Mason’s Prank

When I wrote Finding Creampuff yesterday, I didn’t know that it wouldn’t be the end of the story. Creampuff found her home, so I thought all was well. But, Jason, felt sorry for poor Mason Picklefoot, so he added more to the tale. Cara had done a very good job of pulling the wool over his eyes and making Mason believe that he was going crazy by hearing Creampuff talk. It was a fun joke, but there is one lesson that one should always remember with jokes, and one that Cara is about to learn. There are always “paybacks!”  Enjoy Jason’s tale. 


                                                                                            Mason’s Prank

Mason had fallen victim to Cara’s prank with the talking lamb and he had to admit that it was funny but he felt the need to pull a prank on her just to even things up. As he walked into the coffee shop he could see that his plan was in motion.

“Oh look what came in the mail!” Cara said excitedly. “It is a letter from the Gooey Sweets and Treats company. They heard about my shoo-fly pies and want to sell them with me on the label. I will get 15% commission on each shoo-fly pie they sell.”

“That’s wonderful, Cara.” Mason said “ This is quite an honor for you.”

“They do have sort of an odd request though.” she said “They want me to look more like a little old grandma on the farm for my picture on the label. They want to know if I can model for a picture sitting on a farm animal and send that in.”

“That is a bit odd.” said Mason doing his best to keep a straight face “But I can grab my camera and we can arrange with Mr. Fuzzywhistle to have a photo session over at his farm if you like. Maybe you can put together a grandma outfit and meet me there this afternoon with one of your pies. It’ll give you a chance to see Creampuff again as well.”

Later that day, after the coffee shop was closed for the day, they gathered for the photo shoot at Fuzzywhistle’s farm. Cara was dressed all up like a grandmother with a gray wig, reading glasses, frumpy clothes, and even a bonnet. Mason was there with his camera and ready to make some memorable photos of the occasion. Mr Tippner had even brought his Jenny along to add to the ambience.

Mr. Fuzzywhistle brought out his prize winning cow Clarabelle for Cara to sit on. “She’s a gentle cow and won’t mind you sitting on her back for the picture.” he said. “Here’s a stool so you can climb on up.”

Cara was giddy as she climbed upon Clarabelle’s back all dressed like a little old lady. Mason handed her the delicious looking shoo-fly pie that she had prepared for the occasion.

Mason stood back to take the picture and counted down “3, 2, 1…” and flash, the moment was immortalized. But the flash spooked Jenny and she accidently kicked poor Clarabelle. Clarabelle was so startled that she bolted out the gate and ran down main street with poor Cara on her back. All of the townsfolk came out to investigate the commotion and saw poor Cara dressed like a grandma and riding old Clarabelle down the street.

Mason smacked his head. He hadn’t intended for the prank to go this far, but he couldn’t help but join Fuzzywhistle and Tippner who were bent over laughing. Even Creampuff was laughing or so it seemed; it is hard to tell with sheep.

Bard rushed off and calmed Clarabelle and rescued poor Cara from her embarrassing cow ride through downtown Bittersweet Creek.

“Boy am I going to pay for this.” Mason thought to himself.

42 thoughts on “Mason’s Prank

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  2. Now, my friend … you should know by now that you are NEVER quite finished with a story, though from time to time you may declare that you are, for there are certain seedy characters lurking on your blog who will take ANY story you write and run with it! Clarabelle, though? I thought surely the cow would be … Betsy! And now, the story is still not finished, for Cara will have to get back at Mason somehow, and I want to see more of the adorable Creampuff!

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