A Trip to Paradise?

Abby was thrilled! She had won 2 all expense paid tickets to the Grand Cayman Islands. Her adrenaline was flowing as she was shopping in the store with her best friend.

“Just think Janie, all our meals and drinks are covered. All we have to worry about is what bathing suit to wear while lying in the sun!” Abby’s smile was radiant. She needed a vacation and this one was beyond anything she had dreamed. 10 days in paradise! She was walking on air, only 2 days remained until they left.

“Tell me again, how you won this trip.” Janie said, as she was debating between a cherry red bikini or a deep orange one. Abby had picked a royal blue one piece, and a pink polka dot bikini. They grabbed sunscreen and some new white sandals, and made their way to the front of the store to check out.

“Oh, just look at that cute sun dress. I think it has my name on it.” said Abby, as she grabbed it from the rack. It was a pretty fuschia color with little specks of orange in it. Janie agreed that it would look great on her.

“I won the tickets from a phone call that I got. All I had to do was buy a subscription to some magazines and they promised me this fabulous vacation!” Abby gushed to her friend.

Janie felt some doubts creep in, but she pushed them away, for she really wanted to go on this vacation too. It had to be legit!

Before they knew it they were on the plane, bound for the Cayman Islands!

After a smooth flight they landed and anxiously looked around for their ride to their hotel. They were told a man would be holding a sign for them.

“Ahh! There he is!” Abby shouted!

They made their way to him and introduced themselves. He gave them each a warm handshake and said, “Very pleased to meet you! Welcome to the Grand Cayman Islands. Follow me and we will arrive at the hotel in about 15 minutes. ”

They couldn’t wait to get to the hotel and freshen up some and then go lay in the sun!

They were looking out the windows as they drove, admiring the beauty. Then before they knew it he had pulled in to a hotel and stopped.

Abby looked at Janie, surely there was a mistake. They had passed beautiful hotels and now they had stopped at what just looked like a bland concrete building. Sadly the sign did say the name of the hotel that Abby was told about. It was a blinking sign that looked like it was soon going to fall, for it was hanging awkwardly. It was as if it was mocking them with its name “Paradise!”

“Here we are! Welcome to Paradise!” the man said so cheerily!

Abby and Janie didn’t respond, as they numbly got out of the car and followed the guy into the hotel.

There was a musty smell, the carpet was stained and the paint was peeling on the walls.

The thrill of the moment was quickly turning into despair. The desk clerk gave them the room key and as they walked towards the elevator they told themselves that perhaps the rooms were elaborate, that they had to think positive.

Walking into the room a overpowering stench almost knocked them down. They were looking for a light switch when they saw the string hanging from the ceiling of a single lightbulb.

Abby sank into the bed and she felt the springs in the mattress. Tears sprang to her eyes. What had she done!

Janie screamed from the bathroom. “Abby we have to leave, I think there is a tarantula in the sink!”

That’s all Abby needed to hear, they grabbed their bags and ran. The desk clerk was calling out to them as they ran past her, but they just kept going. They gulped in the fresh air when they stepped outside.

Now what would they do. They decided to start walking, they had passed some really nice hotels, surely there must be one available room they could get.

Ahh! Now this was more like it. They walked into the hotel the floor was marbled stone and there were palm trees in the lobby with a fountain. Their room wasn’t elaborate, but it was clean! The beds were very soft, and cotton robes were hanging on the bathroom door for them. Most importantly there were no insects of any kind in the room. it had cost them more than they had expected but it was worth it!

“Now lets go lie in the sun”, they said together. They sure were ready for a nice cool Pina Colada Daquiri to enjoy , while lying by the water.

They had a wonderful time lying in the sun. After a while they decided to head back to the hotel and get dressed and then explore the island a little bit.

While heading back to the hotel Abby grabbed Janie’s arm, do you see that? What is that in the tree?

Image from Pinterest

“Its looking right at us! Its kind of cute I think”, said Janie.

Abby looked at her strangely. “Welllll…. maybe…. but what is it… You know all about animals!”

Janie smiled, “If I am not mistaken, i am pretty sure that is a Binturong. I can’t believe I am actually seeing one, they are very rare! This is so cool! Their tails are almost as long as their entire body and they act like another limb when they are climbing. Also if you pet one your hands may smell like buttered popcorn afterwards, due to its scent glands under its tail. The smell repels most predators! Should we go pet it?”

“ummm…! I am not sure about that! A Binturong? I have never heard of it. Lets just watch it for now!” said Abby, shaking her head, at the knowledge her friend had about animals. “Is there any animal that you haven’t heard of?” asked Abby.

Janie laughed. “I am sure there is! But right now, I am getting hungry, after mentioning popcorn, so lets go get dressed for supper.”

Abby agreed and they continued walking. She was still bummed at how her “all expense paid hotel” didn’t exactly turn out to be paradise, but they were in the Grand Cayman Islands, she was sure that wonderful adventures were just waiting for her and Janie to find!

40 thoughts on “A Trip to Paradise?

  1. I don’t believe that’s the name of that animal. Janie has already been-too-wrong about going on this trip with Abbey. And why would anyone want to pet this creature under its tail? They’re lucky they come away with the smell of popcorn.

    Given that the Cayman’s are where a lot of secret, offshore bank accounts are located, I’ll bet Abbey and Janie have been set up by the mafia. I think they are going to be kidnapped and sex-trafficked across the world. Unless they keep a pot of boiling hot coffee nearby.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A trip to the Caymans via a random phone call? Um, no. My mind immediately went to sex trafficking. Tarantulas in the sink? Oh hell no…

    I learned about the Binturong smelling like popcorn watching some BBC nature show with Attenborough…though, I admit I hadn’t forgotten the exact name. It is hard to start a “pun party” with that name.


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