You know how memories can just suddenly pop in your head. That happened to me tonight and I thought, hey, I could make a post out of it. So take a trip down memory lane with me. It just may bring a chuckle! 

Parenting is hard, there is no question about that! The teen years especially! The years where they want to see what all they can pull over on Mom and Dad. It happens to all parents, where our teens do manage to pull the wool over our eyes, but then there are also the times where they get found out! 

It was several years ago now when I was at Walmart, standing in the Customer Service line to return an item. A lady called my name, and I turned around. I saw the parent of one of my daughter’s friend coming towards me. We greeted each other and she asked how my husband was doing. I said he was fine. Then this is the conversation that followed. 

Other Mom: “Is he out of the hospital now? What did the Dr. say?” 

Me: “The hospital?”

Other Mom: “Yes, your husband was in the hospital last weekend, right?” 

Me: “Umm…No.. he wasn’t. ” ( looking very confused!) 

Other Mom: “Well I thought that’s why my daughter spent the weekend at your place, to help your daughter not worry about him.” 

Me:  (Looking even more perplexed) “Your daughter wasn’t at my place this past weekend.” 

Other Mom: (looking like a deer in headlights) “Are you sure?” 

Me: ( figuring things out now and trying not to laugh at that question) “I am positive that your daughter was not at my house any time this past weekend!” 

By now the customer ahead of me and the one behind me were both hiding smiles as it was dawning on everyone what was going on. The Mom I had been talking too, just looked at me as her face started changing expressions, and our conversation came to a quick end, as she started walking very fast. I kind of felt sorry for her daughter. I also couldn’t wait to get home and ask my husband how his hospital visit went, when my daughter was in the room! 

So does this bring back memories of your childhood, and times you got caught? Or times you caught your children in the act? Like little toddlers, when they have chocolate smeared all over their face, and say “I didn’t have a cookie!” 

33 thoughts on “Busted!

  1. 😀 That sounds like a classic movie moment!

    I remembered a time when I felt ashamed that I broke my glasses when I was a kid. Zenni’s wasn’t around then, and glasses were pricey. I was exercising in the gym, and put my glasses in the chest pocket of my overalls.

    The coach suddenly asked us to do some jumping jacks and of course they fell out of my pocket where I accidentally stepped on them. I hid them in my backpack. One day, my mom noticed that I was squinting at the TV, and she asked me where were my glasses. I told them I didn’t need them. Eventually mom dug into my backpack and found them.

    Ever the detective, mom is. 😉

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  2. This post reminded me of a kid who got caught red-handed when I was teaching. One year I had an unusual situation where I taught second grade most of the day, but for one and a half hours each day, we all taught a reading group simultaneously. During this time, I taught sixth-grade reading, which was quite naturally made up of older kids. (Pretty funny to see big bodies trying to sit in 2nd-grade seats.) Anyway, in the middle of reading, a kid who had gotten up for a minute to sharpen his pencil returns to his seat and claims that somebody took his watch. Thievery happened in school, but there were also plenty of false alarms where kids thought someone stole something they had misplaced.

    You can’t just start searching kids, so you ask the kids to look around and see if they see it anywhere. Sometimes a guilty kid would realize he/she might get in trouble and miraculously find the missing item. In this case, the watch was not found. There wasn’t anything to do but continue class, much to the chagrin of the kid who thought his watch had been stolen. Five minutes later, in the middle of my lesson, we start hearing this weird beeping noise. We all look around, wondering what the noise was. Suddenly, the same boy says, “That’s my watch!” We follow the noise, and it’s coming from another kid’s backpack in the class. Busted!

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  3. Funny story. And very much what can be expected from teenagers.

    When my stepdaughter was a teen, my wife began to worry that she was going to have sex with a high school boyfriend. So I bought a device that allowed us to record and listen in on her phone conversations. We spent a lot of boring hours monitoring her puerile conversations with her friends. But sure enough, we uncovered a plot she was hatching, for a secret rendezvous, and my wife found a way to intervene without revealing that she knew anything. In fact, this happened a few times, until my stepdaughter apparently became so frustrated she gave up.

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  4. A foster girl told me she was going babysitting……… dressed in a mini skirt, fishnet stockings and high heels. I wouldn’t let her out of the house until she changed. After she left, boyfriend’s Mum rang and appeared to believe son was with us for the evening. Nope. ‘Oh’ at other end of the line.
    Foster girl eventually gets in at gone 2am, and I’m waiting for her. A very interesting conversation followed where it transpired he’d told her he couldn’t make her pregnant because he ate a lot of polo mints. I said
    ‘What does he do? Balance ’em on the end?’ and gave her a pep talk.
    Social worker is contacted the next day, and it is agreed she can go on The Pill. Sheesh.

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