Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Its not how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, but how many bites does it take until this large KISS from my husband is gone?

Don’t lose the child’s wonder of Christmas … keep the magic in your heart, and you won’t grow old!

Always liked “The Little Drummer Boy” song and then I met a Drummer Boy and married him!

25 years and still Twitterpatted!

So full of youth with hearts full of love and dreams!
Bushkill Falls, 2020

Not quite as full of youth, but still hearts full of love and dreams!

Over the years we have accepted each other’s differences. He is not a coffee or tea drinker and I am not a morning person! He loves just about every vegetable there is and I love beef,chicken,seafood, and desserts. We do both love chocolate, though I may eat a tad more than he does.

He is very organized and I am ….. Not! He is whiz at numbers, they make my brain hurt! He likes his music a little louder and rockier, but there is a lot of music we agree on as well.

The list could go on and on about differences and similarities. What is important though is that we both still agree on our commitment to each other and on looking forward to what the next 25 years bring!

I woke up to these 2 memes and many more on my phone. I also have 2 dozen beautiful red roses on our table, and the gift of a lovely necklace around my neck. We may not have been able to go on a big trip like we had dreamed about before 2020 hit, but being with each other is the best place to be AND …. there is always 2021 when perhaps we can travel again!

The Get-Away


When writing stories, characters usually come and go, but sometimes there are certain characters that just stay around! Betsy the cow that can do just about anything and is full of surprises makes another appearance today. Glad to share another one of Jason’s tales with you all. When I wrote When the Bell was Silenced recently I didn’t think about how Betsy may feel about the fact that her magical cow bell was silenced! Well, Jason was nice enough to let Betsy’s voice be heard, its no wonder she confides in him, he cares about her feelings.  Enjoy! 

The Get-Away

Betsy had a problem. Those two love-sick nincompoops ran off with her cowbell and now she was stuck in Bittersweet Creek. She had to find a way to get out of this no-where town and she had come up with an unnecessarily elaborate and ridiculous scheme to make her exit.

In two days the county fair would take place and Betsy intended to win the livestock competition for old man Fuzzywhistle, which would earn them a trip to the state livestock show at the Capitol and there she would make her escape. But for her plan to work, she would need the cooperation of the judges of the livestock show. Luckily for Betsy, one of this year’s judges was Bard Mellow. Bard was far too honest a fellow to be bribed, but Betsy knew Bard’s weakness. He would do anything to keep his dear sweet wife Cara safe, and Cara had a certain addiction that Betsy could exploit. Betsy smiled a cow sort of smile as she began to put her plan in motion.

Old farmer Fuzzywhistle was a simple, somewhat reclusive, and absent-minded fellow. He didn’t really even notice that there was an extra cow in his barn while he prepared his morning deliveries of milk and eggs for the townsfolk. He loaded up his old truck and made his rounds.

“This year.” he thought “This is the year my cow Clarabelle finally wins the livestock contest.” Mr. Tippner’s donkey had won it the last three years and Fuzzywhistle had to admit that Mr. Tippner knows a nice, um jenny, when he sees one. But this year Clarabelle was well fed and groomed and would be the star of the show.

He smiled at this thought as he made his normal delivery to the Mellow house and continued on his rounds.

“What’s this?” Cara wondered as she saw the delivery from Mr. Fuzzywhistle. There was a strange new container labeled ‘Shoo-fly Coffee Creamer’. Mr. Fuzzywhistle must be branching out into a new line of products. She couldn’t wait to try it in her coffee. She made a coffee drink for herself, the third of the morning, and couldn’t believe how wonderful this new creamer was. In fact, she had used it all up by the following day.

Cara had to get more of that special coffee creamer. Fuzzywhistle hadn’t delivered anymore this morning so she set out to his farm to buy some more. Arriving at the farm she saw the door open to the barn and a light on so she went on in. “Mr. Fuzzywhistle, it’s Cara Mellow. I wonder if I could buy some more of that delicious Shoo-fly coffee creamer that you make.”

