister makes? That is really good. I bet they would love it!” Sarah said.

Cara fought to compose herself while watching Mason’s face.

He looked down at the floor and up at the ceiling, and then sighed as he said, “I know I am going to be in big trouble, but I may as well, just say it, it was all a prank! There is no Gooey Sweets Company.”

“NO!” Sarah yelled. She yelled so loudly she made Cara jump, and Mason’s eyes got big!

“How could you deceive Cara like that? Oh Cara, you must be so upset.”

Cara tried to look upset, but she just couldn’t do it, and she burst out laughing, which sent Sarah into giggles.

Poor Mason stood there looking so confused.

“Well that’s not the reaction I expected!” he said.

“I already knew Mason, Sarah told me, she heard you talking with Tippner about it.”

Mason’s face got red now. “You knew all this time!”

“Yup!” Cara said with a smug look. She put out her hand. “I have to hand it to you, that was a creative prank! I’ll call it even … for now that is,” she said with a mischievous grin. “You were nice enough to order that Banana mocha coffee for me, and thanks again for the raise!”

“Yeah, I am too nice.” Mason said, and Cara rolled her eyes.

Sarah laughed, “Have a great day you guys, I gotta get to work.” Sarah said, while going out the door.

After Sarah left, Cara turned to Mason, with a conspiratorial smile. “You know, Sarah really is a nice lady. She really looked nice in her cute dress today, did you notice?”

Mason dropped the paper cups that he was stacking, but didn’t say a word as he headed to the back of the store.

Cara smiled to herself, yes, she was pretty sure that he had noticed. She knew Sarah noticed his brown, wavy hair, she talked about it all the time.

The bell jangled again, as 3 customers walked in. She would think about matchmaking later, and she guesses her plot would be put on the backburner for now. She couldn’t possibly do it now, after he just gave her a raise, but she was sure the chance would come up again.

56 thoughts on “The Pre-meditated Plot

  1. If my boss gave me a $2/hour raise, I think I’d lay off pranks for awhile, also. Turning a banana into a coffee drink is a horrible thing to do to that yellow fruit, and I think this practice should be bananned by law. And I sense Sarah’s last name will be Picklefoot, pretty soon. Too bad her first name isn’t Peggy, or Pokey, or Giggles.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A few minutes later Cara notices the large framed picture hanging in the coffee shop featuring Cara dressed like a granny and perched on a cow. Her eyes narrowed in anger….

    Maybe Cara’s revenge prank will be fixing Mason up with Sarah knowing that Mason will be too nice to turn her down.

    Liked by 2 people

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