The Unexpected Phone Call

Max was looking in his closet  for his cherry red and yellow shirt to match his tie. While looking he came across a hanger with something sealed in plastic. It had been in the back of his closet. What could it be?

He guessed it must be a suit that he didn’t wear anymore. Probably grew out of it. It seemed he gained a few pounds recently. As long as it just stayed a few pounds he wasn’t too worried. Ahh! There it was, he had found his cherry red and yellow shirt.

Grabbing it he walked out of his closet with the sealed bag still hanging there,  momentarily forgotten. He dressed for work. His secretary would groan again at his choice of outfit but red was his favorite color and he thought yellow went just fine.

That evening when he entered his house he wss ready to relax! It had been an exhausting day of showing houses, but it had paid off. He had finally sold the MayApple house.

It was a beautiful 2 story house with a wrap-around porch. A spiral staircase and lovely cherry wood floors. A lot of people were not crazy about the paint job inside but this older lady loved it when she first saw it. It was a dark shade of green with colorful flowers all over. The lady who had painted it had been a real artist.

Max breathed out a sigh of relief as he poured himself a cold drink. He had some eztra padding in his bank account now, with the sale of this house.

When opening his closet to put away his shoes he noticed the hanger again with the plastic bag. Curious he pulled it out and started unzipping the bag. Catching a glimpse of something red, the memories came back. He knew what it was!

He pulled out the Santa suit that had been stored away. Why he didn’t just get rid of it he didn’t know. When would he be Santa again, he didn’t have time for it. A heaviness startrd replacing the light feeling that had been in his heart moments ago.

Max remembered the kids that used to sit on his lap. They were so cute with the things they would ask for. He used to visit hospitals and go to nursing homes too. He loved spreading cheer!

He loved it but he got too busy. He had bought a big house and a brand new convertible. Suddenly there was the stress of needing to earn more money than he had before when he lived in his rancher.

It had been a nic house but he had dreamed of bigger and better. This house had a swimming pool and a hot tub, it was his house of dreams, though he didn’t seem to be in it too much these days. He sighed, thinking of the days when life was easier.

Max laid the Santa suit out on the chair by his bed. He just wasn’t ready to seal it up yet.

His eyes startrd misting, but just a little. He wouldn’t let himself cry, as he looked at Marta’s picture on his dresser. His drive for earning more money had turned her away. She wanted the old Max back. She had told him to call her when he found the old Max. He watched her drive away in the rain, taking half of his heart with her.

He was deep in thought when the phone rang.


“Ho!Ho!Ho! Hi Max! I think we need to talk.”

“Santa Clause?”

“How would you like to visit me at the NorthPole? I will send some of my reindeer and elves to pick you up tomorrow at midnight, Ok?”

Max was practically speechless. “Um, sure, that sounds great!”

“See you tomorrow! Sleep well Max. Ho! Ho! Ho!”

The phone went dead and Max still held it in his hand. What was happening? There was no way that could have really been Santa Clause, could it?

69 thoughts on “The Unexpected Phone Call

  1. The real Santa Clause can be found in a contract, I suppose. And then there’s Santa Claus. I’m trying to figure out if this guy will be taken to a lawyer’s office, or he will actually be meeting the portly man dressed in red.

    The name Marta seems familiar. I wonder where you got it from?

    So, will he be signing his divorce papers from Marta, at a lawyer’s office, or will she be waiting for him at the North Pole, with a deed to a new house? Maybe you’ll make that clear in Part 2. Or we’ll be so confused, we’ll have to guess.

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  2. This story got off to a bit of a fruity start. I felt sorry for the guy who’s wife left him because he made such bad fashion choices, but she has to open her own pickle jars these days.

    Santa will be responsible for yet another abduction that get blamed on the poor aliens and flying saucers.

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