There was no answer. She looked around the barn and suddenly the barn door shut behind her. Then the light went out. “Mr. Fuzzywhistle?” she said nervously. Just then, she heard rustling in the hay behind her and before she knew it a burlap sack was thrown over her and she was carried away.

She was eventually put down and we she was able to get the sack off of her head, Cara found herself locked in a one-room shed. There was plenty of food, a comfy looking chair, a television, and what looked like the complete DVD collection of The Waltons. Well at least she wouldn’t be bored, but what was she doing here and how long would she be kept in this room.

It was the day of the fair and entire town was busy. Mr. Fuzzywhistle was preparing his produce delivery for the big radish and turnip eating contest and then he must get Clarabelle ready for the livestock show. He was so busy that he didn’t notice that it wasn’t actually Clarabelle in the trailer that he was pulling to the fair. Inside the trailer Betsy’s eyes gleamed with excitement; her plan was ahoof, er afoot.

Bard was distraught. He hadn’t seen Cara all day and nobody else had either. He had checked at Picklefoot’s coffee shop and she hadn’t been seen there. He went back home to see if she had returned and in the kitchen he found a strange note that didn’t appear to have been written by a human hand. He read the note and was shocked. It was simple and straight to the point. It said “If yooo ever want tooo see Cara again, yooou will vote for Fuzzywhistle’s cow at the fair.”

Bard didn’t know what to do. He dare not call that dopey old sheriff. Besides, it was just a livestock show; what harm could it be to just vote for some old cow. Mr. Tippner would be disappointed but Cara’s safety could be on the line.

Later that evening everyone was gathered for the livestock competition. Except the winner of the radish and turnip eating contest; nobody wanted to be near that guy right now. Bard, Mason, and Horace were ready to judge the contest. Betsy took her turn and gave a wink and a subtle grin to Bard. She knew that Horace had a soft spot for cows, and the kidnapping of Cara should secure Bard’s vote. She couldn’t find a way to get to that Mason Picklefoot. “In addition to being so handsome” Betsy thought “he was as honest as a person could be.”

Betsy watched Tippner’s burro parade around like she owned the place and she was clearly the crowd favorite. Even old man Fuzzywhistle was distracted checking out Tippner’s, um, donkey. Betsy patiently waited the judges to reach their decision. They seemed to be having a heated discussion.

Finally, a decision was reached and a hush fell over the crowd. All eyes were on Bard as he stood and prepared to announce the winner of the livestock show.

“This year’s winner of the Bittersweet Creek livestock show is…” Bard said with a nervous look on his face “Mr. Fuzzywhistle and his cow Clarabelle.” The crowd gasped. Mr. Tippner threw down his straw hat, grabbed his ass and stormed off.

“Moooooo….” Betsy let loose. She was finally getting out of this little town.

The next morning Bard and Cara had coffee as Cara recounted her adventures in the barn. Meanwhile, old Mr. Fuzzywhistle drove to the state Capitol pulling a trailer that he thought had Clarabelle in it. Betsy stared out the back, watching Bittersweet Creek fade into the distance. “Now to catch the two nincompoops who took my cowbell” she plotted.


Tuesday’s Thoughts!


“I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…”  We may live where it snows in the winter time, but it is rare to actually have a white Christmas. Typically most of our snow comes through January-March. This year though may be different! They are calling for a major snowstorm here tomorrow. Its possible that we could get up to 20 inches of snow! As long as our heat stays working, I am ready to watch the beauty of the falling snow. If I could package up some of the coming snow and send it to those of you who miss getting to enjoy snow, I would. But perhaps I could build you a Snowman, though I may get buried. Enjoy the following quotes and hope you can feel the Christmas magic in the air, even if you don’t get to see snow.












Facing Uncertainty

Pinterest image NYC

The fog was so thick this morning. Katy was really glad that she didn’t have far to go to work. Driving in fog in NYC traffic had her stressed out by the time she arrived at work.

