Finding Creampuff

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Mason Picklefoot was in his back yard when he heard a small voice say “Hi!”

He turned around and saw a cute, little white lamb. Where did it come from, he wondered. Looking around he didn’t see anyone else, so he didn’t know who had said “Hi” to him. He petted the soft white lamb and was thinking about what he should do with it when he heard the voice again. “I am looking for my Mama, can you help me?”

Mason shook his head, had he really seen the lamb’s mouth move? He looked from side to side, and back at the lamb again. “My name is Creampuff, what is your name?” the little lamb asked.

There was no mistake, the lamb had spoken, Mason was looking directly at it. His voice trembled some as he answered the lamb.

“I am Mason.” he didn’t know what else to say, he really wasn’t too good at holding a conversation with an animal, not like he had much experience at it!

Creampuff didn’t seem to mind, she made up for his lapse in conversation. “HI Mason! Can you take me to my Mama? Do you want to run and play? I am hungry, can I munch on some of your grass here?”

Mason was beginning to think that perhaps Cara had been right. She said if he drank too much bitter, black coffee that he may start to go crazy. That he needed the sweet coffee that she drank. He looked at his watch, he needed to get to work. He couldn’t let Cara there too long on her own, for who knows what kind of disarray the place would be in if he did.

Looking at the lost little lamb, he kind of hated to leave it. He couldn’t believe what he was about to do, but he looked at Creampuff and said, “Would you like to come with me? I need to go to work, but you are welcome to graze in the grass behind the shop, if you would like.”

Creampuff did a little jump in the air. “Sure, I will come, lead the way.” Mason looked at the coffee cup in his hand. He poured out his black coffee, maybe there was something in those extra dark roasted coffee beans that he had bought. How could a lamb be talking to him?

Mason started walking the 2 blocks to work. He was glad that it was early in the day, so that people would not be out and about yet . He could just imagine what some would say if they saw a little white lamb walking beside him.

They walked past the bicycle shop and Mason groaned, he had forgot that Mr. Tippner would be at his shop bright and early getting ready for business. Mr. Tippner was unlocking his door and Mason was hoping he wouldn’t turn around, but he did.

“HI Mason! How are….?” He paused in mid-sentence when he spotted Creampuff. “Well isn’t that a cute little lamb. Where did you find her?” Mr. Tippner asked, bending down to pet her.

“She was in my back yard this morning, she told me she lost her Mama.” Mr. Tippner raised his eyebrows at him, with a grin on his face. “She told you that??”

Mason flushed, he hadn’t meant to say that, but perhaps his friend could help assure him that he wasn’t going crazy. Maybe Creampuff would talk to Mr. Tippner too.

“Yes, she really did speak. The strangest thing you ever did see. Go ahead, ask her a question, I will show you I’m not crazy!”

Mr. Tippner was trying his best not to laugh. “How late were you out last night Mason?”

Mason ignored him, “Just ask her.”

Creampuff’s eyes shined with mischief as Mr. Tippner bent down and said, “Are you looking for your Mama?”

“BAA! BAA!” replied Creampuff.

Mason looked at her. “Hey, its OK you can talk to him, he is my friend. Go ahead, tell him what you told me.”


“Stop it Creampuff, just speak!” Mason said.

“Creampuff? Cute name. If you named it already, are you sure you aren’t planning on keeping her?” asked Mr. Tippner.

“I didn’t name her, that’s her name, she…” Mason caught himself before making more of a fool out of himself! Unfortunately, it was too late. Mr. Tippner figured it out, as his eyes sparkled with fun.

“Ahh! Yes, let me guess, she told you her name. You know, perhaps you should let Cara run the store and you and your little friend go back home and you go back to bed.”

“BAA! BAA!” went Creampuff.

Mason rolled his eyes, and started walking towards the coffee shop once more. He could hear his friend laughing as he walked away. Oh, he would never live this down!

When they arrived at the coffee shop, Mason took Creampuff around back to the little yard. “Here you go, graze all you want.” he said.

“Thank you!” said Creampuff.

“Sure, now you talk” said Mason, giving her a look. Creampuff only smiled and started grazing on the sweet grass. Mason did have a kind heart for animals, so he couldn’t be mad at her.

Mason walked into the shop and started making the coffee. He looked at the clock, Cara should soon be here. He wondered what she would say about the little lamb, she usually entered from the back, so she would be sure to see the little, white lamb.

A few minutes later Cara burst through the back door. “Mr. Picklefoot, did you know there is the sweetest lamb behind the shop? She is sooo cute and we were having a fun conversation.”

“You were talking to her?” Mason asked.

“Well of course, I talk to all animals”, said Cara.

