Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Only 3 more days!!

We didn’t get quite the blizzard that they were calling for last week, but we did get 8 inches! It looks pretty, though may be gone by Christmas. Are you ready for Christmas? Shopping done, gifts wrapped and under the tree? Gift wrapping is on my list of things to do today and baking.

Christmas is a magical time and I hope that all of you can be touched by a Christmas miracle this year. After the year this has been, we all can use one! Keep your eyes open! Miracles come in all shapes and sizes to warm your heart. Keep looking up!


38 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Wrapping and baking seem like a good thing on the Tuesday before Christmas. I had hoped for another storm to arrive before Christmas but it looks like the next best hope for one will be next Tuesday. Still, it’s hard to complain when it’ll be 60 here today. In December 😱

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  2. I like #3 and #8. Happy holidays to all. I’m happy because I’m going to see our son for the first time since February. A group of six, but we all just passed the Covid test.

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