She had worked at the law firm for 6 months now and still couldn’t stop smiling at the sight of her brass name plate on the door.

Stress from the traffic started to melt away as she sat down at her desk, ready to start the day.

“Good Morning Katy!” Matt said, as he waltzed into her office and sat a hot cup of Peppermint Mocha on her desk.

“Thanks Matt! Appreciate it.”

“You are welcome. I thought you might need it to prepare you for whats coming today.” He replied.

“Prepare me? What do you mean?”giving him a quizzical look.

“Meeting at 2pm, you will find out everything then.” he said, and turned away.


He turned back around and gave Katy a reassuring smile. “It will be OK, I believe in you. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have asked you to be my partner. He gave her a wink and walked out the door, leaving Katy to wonder.

Well, the stress had been melting away. She took a sip of her peppermint mocha and tried to tell herself not to worry. She trusted Matt, he had been great to work with. A month ago they had celebrated their victory over a murder case that they had worked on together.

Katy’s heart broke for the victim’s family, but she was glad that she helped in bringing the family justice. Nothing could take away the pain of their loss, but at least one less murderer was walking the street.

It was a busy morning with phone calls and meeting with 2 clients. Before she knew it the time had come for the meeting with Matt. She walked to Matt’s office feeling confident, as she knocked on his door.

“Come in.” Katy turned the knob and walked in, surprised to see another gentleman in the room.

Matt walked over to Katy and said, “i would like you to meet Mr. Patrick Duvette. He is a FBI agent.

Katy’s heart started beating a little fast and her hand shook some as she put it out to shake Patrick’s hand. What was he doing here, she wondered.

“Lets all take a seat and we will explain everything, Katy.” Matt said. “Patrick is here to take you away for your own protection for a little while.”

Katy’s eyes grew bjg. “What! What are you talking about? I have only been working here for 6 months!”

Matt sighed. “I know, but that case we won last month seems to have left you some dangerous enemies. We received a death threat and they specifically mentioned you. I am sorry, I know this comes as a shock to you. I will do all I can to get to the bottom of things, I promise. For now you need to work with me in making sure you are safe. Patrick has a safe place to take you too.

Katy’s mind was swimming with questions and fear! Someone had made a death threat against her! She started feeling a little sick.

Patrick noticed her looking pale. He walked over to her and took her hand. “I understand this is frightening but let me reassure you that you will be very safe at this place. You won’t be alone!”

Matt offered her a bottle of water which she drank, while Patrick filled her in on more details.

Katy shoved her journal into her bulging suitcase and took one more look around her apartment. She didn’t know when she would be back. At least she had been able to go see her first Broadway show last week. The Lion King had been amazing!

Patrick was waiting for her right outside her door. She gave him a brave smile and said, “I’m ready.” She said the words but her stomach was in knots. Patrick couldn’t tell her exactly where she was going. He did say that she would have deliciois food there though. She laughed, well food was important.

Katy watched out the window as they drove out of the city. She felt exhausted from the stress of her day. Her eyes grew heavy and sleep overtook her, as she headed into another new beginning.

New Beginnings

Pinterest Image

Katy looked out her window at the freshly fallen snow. It looked so pretty with the cardinals sitting on the fence. She would miss her woods. Perhaps later today she would take one more snowy walk through the woods.

She was drinking a cup of cinnamon black tea with Celine Dion’s Christmas CD playing softly on the stereo.

Most of her CD’s were packed away but she had kept out some of her favorites. She looked around her living room at all the boxes stacked up in the corner.

All her memories stashed away. Memories from long ago days. Tomorrow would begin her journey towards a new beginning.

The movers would be here at 8am sharp tomorrow to load all her possesions in the U-haul. She then would catch a flight to her new home. She started her new job at the end of the week.

Katy was excited. Finally all her hard work had paid off! She was going to be a partner in a prestigous law firm in New York City.

A country girl moving to the big city! It surely would be a big change, but she was ready.

Katy was ready to catch a Broadway show at Radio City Music Hall and take a horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park. To experience city life.