Finally someone else that heard Creampuff. He had known Cara was crazy! But wait, he had heard Creampuff too, so what does that say about him? Oh, he wouldn’t worry about that now, he was just relieved he wasn’t the only one.

“What did she say?” asked Mason.

“Who?” said Cara.

“Creampuff of course!” Mason replied.

“Creampuff? Who is Creampuff? Oooh the little lamb in the back? That’s a cute name that you picked.”

“I didn’t pick it. That’s her name.” he said.

Cara looked at him a little strangely and said, “Okay.” and continued to work at baking her specialty pies for the day.

“So what did Creampuff say to you. I didn’t know that anyone else could hear her talk, besides me.”

Now Cara really did look at him strangely.

“You want me to tell you what I actually heard from Creampuff?” she asked.

“Yes, please! Let me know I’m not going crazy hearing what I did when she opened her mouth. ”

“Welll….I am not sure what all you know about animals Mr. Picklefoot, but Creampuff seems to be a typical lamb to me. She went “BAA! BAA!”

Mason mumbled something as he went to the back room and Cara was doing her best to control her laughter, when the first customer walked in. It was Sarah from the Flower Shop.

Cara greeted her with a smile, ” Good Morning Sarah, how are you?”

“Doing just fine, thanks! How are you?”

“Feeling great, do you want to see something really cute? I want to show you what is out back behind our shop.”

Sarah’s curiosity was raised, “Sure, what is it?” She followed Cara through the back room and out the back door.

“Aww, what a cute lamb?” Sarah said.

“isn’t it!” They stayed out there a little, chatting about life, and watching Creampuff frolic in the grass. Then Sarah said she needed to get her coffee and go and Cara knew she needed to get back to work as well.

“Cute little lamb that you have, Mr. Picklefoot,” said Sarah when they entered the store.

“Thanks, but its not mine. It just wandered into my yard. I think its lost. ”

“Did it tell you that?” asked Sarah, with a sly smile at Cara.

Cara laughed while putting her pies on the oven.

Mason made a face, and went back to counting the money in the register.

Sarah got her cup of coffee from Cara and walked out the door, as Mr. Fuzzywhistle was walking in.

“Hi!” said Mason to his friend. “What can I get you? You look a little sad, is something wrong?”

“One of my lambs seems to have wandered off. I don’t know where she could have went.” he replied.

Mason smiled. Why hadn’t he thought of Mr. Fuzzywhistle before? He didn’t have a big farm, but he did own a cow, the one that had taken the Grand Prize at the County Fair this year. Mr. Tippner was still upset that his donkey had lost, but he would get over it. Mr. Tippner was sly though, and Mason was pretty sure that he was already plotting on how to make up some contest to throw, so that his donkey could win the trophy back from Mr. Fuzzywhistle!

“Come, follow me out back for a moment.” said Mason to Mr. Fuzzywhistle, ” I think I can make you smile again.”

Mr. Fuzzywhistle followed him and was delighted to see Creampuff in the yard.

“Oh thank you! How did you find her?” Mr. Fuzzywhistle asked.

“She found me. She was in my backyard this morning, when I went to leave for work.”

“So glad you took care of her!”

“No problem, but I have a question for you.” Mason thought he might regret asking, but what did he have to lose? Cara and Mr. Tippner already thought he had lost his sanity.

“Does Creampuff ever talk to you?”

“Talk to me?” Mr. Fuzzzywhistle gave him a quizzical expression.

“Yes, you know, does she ever say anything? I know it sounds really strange, but have you ever heard words come out of her mouth?”

Mr. Fuzzywhistle stroked his beard as he looked at Mason and he didn’t speak for a few minutes. “She goes BAA! BAA! and my cow speaks to me too, she goes “MOO!”

Mason’s face felt hot as Mr. Fuzzywhistle kept staring at him. “I think you need some more coffee, my friend!”

The day passed quickly, and before Cara knew it it was quitting time. She was really glad that Mr. Fuzzywhistle had found Creampuff before she came to any harm, by being out on her own. She would have to make a point to go visit Mr. Fuzzywhistle’s farm, so she could talk to Creampuff again. Cara laughed to herself. Poor Mr. Picklefoot, thought he was going crazy. She was going to admit that Creampuff had talked to her, but it was more fun to just say “BAA!” She found it interesting that Mason had heard her. She wondered if he had ever heard any other animals talk. She wondered if he could talk to cows?

41 thoughts on “Finding Creampuff

  1. So clearly it wasn’t the dark, unsweetened coffee. Cara is crazy too.

    That was mean of Cara to pull the wool over Mason’s eyes like that. Ewe never know what he might do to have his revenge.

    Bard will probably have to go buy this lamb for Cara. Poor Bard.

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