Most of all she was ready to make a difference in people’s lives. To win cases for victims of crimes.

She had always wanted to be a lawyer, but one personal incident in her life made her even more passionate! When she was in law school, a close family friend had been murdered.

He was such a friendly guy, loved animals and had made himself a nice home. He loved his cabin in the woods. Always kept the birds, squirrels, rabbits and deer fed. They would come right up to his door and wait for him. A modern day Dr. Doolittle.

There was also a pet chicken he had that he often talked too. Some may have thought that he was a little cuckoo, but he still was a very nice guy, that never should have died.

Katy finished drinking her tea and rose her cup in the air, as a toast to his memory. She wondered what her first case would be. She promised herself that she would give her first case and all the ones that followed, her absolute best and nothing less!

When the Bell was Silenced


The following story is a continuation of the story from Thursday’s post, One More Ring!

Chad leaned back in his chair and then turned his head to look for Cara, but didn’t see her anywhere. 

“Where is Cara, I really need some more coffee!” 

Lisette and Sarah didn’t see her either, then they all turned their heads as a man walked in the door. Sarah couldn’t help but be struck with how handsome he looked with his dark, brown wavy hair.  He stood in place, looking around, and frowning at seeing no one behind the counter. 

They all jumped a little at the loud clatter they heard coming from the back room. Soon Cara appeared, “Don’t worry, everything is ….”  She stopped in mid-sentence as her eyes landed on Mr.Picklefoot. Her cheeks quickly turned a light shade of red. “Oh Mr.Picklefoot, I… I… didn’t expect to see you. I thought you were taking the rest of the day off.”  Cara sputtered out, standing there holding a Double Chocolate Mint Latte in her hand. 

Mr. Picklefoot raised his eyebrows, “I thought I had said to close up the Cafe for the rest of the day, and do I want to know what caused that clatter earlier?” 

“I think this would be a good time for me to go to the back room and start cleaning up. Oh, I think that customer may want more coffee.”  Cara said, pointing at Chad, while she  quickly retreated to the back room. 

Mason Picklefoot shook his head, he was sure that someday he was going to lose his last threads of sanity! He grabbed the coffee pot and walked over to the customer that Cara had pointed to. 

Chad smiled, as Mason refilled his cup. “Thank you sir, and let me tell you that this Shoo-Fly pie is divine!  A great idea you have here, selling pies with your coffee.  Lisette and Sarah heartily agreed. 

“I am so glad you enjoyed the pie”, said Mason, trying to hide the confused look on his face, as he took their plates and headed back to the counter. 

“Well, my mind is still swirling with all that you have told me.” Chad said, to Lisette. 

“I know its a lot to take in. Maybe we can take a walk and talk some more.” Lisette suggested. 

Sarah agreed, thinking she would let them walk alone while she checked out some of the other shops in the town. They left a generous tip for Cara, for she had been so sweet to them. 

When they walked out the door, Mason quickly walked towards the door and turned the “Open” sign to “Closed.”  

“Cara! Are you finished cleaning?” He called out, he wasn’t going to leave her here alone again. A few minutes later she came walking out with a big smile. 

“Yes, all cleaned up.” 

“Since I am here, I think I will get a piece of Shoo-fly pie, before I head back out.” said Mason. 

Cara’s smile quickly disappeared from her face. 

“By the way, what did those customers mean, about us selling pies?” Mason asked, as he walked to the back room. 

“Heyyy…what happened to my pie?” he yelled. He heard the door bang shut, and when he came back out, Cara was nowhere to be seen. 

Mr. Tippner was biking down the street and Cara wasn’t looking as she stepped out right in front of him. He quickly swerved, causing him to run into Miss. Victoria’s  fruit stand, sending apples and oranges flying. Victoria stood there with her hands on her hips, “I hope you are prepared to pay me for all my bruised apples!” she said to Mr. Tippner. 

Meanwhile Sarah had seen a craft shop that she wanted to look around in. Lisette and Chad continued walking down the street talking about the magical cow bell. Lisette was kind of distracted though with growing feelings for Chad. It was normal now for them to hold hands as they were walking. They hadn’t talked much about their feelings, but could something be developing, dare she get her hopes up. 

Sarah came walking out with 2 bags in her hand. The craft projects she had picked out would make some nice gifts. She wondered how far Chad and Lisette had walked, she figured she would catch up to them eventually. Sure enough it wasn’t long before she saw them sitting on a park bench. She smiled, as she watched them laughing together. Lisette’s eyes shined, and Sarah was happy for her, she hoped that Chad would stay around. 

Looking down the street she wondered if there were more shops she should check out. Ahh! A flower shop, she loved flowers. She thought she would go in and choose some to help decorate the Inn. 

“I think we should use the cow bell to get back to the Inn and then you store it in a safe place, not to be touched again, for who knows where you might go next time! I don’t want you disappearing.” Chad said, with a twinkle in his eye. “I have been thinking, and am trying to work out a deal with my boss to be able to work from a special, Bed and Breakfast Inn. Do you think that would be OK with the owner of the Inn, if I extended my stay?” 

Lisette felt herself grow warm and she couldn’t stop smiling, as Chad leaned in closer and gave her a gentle kiss. Her hand trembled with excitement. Ring, ring, ring! POOF! The smoke cleared and they were back standing in front of the Inn. 

“I am glad it brought us back here, one never knows …” Lisette said as she looked at the bell in the palm of her hand. Just then a big gust of wind came blowing the bell out of her hand and into the street, right in front of a truck that ran over it. 

Lisette stared in shock. It had taken her to several different places, they never had figured out exactly how it worked and now she guessed they would never know. Then a thought struck her, as she squeezed Chad’s arm and yelled, “OH NO! Sarah! We forgot Sarah!” 

Sarah walked out of the flower shop a hour later. She hadn’t planned on taking that long, but there were just so many beautiful flower arrangements to look at. She couldn’t wait to show Lisette what she had bought. Looking towards the park bench, she noticed it was empty. They must have continued on walking through the town. 

Sarah kept walking but her arms were growing tired, and it was hard to see, for the flowers were partially blocking her sight. 

“Oh! I am sorry!” she said in embarrassment as she bumped into someone’s shoulder. Looking up she realized it was Mr.Picklefoot! 

“Its Ok, your hands look pretty full. Can I help you carry these flowers? Where are you headed to?” he asked Sarah. 

Good question, she thought, where was she headed to? 

“I was just looking for my friends. I think they are enjoying exploring your little town.” Sarah replied. 

“Well, why don’t we take these flowers back to the Cafe for now. If you would like I could show you around a bit.” he said, with a warm smile. 

Sarah’s heart fluttered, as she replied. “Sure! That sounds fine.” She suddenly felt in no hurry to find Lisette and Chad. 








One More Ring!


Sarah’s mind was full. It had been a week since Lisette had shared with her about her experience with the cow bell and how it had taken her to different places. They both had talked for hours about the craziness of it all and especially how not only did it take them to different places but when there, they were mistaken for different people! 

Lisette had the cow bell in her room, stored in a safe place for now. They were debating about trying to take a trip together and seeing if somehow they could get to the bottom of the magic behind the cow bell. Right now the Inn had guests though, so they were waiting for a day when all the guests were gone. 

Putting down the book she had been trying to read, Sarah hurried down the stairs. Supper would soon be served and she didn’t want to miss one of Lisette’s delicious meals. Lisette was serving Chicken Divan, Broccoli with cheese, Sweet Potato Pudding and Coconut Cream Pie. 

Ethan turned off the TV in their guest room. 

“Time to wake up Sleeping Beauty!” Ethan said to Jade, as he brushed his hand gently through her hair. 

“Ready to go down for supper?” he asked. 

Jade gave a sleepy smile as she stretched. “Ahh! That felt good, didn’t realize I was so tired.” 

“Well I worked up an appetite watching TV, so lets go.” 

They enjoyed being at this Inn, and the warm hospitality of Lisette. In a couple days they would be heading home, but for now they were enjoying relaxing in this small town. Ethan had been to the Fluffer Nutter Shoppe a couple times already, playing Chess with the guys there. He had been Chess Whiz in High School and he was glad to know that he still was. He had won free coffee there with the games he kept winning. 

Ethan couldn’t eat anymore. He split his pie with Jade. 

“Thank you Miss. Lisette, You are a wonderful cook! Maybe you could give some lessons to Jade.”  Jade raised her eyebrows at him and he quickly said, “Or maybe not.”  

Sarah and Lisette tried their best to hold in their laughter, as Ethan and Jade walked out of the dining room. 

“Perhaps you should make up the couch for Ethan, he might need another place to sleep tonight.” Sarah jokingly said to Lisette. 

“Where is Mr. Gianko, he didn’t come down for supper?” Sarah asked, while helping Lisette clean up the dishes. 

“He wasn’t feeling the best. I took some Chicken Corn Soup up to his room for him.” 

“Awh! I hope he gets to feeling better. He is a nice guy.” 

Lisette smiled. “Yes he is, he isn’t bad on the eyes either.”  she shyly said. 

“I noticed the way he looked at you last week when he was down for meals, and didn’t I see you guys walking together the other day?” Sarah teased. 

Lisette shook her head. “He has to go back to his work next week, who knows when he would be able to come back.” 

“Hmmm…” Sarah said, as her eyes danced. 

“What are you thinking?” 

“Oh you will see, said Sarah. Just had an idea.” Sarah said, as she finished washing the last dish. 

Over the next few days, Mr. Gianko got to feeling better. The week-end had come and Ethan and Jade had to leave. Ethan left undefeated in chess. They said they would be back, that they had thoroughly enjoyed their visit and were interested in hearing more about the history of the town. Mr. Nutter had told them quite the story. 

Another week had passed and Chad was still staying with them. Apparently he didn’t have to rush back to work like Lisette had thought. Sarah now was standing outside in front of the Inn. She watched Chad and Lisette walking towards her. She smiled big when she noticed them holding hands. Yes, she thought, this was going to work. She walked towards them. 

“Hi guys!” 

Sarah grabbed Lisette’s hand and quickly shook the bell in her hand 3x. POOF! The pink and purple smoke filled the air knocking them all off their feet. 

The smoke cleared and they all got to their feet. 

“Wh-What just happened?” Chad asked, as Lisette stared at Sarah in disbelief! 

Sarah gave an impish smile. “No time like the present to try our experiment, right?” 

Lisette shook her head. 

They all stared at their surroundings. They were standing on a road with a creek to the left of them and they saw a sign pointing to the right. It said, “Welcome to the Town of Bittersweet Creek” 

“Well, should we go check it out?” asked Sarah. 

“No time like the present!” Lisette said with a laugh, and she and Sarah headed down the road, while Chad followed feeling very confused. He wondered why the man seemed to always be the last one  to know what was going on.

They made it to the town and the first shop they saw was a Coffee Shop. “Lets stop here for some coffee. We can try to explain things to Chad.” Lisette said. 

“Yes! I agree. I need some coffee! Very black!” 

They all walked in and saw a lady behind the counter that didn’t look a day over 40. 

“Hi! Welcome to the Sweet Coffee and Pie Cafe. My name is Cara. How can I help you?”

“I need some very bitter, black coffee, please.” said Chad. 

“Oh, you like your coffee, just like Mr. Picklefoot, the owner of this cafe. Perhaps you would like his favorite pie as well. It helps cut down the bitterness of the coffee. You can try the first piece for free. Shoo-Fly pie.” 

“Sure! Sounds good” said Chad. 

Lisette and Sarah ordered some Caramel Frappes and soon they had all been served and were sitting at a little table in the corner. 

Chad took a big, long sip of coffee and then said, “Please tell me how we got here! Am I dreaming?” 

“No, you are not dreaming!” said Lisette, “Let me start at the very beginning. One time….” 

“Oooh this is delicious!” said Chad, taking a bite of pie. 

“Okay, sorry, I am listening now, continue on…” said Chad, taking another tasty bite of pie. 

(to be continued…) 



Sugar Overload!


I love to write stories and the great “followers” I have make it even more enjoyable. They sometimes inspire stories to take twists and turns that I would have never thought of, as they show their own creative knack for writing. You may remember reading some of  Jason’s stories before. The ones about Betsy ( The amazing cow, that does more than I ever thought she would!) , in my ongoing Anna/Tanya series. I have used his photos before as well for inspiration for a story. Recently he sent me a short story that I was just waiting for the right time to share. I thought of it again after stopping at Starbucks recently,  and figured that I would share a smile with all of you today. If you go to Starbucks or have a craving for lots of sweet things, you may be able to identify with the poor lady in this story. All the people in the story are fictional, any similarity to anyone living is probably just coincidental. Enjoy! 

Mason Picklefoot was a terribly handsome fellow that ran the coffee shop in Bittersweet Creek. One morning he was idly enjoying his second cup of dark roast black coffee of the morning when up the walk came Cara Mellow and boy was she excited. “Today is my birthday!” she exclaimed “and I get a free coffee drink on my birthday!” Mason, being the shrewd businessman, checked her ID and sure enough today Cara was two score and ten years old. He was a bit shocked as she didn’t look a day over 40.

“OK” he said “Happy birthday to you. What’ll you have?”

“Oh” Cara Mellow giggled with delight “I’ll have my usual caramel cream latte, but add an extra pump of whipped topping…. oh and some extra caramel, and maybe a few marshmallows, and an extra pump of whipped topping, and sprinkles, lots of sprinkles.”

“OK, Mrs. Mellow, you’re the birthday girl. Your order will be ready in a few minutes.” Mason said.

Mason put the order on the counter, called Cara’s name and she fetched her coffee and went on about her merry way.

A few hours later, Bard Mellow came into the coffee shop and asked Mason if he’d seen Cara. “She left here a couple of hours ago, turned left and headed up town.” Mason said. So, Bard headed up town in search of his dear wife.

He soon came across the Gummy Bottom Candy Shoppe and saw Horace the shopkeeper cleaning up a huge mess in his store. Looking up, Horace saw Bard and said “Hey, your wife was here not long ago and look at the mess she made!”

“What happened?” asked Bard.

“Well, she came in here with sort of a wild look in her eyes and a sugary foam around her mouth.” Horace began. “She started talking about it being her birthday and wanting some candy to celebrate. First she tried the chocolate gummy chews, then the caramel sticky drops, then she began to run frantically from candy jar to candy jar trying everything. She was in such a hurry that she knocked several of the jars to the floor and made this mess.”

“How much do I owe you?” Bard said. After paying half of his week’s wage to Horace, he continued down the street looking for his dear Cara.

He next came across Mr. Tippner’s Bicycle shop and noticed Mr. Tippner repairing a damaged bike. Mr. Tippner looked up and said “Hey Bard, your wife was in hear earlier and look what she did. First she started telling me about the tricks that she could do when she was a little girl and then grabbed this bicycle to show me. Unfortunately she didn’t see the hotdog vendor or the open manhole cover in time to stop.”

“How much to I owe you.” poor Bard said.

Bard continued to walk through town looking for Cara when he came to old man Fuzzywhistle’s farm and there he saw the strangest thing. There was Cara talking and waving her arms animatedly to a cow. The cow was standing there calmly, chewing on some hay, and appeared to be taking in the entire story that Cara was telling her.

Bard came up and put his jacket over his beloved Cara’s shoulders saying “Come on dear, it’s time to go home and have a nap.”

“But I was just telling Betsy here about my wonderful birthday, and the fancy coffee, and the…”
“I know, dear, let’s just get you home.” And Bard lovingly took Cara home so she could sleep off her sugar high.

The End.